Choose financing for better business.

Finance Mac, iPad, iPhone, software, accessories and more for your business and choose from convenient payment options to suit your budget.

Own it

With the $1 Purchase Option, you can choose a term length to fit your budget. At the end of the term, you own your Apple gear for only $1.


Lease it

Businesses can get a Fair Market Value lease for 24 months at 0% rate
on payments.
$3,000 minimum order.

Swap for the latest model at the end.

To get started, call a business financing expert:


0% financing for qualified businesses*

24 Months

Get a 24-month FMV lease at a 0% rate on payments. Minimum order of $3,000 required.

30 Months

Get a 30-month FMV lease at a 0% rate on payments. Minimum order of $10,000 required.

Important: This information is for promotional purposes. This is not a commitment to finance. Subject to credit approval by Apple Financial Services and the completion of necessary documentation. This does not constitute tax, accounting, financial or legal advice. Promotion may not be combined with other offers. Lease terms subject to change without notice. Contact your Apple Store for Business representative for details on $1 Purchase Option financing. * 0% financing based on rate of payments for Fair Market Value lease. iPhone/iPod-only orders not eligible for 0% financing. Fair Market Value lease end-of-term options: 1) Return all equipment and refresh with new gear on a new lease. 2) Continue lease payments. 3) Purchase all equipment for the then-current Fair Market Value.