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  1. Designed to be carried around on your keychain, Kii allows you to connect your iOS devices to any laptop computer for charging or syncing on the go. Perfect for travel, Kii features a USB connector on one end and a Lightning connector on the other, eliminating the need to carry around a charger or cable.

    • Available to ship: Within 24 hours
  2. Belkin's RockStar multi-deadphone splitter lets you connect up to five headphones and your iPod, iPhone, or iPad—then start sharing with friends or adding another iOS device to mix songs and listen together.

    • Available to ship: Within 24 hours
  3. The Belkin ChargeSync Cable Kit gives you three cables (Lightning to USB, 30-pin to USB, Micro-USB to USB), so you can charge and sync any iPod, iPhone, or iPad model with your Mac. You can even charge devices such as your camera that have a Mini-USB connector.

    • Available to ship: Within 24 hours
  4. Native Union's JUMP conveniently combines a charging cable and a battery to give your iPhone or iPod touch a substantial power boost wherever you are.

    • Available to ship: Within 24 hours
  5. Exclusive

    Belkin's 3.5mm Retractable Stereo Cable lets you connect your iPod or iPhone to your car or home stereo, portable speakers, sound card, or any device that has a 3.5mm jack.


    1.0 out of 5 stars

    • Available to ship: 1-2 weeks
  6. mophie's premium switch-tip cable combines two of the most popular cables into one. At first glance, you see the Lightning tip that will charge and sync your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch that has a Lightning connector. Fold that tip back, secure it in place, and you've exposed the micro USB tip to charge and sync other mobile devices that charge using a micro USB connector. The cable design is flat, flexible, and more than four feet long, making it easy to charge your devices anywhere. Use it with your car charger, wall adapters, or your Mac.

    • Available to ship: Within 24 hours