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  1. The Mophie Juice Pack Plus battery case delivers 120 percent additional battery life to your iPhone 6, keeping it powered through just about any situation. The hard exterior shell, removable bumper, and proprietary internal impact-isolation system protect your device from heavy impacts and hard falls.

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  2. Thin and lightweight, the mophie Juice Pack Air battery case for iPhone 6 delivers more than 100 percent extra battery power with the flip of a switch to keep your phone working overtime. The edge-to-edge protection features a removable bumper that gives you even more protection from drops and everyday wear and tear.


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  3. The Tech21 Evo Band case with FlexShock provides a barrier between your iPhone and everyday accidents. If you should drop your iPhone, FlexShock absorbs and repels the energy of impact and disperses any remaining energy away from it—so you have an added layer of durability.

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