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    Wow, these blow Dre Bats Studios away!

    • Written by

    Well i had the Dr. Dre Beats Studio headphones for 4 days and just returned them for an alternative. I listened to these and wow Dre could learn a lot by using this set as a model not only for their robust construction, (metal head band, actual acoustic spectrum AND the overall size.)

    These sound put out by these B&W P5's are a perfect marriage between stunning clear, crisp highs, miss in their right level and bass that doesn't mud up the overall sound. The Beats Studios have WAY to much bass and you lose the overall feel for the song at hand. I am overjoyed at these P5's! So much better than the Beats. Highly recommended these Bowers and Wilkins P5's!!! A perfect 5 in all areas.

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    Sound is killer, pain from wearing them is killing me!

    • Written by from Manchester

    I love these headphones so much, but after 10-12 hours of wearing them my head feels like it is just pounding. The sound is really great but whenever I wear them my head just feels like it's going to explode. They really sound great though and I highly recommend a pair if you enjoy loud clear music with vice clamp comfort. They sound really good.

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    astonishingly good

    • Written by from North Vancouver

    take some time with these...like all great audio gear, the sound field first seems quieter, wider, apparently slower and, at first listen, somewhat dull. You're just hearing more information, and a soundstage that is far more faithful to the music and the musicianship. With high res music files the level of definition is beguiling and seductive. I am using them with my new iPad (which I believe has a better D to A than earlier iPods) and am very pleased. They really do block out extraneous sounds as I've missed a few phone calls from a phone two feet away.

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    Loving them! They do need a little warm-up though

    • Written by from SAMMAMISH

    Had been keeping an eye on these for the last couple of months since they were getting press. Saw that they were finally arriving at Apple stores, so I called my local store this morning, and sure enough they had them on display and in-stock. Went down and gave them a good 20 - 30 minute run with a variety of songs on their iPods. The comfort and sound are fantastic! I picked up a pair for myself.

    The packaging is top notch and they come with a well made pouch for storage/travel. The headphone fold flat and have a nice and small footprint as compared to a lot of other mainstream over-the-ear headphones. Straight out of the box, the sounds is great overall, but the midrange does sound a little muddy intially. After listening for a few hours today, things have opened up, and I'm quite happy! The fit is really comfortable, and the pads cover my ears nicely. The leather does get a little warm, but not hot at all and I don't feel they be any warmer than my Bose QC 2's are.

    The passive noise canceling works quite well. In the Apple store, I couldn't hear any of the chatter around me and the store was quite busy. Also at home, my kids are watching movies and playing, and I can hardly hear a thing around me.

    Would definitely recommend giving these a try!

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Espoo

    Dropped the headphones on floor once (1m height, wood laminate floor), lost left channel. No warranty. There is no repair offered to these headphones, no spare parts available apart from the cords and earpads. Great sound quality, against popular belief of full metal/leather construction, P5 has a plastic frame under the leather on the outside.

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    Great Product

    • Written by from Oak Park

    I have been a Bose QC15 user for years...decided to take the plunge and purchase the P5 to use as my daily headset. Great tight sound. Very clear treble and warm bass. Comfortable snug fit...not too heavy. I wish the cord was a bit longer but thats minor issue. Great having iPod controls on cable.

    Bose QC15 or the Bower and Wilkins P5...very subjective. I love them both. Bose requires batteries but offers superior noise cancellation with a plastic build. P5's are definitely the go to headset for everyday use and what I use during my commute...seems to be built for abuse.

    Bose will be my stand-by when I need absolute silence.

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    You won't regret it

    • Written by from Hillsboro

    So, you read through all these reviews. Why wouldn't you? This headphone, along with a few others on here, are pretty expensive. Yet, they aren't the most expensive: There are two others on here that are 100-150 dollars more (Sennheiser and Beats Pro respectively). However, the P5s are the best of the bunch. Actually, out of all of the headphones for consumers (not studio procution/recording, etc...) the P5s are hands down the best in audio quality.

    The build quality on the P5 is astounding. Really. For $300, it feels like they are giving you so much more. The sound quality is amazing. It is truly "high fidelity." You can hear things that you never did before. Just be careful not to listen to Pandora too much without turning on the "high quality" option on the stream on your iPhone. The mistake I made was not turning that on and I was thinking my headphones had a defect!

    Also, as previous reviews mention, you need to have them play for a good 15-20 hrs before they really settle in and sound their best. That and make sure your music is encoded at a high bitrate. Mine is all 320. Apple Lossless would be great but it takes up way too much space on my hard-drive.

    Before I purchased these from the Apple store, I did lots of research and made sure that these were going to be perfect. My biggest concern was that the on-ear design would hurt my ears. I had a pair of Grado headphones a while back and they would hurt so much. I ended up giving them away after one of the sides gave out on the bass. These headphones, the P5s, however always seem to take to the brink. I think they are going to hurt and they seem to get a bit warm, but then they never do hurt. Its almost magical. Not sure what is going on. The New Zealand sheep leather is very soft and the padding below it begins to break in to fit nicely.

    The bass really isn't there as much as you would like. This isn't their fault. B&W has produced amazing headphones that don't interfere with the music. They present you the music as it is without meddling with it. There is no equalizer that makes the bass louder or the trebles higher. You can set that on your device yourself if you would like. If there is suppose to be genuine bass, then you will see it. However, most Rap and Hip/Hop songs reduce some of the bass in their songs because they know people will boost it up in their cars, on their headphones, etc...So, with that, the P5s are able to recreate bass just fine (less than the Beats though) but keep in mind that they are not trying to change anything: keeping things as natural as possible.

    Lastly, what you will notice here with the P5s is that the middle notes are really there. Not a combination of bass and treble mixing at exaggerated volumes to compensate for a middle. I mean, truly, that the middle range is present and stands on its own. Its amazing to hear the full violin bow stroke and to be able to hear a single strand of horse hair snap on a down stroke (kidding, but you get the hyperbole : ).

    So, if I were to compare these headphones to a different category of products, I would say that the Apple headphones that you get with your iPhone/iPod are like watching standard definition TV. The Bose/Beats headphones are like watching a DVD on a 720p screen. And the B&W P5s are a Blueray playing on a 1080p. You can really tell the difference. And for the same price as the others, you are better off getting the most stylish, no battery needed, top of the line high fidelity headphones. Plus, they are cheaper than the Beats Pro and the Sennheiser travel set. This is a no-brainer.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Can't go wrong!

    • Written by from Clearwater

    I've had these headphones going on several months now. The sound quality is amazing considering you can use these without a headphone amp. Since I got these, I've been rediscovering my music collection and can vouch that they work in all genre's. However, if you want excessive and unnatural booming bass, look elsewhere. Not that the bass on the B&W's isn't powerful (it is), but don't expect bass bloat. This is an accurate and musical audiophile device - not prone to altering the character of the music it's being fed. The build quality is superb and the aesthetics are impressive. Even the storage pouch they come in reeks class. If there is one drawback, it's that they tend to move when eating. The chewing motion of your jaw tends to move them off your ears, requiring periodic adjustment. A small nit to pick for sure. While $300. is not chump-change, particularly in this economic climate, it's a very inexpensive way to enter the world of high-end audio. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best headphones for the money!

    • Written by from Great Falls

    I owned a pair of the beats studio and they do not compare to the P5's. The P5 headphones offer a much wider range of sound than the beats offer in my opinion. Great buy!

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    Candy for the Senses

    • Written by from WAYNE

    The design, fit, finish and feel is nothing short of astounding. The sound is breathtaking. I have tried many high end buds but these blow them all away. The bass is tight, the mids are smooth and the high end is crystal clear. On high end recordings (Apple Lossless or similiar) you can hear nuances not previously discernible with headphones compatible with IPod/IPad/IPhone type devices. The sounstage is convincing. They are comfortable for long term wear. No fatigue during extended listening. Yes they are expensive but worth it if you love your music. By the way, the IPad is head and shoulders above the IPhone and IPod in terms of sound quality, just in case anyone was wondering.

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    World Class Headphones

    • Written by from BALTIMORE

    I have to say that I do not impress easily. I have had the P5's for a short time. I also own many Shure products, but never got used to in-ear phones. I also have the Shure SRH 840's which are fantastic. The Shure 840's are big compared to the B&W P5's. The Shure's are not so easy to travel with but the P5's without question will travel and is a companion to the laptop or Ipod.

    Integrating the P5's with the Ipod is great and the volumn control on the cord of the headphones controls the ipod's volumn, WOW.

    Next, I have a mac book pro and this also intergrates very nicely. I was just listening to Itunes and the separation of sound is again top notch.

    Last, it stores in a soft case that secures via a magnet.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Richmond Hill

    The performance is great. Not one piece of plastic just made it the most stylish headphones yet. One thing though is that the plug is easily breakable, but overall just a stunning pair of headphones.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Brilliant sound, but very uncomfortable

    • Written by from Brasov

    I love the sound of these headphones. It's a joy to just close your eyes and get lost in the music. Also, they look amazing. These are the most stylish headphones I have ever seen.

    But.. they get really uncomfortable after just a couple of hours. It broke my heart, but I had to return them. They are beautiful, the sound is wonderful, but they are impossible to wear for more than an hour or so.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Best Headphones without a Headphone Amp, PERIOD!

    • Written by from Yellow Jacket

    If you’re going to listen to headphones without a headphone amp, these are without doubt the best there is. They are very low ohm load, which is crucial if you want accurate sound, with a device like iPod, iPad, or any computer. I have far too many high costly headphones such as Sennheiser 650, top of the line AKG’s, Beyerdynamics, amongst others. Yes these expensive headphones sound better with an $1000 amp. They are designed to be used with an expensive amp. However if you care to move around, or don’t plan on investing in VERY expensive headphones and an expensive amp, you’d be insane not to grab these incredible B&W’s, nothing comes even close!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Bigheads beware!

    • Written by from Vaudreuil Dorion

    They sound gorgeous, but if you have a large head and wear glasses, you might not find them as comfortable as others do.

    Because they "clamp" to your ears, I have to remove every 15 minutes or so because my upper ear feels like it's burning.

    They might loosen up over time, and the sound quality is worth the pain!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    True to the recording

    • Written by from Newton

    Having been raised in a music-oriented household, B&W was a name that was equated with top-of-the line. I remember about 12-15 years ago when my dad set up our B&W home surround sound system.... I was blown away by the richness of the sound and the loyalty to the actual recording. The bass wasn't excessive and I could tell that what I was hearing was how the artist and sound engineers wanted the track to sound. The first time I put on the P5s at the Apple Store, I was blown away just like I had been years ago.

    While these cans will not deliver the most intense bass possible (if you're looking for those try the Beats by Dre) and they aren't truly noise-cancelling like the Bose QC 15s (they are noise-isolating though, which actually gets rid of a lot of noise naturally), they are the richest sounding headphones I've tried at this price point. Again, B&W has focused on making the sound as true to the recording as possible. And when sitting at work, on the subway, or walking around in the city, I couldn't be any happier with a pair of headphones.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Las Vegas

    Every other headphone I have access to (in my line of work, pretty much ... anything) pales in comparison to the B&W's for audio quality, build quality, and comfort. I have worn them on flights halfway around the world and been more than comfortable the whole trip. These headphones will show a clear difference between music coded properly and lower-bitrate rips.

    No noise cancellation means no batteries. I will happily take noise isolation and fantastic sound in lieu of active noise countermeasure. Not having one more device to babysit with a charger is a win!

    My only bone to pick is that the line in to the phone/iPod is a bit delicate. This is in stark contrast to the rest of the unit! I wish they had adopted a similar design to Bose's in-ear headphones which are nearly impossible to shear or bend in normal usage.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Perfect compliment to an iPhone

    • Written by from San Leandro

    Look I'm not an audiophile...and really if you are, why are you bothering auditioning these since you're just going to bash any "mainstream" product anyway.
    All I know is for 299, these are some really good cans. I've tried Senns, Grados, Beats, Denons, etc. and have sold or returned most of them But paired up w/ an iphone; nothing can beat these BW's. They have a short flexible cord w/ mic, comfortable earpads, great sound quality, and so far excellent durability and construction.
    At this price point, it's the best headphones for use with an iPhone. I don't care if I could spend $XXX less on Brand X and add a headphone amp and it will sound amazing or that the P5's don't reproduce music accurately enough to make my dog wet himself. These make me happy when I use em.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Possibly the best headphones for the price!

    • Written by from Houston

    First of all, these will work with the Macbook Air! They feature a very thin audio plug that fits into the slim audio jack of the macbook air.

    Second: I went to my Apple Store where they had three on display. I tried the first pair and they sounded horrible! Then I moved to the second one and only one side worked. I then moved to the last set and they worked perfectly. They were also plugged directly into an ipod from the headphones. So if you are trying out these headphones, make sure you try several of them or ask an Apple Genius to plug them directly into an audio device. Their other wiring was a mess!

    Now onto the review! Before I purchased these headphones from the Apple Store, I was using noise canceling Sennheiser PXC 250 for travel and Bang & Olufsen A8 for quality sound. I must say the the P5's sound way better than the B&Os! I am hearing parts of songs that I never noticed before. Also, the P5's are more comfortable than the PXC's and offer amazing noise isolation. However, on planes, the PXC's offer more noise canceling. I compared these to my brother's $1k Grado GS1000i and the P5's are on par, but the Grado's have a more "open" sound. I have been listening to them for 5 hours or so and they are breaking-in and sounding even better. Bowers & Wilkins always suggest to play their floor speakers for 10-15 hours to break them in. I would suggest doing the same for these headphones, but for maybe 5-10 hours or so. They are truly worth every penny!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Brilliant in every way

    • Written by from San Francisco

    I exchanged some rubbish Dre headphones for these
    (BTW NEVER buy those Dre Tour headphones you will regret it)

    These P5 are astonishing, nearly as good as 800 dollar Grados

    Beautiful clarity , bass, mellowness
    They swamp you in beautiful sound
    10 times better in every way than those Dr Dre headphones

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