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    Best $100 I've ever spent

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    My hard drive crashed a few months ago and the only way to get my computer to work again was to have the hard drive erased, and a new operating system installed. I was warned that I would lose everything, which I did. I went to a few shops that specialize in Macs and told that they "might" be able to retrieve data and the cost would be several hundred dollars up to a thousand dollars just to "see" if any data could be retrieved. Luckily for me I waited.

    I saw Data Rescue 3 at the Apple Store and was immediately attracted to the low price (only $100) and I figured I would give it a shot before deciding to spend big bucks at one of the specialized Mac stores. I installed the software and ran the program overnight. When I woke up it had found all the data that I was hoping to retrieve (all my pictures from iPhoto). The software worked beautifully and seemlessly.

    Since i'm kind of computer illiterate I ran into a couple snags that were not the fault of Data Rescue. I was able to write a quick email to their support team and through a couple emails with Mike was able to resolve all my issues and I now seven years worth of data back.

    I highly recommend this product.

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    Recovered images on reformatted SD Card

    • Written by from Huntingburg

    My wife reformatted a camera SD card before importing to iPhoto. Data Rescue 3 recovered 606 photos in just a few minutes.

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    Helped with a busted RAID drive

    • Written by from MILWAUKEE

    I was able to use this product on my RAID-1 drive that had suddenly gone blank and within seconds after running a quick scan I saw all of my files and was able to retrieve over 350GB of precious family videos. The customer support people were friendly and helpful (thanks, David), and the fact that I could download the software and see what it would recover before paying for it was really helpful!

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    • Written by from Campbell

    This was my first time recovering data from a broken HDD. It was bad. My disk had a S.M.A.R.T failure. My Imac wouldn't even boot. Due to an icky Time Machine I'd estimate I had lost ~4 weeks worth of data. Being a tight scotsman, I really didnt want to spend $800-$2000 for a "professional" to retrieve my data...

    Data Rescue 3 was a life saver! The software was intuituve & easy to use. The on-line support was prompt & efficient. I was able to use Data Rescue 3 to boot the Imac up and inspect the HDD. Unfortunately, my deepscan failed with some weird cryptic message. After a quick email exchange with Prosoft support (he rocked), I managed to clone the entire HDD to an external drive, run another deep scan (warning - this took ~9hrs for 1TB) and was able to restore ~99% of the data. The actual recovery time was way quicker than the scan though. I swear this was the best $100 I've spent in years. I'm already being asked to help other people out with their molly drives!

    Huge thanks to ALL the folks at Prosoft for developing a fantastic piece of software :)

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    Data Rescue 3

    • Written by from Ascot

    I had lost some files in my forced migration from my PowerBook 4 to My new MacBook Pro. These files were not on my TimeMachine backup but were on another disc that I had recorded 'just in case'. Inevitably this other disc was erased unexpectedly by some other s/w I had installed. I searched the web and found Data Rescue 3 which I used to do a scan on trial. I was so pleased with the analysis that I signed up immediately. Data Rescue 3 has indeed found all my files and I have been able to rename the retrieved files and save them into my Document directory. I have revisited the "Reconstructed" files twice more to locate and rename files that would otherwise have been lost forever. Data Recovery 3 does all that it claims to do and more. It is very user friendly and highly recommended.

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    Data Rescue is Awsome

    • Written by from SKOKIE

    Awsome pruduct! Awsome customer service!! We had our laptop computer HD crash after a bit over a year.. the Apple store put in a new hard drive (which we had to pay for and they were not able to recover ANYTHING..) We bought the Data Recovery program and an external HD .. it was pretty simple to follow the instructions and created an image of the HD that crashed.. then proceeded with a deep scan recovery and WALAH!!! almost everything was completely recovered .. We then sorted the files by type and date and in short order copied almost everything.. We actually were able to recover things we forgot about , including websites and searches and downloads that had been used in the past.. as you can see we are speechless!!! LOL. when we called for some help at Prosoft to make sure we are doing it correctly, we got through quickly and received quick and clear instructions.. Nice to see such great results in this age of techno mumble jumble which is very rare.. I am a true fan now!

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    It's been a staple

    • Written by from Sacramento

    This product has been a mac staple for years, and years. And years.

    It's one of those products that you don't need until you need it, then you'd better have it. Eventually, unless you're really lucky, you'll need it. If you though time machine was cool, this product actually compliments it by doing recovery on non-tm disks. I've used it to recover family photos, fix external cf cards that have failed while in camera (saving photos I thought were gone). It's epic.

    Buy it.

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    Data Rescue is AMAZING!!

    • Written by from Mckinney

    My entire iPhoto library was mistakenly trashed, disposing of over 4,000 family photos and videos . . . absolutely devastating. Apple recommended Data Rescue, and it works!! I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of customer service and support at ProSoft—especially Mike, who was tremendously helpful in directing me through the process of safely installing the software, activating the program and then navigating my recovered files. I am still sorting through thousands of files that have been retrieved from my trash, and I can't believe how many images AND videos have been recovered completely intact. I am thrilled, to say the least!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DATA RESCUE!

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    Worked like a charm

    • Written by from Dallas

    An external drive wasn't mounting with some very important data inside. It would have been a disaster and spelled certain death with a new client if it wasn't recovered. Data Rescue was very easy to use and recovered everything with a simple scan. The software goes much deeper for harder-to-recover drives. I'm very glad I have it, because all hard drives fail eventually.

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    Life Saver!!!

    • Written by from Glenholt

    My 320gb hard drive on my MacBook pro went down. DR3 to the rescue and with some help from Prosoft's customer support, every single file was recovered. If you're up the creek without a paddle, I can't recommend it highly enough.

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    I have been rescued

    • Written by from Haapajärvi, Finland

    I was rescued by Data Rescue 3 today. Many files were lost and Data Rescue 3 recovered them perfectly. It´s fantastic!!!

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    It Worked

    • Written by from Towson

    I mistakenly erased a user account that I thought was gone forever. There were photos in that account that were irreplaceable. Many on the Internet user groups told me they were gone. Then someone suggested I try Data Rescue 3. It recovered EVERYTHING! Even stuff I really didn't need. Thanks guys.

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    • Written by from Campbellford

    I had inadvertently deleted all of my email in my inbox when deleting another Mail account (I have suggested to Apple that they address this issue as I am not the only one to have done this!). After 2 phone calls with Apple Support they told me that the messages were gone! I purchased this product and with a lot of patience from Jeremy in the ProSoft Support department (yes, a REAL person!!) in a very short time I had all of my emails back! This program is absolutely worth it's weight in gold!!

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    darn good

    • Written by from Amherst

    I used TechTool Pro for years. Even if Micromat hadn't taken TTP in the wrong direction I'd still be using Drive Genius now. Drive Genius has matured into a product which is superior to TTP in all respects. It's the first disc I reach for when a hard drive is ailing.

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    This product saved my life !!

    • Written by from Lausanne

    I unfortunately deleted my 12T PROMISE RAID unit in a fraction of a second (my fault, i'm stupid) I was around to kill myself when i tried (with no hope at all) DARA RESCUE 3 and this software is absolutely amazing !!
    Definitely, it will depend on the size of your disk for the time it will run, but even after 3 weeks (oh, yes) i have recover all my data !
    This is my best 100$ spent !!
    Don't kill yourself before you tried it !

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    Highly recommended

    • Written by from TORQUAY

    A friend of mine recently accidentally re-formatted his External Hard Drive which contained all his iTunes Music library and media. As a long time user of Drive Genius, last night, I purchased Data Rescue 3, ran it all night and recovered all 115GB of his music, and I have now imported the music back into iTunes. I have never ventured into data recovery before, but I have to say that your program is not only effective, but also very intuitive to use. I didn't have time to read the full manual. Just used the deleted Items scan. It took about 7 hours to scan and about 4 hrs to recover.
    I love the way the recovered files are shown in Folders, in this case Music, with each type nested inside, i.e. MP3, AIFF, etc It even restored the song and album name, and the artwork artwork!
    It is also good value for money.
    Needless to say we are both very impressed with Data Rescue!

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    Last minute save!

    • Written by from Topsham

    I used this product to try to recover a number of files on a failing drive. It took several tries, but I was able to see and transfer the files to a good external drive before the bad drive failed completely.

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    worked in this situation

    • Written by from Davis

    Recovered data from physically failing but still barely functional 150GB Raptor. Completion of the process is not straightforward, but tech support fellow was very helpful, sent email describing step-by-step how to complete the final step of recovery.

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    Brilliant stuff

    • Written by from Walls

    What can I say? It saved my backside and is worth every penny. A corrupted camera memory card was filled with photos from a never-to-be-organised-party. When Lightroom and the camera said "what photos?", I cried. After some digging with Data Rescue II, I got the whole lot back in perfect RAW form. I can't thank the guys who wrote this software enough.

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    Instantly Recovered my deleted AVI files from my Camera

    • Written by from sedona

    After struggling with another recovery program, i bought this one and my files were recovered within 10 minutes, super easy. their support is top notch and i recommend this company

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