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    Do not buy

    • Written by from ÖSTERSUND

    There's no shortage of good things to say about the urBeats. They are stylish - beautiful even - and have an amazing feel to them. The materials are great and the sound is, while not perfect, pretty darn good. Certainly, the sound is extremely bass-heavy, but these earphones are designed for basslovers, so that's not a draw. At first sight, they seem like amazing value for the money. That's why half the reviewers give them 5 stars - they rate them immediately after buying.

    The other half rate them 1-2 stars instead, because they rate them after using them for a few months. And most of us experience the same thing - they break. A lot. I've now had 5 different pairs of the latest generation in less than a year. Four of them are replacements, and none has ever lasted more than 12 weeks before they die, for no particular reason. No moisture, no physical stress, no heavy use or extreme conditions, all proper care taken. Dead. Broken.

    Don't be as stupid as I was - do not buy this. Just don't. You'll regret it if you do.

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