• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Really, really good headphones...

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    The Beats Solo2 are amazing! The blue glosse is shiny and sexy, but you can see fingerprints, dust, and oil as well. The ear cups are made out of a comfortable leather, but after a 30-45 minutes, they start to make your ears uncomfortable. I like that they are durable, the hinges are made of a metal, and that they have a nice carrying case with a carabiner. I like that they fold up as well. The sound quality is amazing, and it works most for electronic, rap, and pop music. Still good with rock. I really like the on-ear design as well. Overall, the Beats Solo2 are a great headphone choice!

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great pair of headphones

    • Written by from Muskegon

    I don't use headphones too often, but that may have changed with these headphones. As far as sound quality goes, I think they sound great, especially for what they are. I actually had a pair of the Beats Studios, and I think I like these better. I would recommend to go for the studios over the solo2 if you wear glasses a lot, as they are not as comfortable over the tops of glasses, but they may break in a little after I use them so we will see on that. In the end I would definitely say worth the money, the fact that they fold up quite small to pack away nicely makes they convenient to carry around as well.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    The truth(4/5 because of price)

    • Written by from burtonsville

    So, to begin, I'm an audiofile. I know what good sound quality sounds like. I bought these from a radio shack but I decided to leave a review on Apple Store for the sake of all buyers(now that apple owns beats). Mine are white.

    Build quality- impressed. 9/10. These are EXTREMELY flexible and sturdy. They won't break on you like the old solos.
    Comfort- very soft ear pads. They mold on your ears. Tight headband. Soft rubber under band. 6/10 tight headband to soft ear pads cancel each other out.
    Sound quality- I'm impressed. Beats is known to have bad sound but good looks. The truth is that these are a big change. The old solos were really bad. These are so much better than the old ones. The bass doesn't drown out the rest of the music. The mids are ok. So are the highs. These were made with reduced bass and clearer mids and highs.

    To end this up, yes I had many more options when it came to headphones. I had better sound options. I chose the beats. Some say you choose to pay for sound or style. I paid for style. I was not disappointed. Yes they could be better. Yes they are PRICY. But there not "bad".

    Overall 8/10.

    If you plan on buying them, be aware that there are better headphones for better prices, but these aren't bad.

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