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    Beats Solo2 wireless-F - product performed below expectation

    • Written by from Arlington

    I love LOUD high quality music. Unfortunately, the Beats Solo2 and my iPad Air pair did not perform as expected.
    Consequently, I returned my Beats Solo 2 headphones (wireless) for a low end brand ($10.00). And yes, the low end brand performs
    about the same as the $300.00 Beats (when used with my iPad).

    ps..I did noticed a HUGE difference in performance when I paired the Beats Solo2 with another popular mobile device.
    That being said, The Beats sound quality varies via the device its paired with.

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    Beats Solo2 On-Ear Headphones Red

    • Written by

    My son insisted on buying the Beats Solo2 On-Ear wired headphones with his Christmas money (when he did not get them as a gift). We checked reviews before Christmas and found only good reviews saying that the new models since Apple took over Beats were better sounding and better quality construction. We got the headphones on 12/29/14. Now on 02/25/15, not even two months later, the sound on the right side is completely out. My son told me it started a day or two ago when it would start cutting out and he could reposition the headphones and get the sound back. But, now no matter what we do there is no sound on the right hand side. I re-checked reviews and we have found several citing the same issue with the right side losing sound. We expected better quality from a $200 set of headphones. We are extremely disappointed in the product.

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    • Written by from Kansas City

    I bought the headphones for my son, and with in a month they broke. Also over the course of the month the paint chips off and the sound becomes worse. Just because some athletes promote this product doesn't make it the best on the market. Trust me there are much better headphones out there.

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