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    Horrible fit for a $200 set of headphones!

    • Written by from Cape Coral

    My fiancé purchased these headphones for my birthday and I was extremely excited to get them but the excitement quickly faded. After using them for about an hour, my ears became really sore. I thought maybe I didn’t have them adjusted right so I slightly adjusted them and tried again on another day. Same result! I’ve tried several adjustments, different positions, etc… nothing seems to make these headphones bearable for more than an hour. Unfortunately, my fiancé purchased these headphones too far in advance of my birthday and I’m already past the return period. Now I’m stuck with a $200 pair of headphones that do not fit properly and that I won’t use. I tried working something out with Apple… returning my current headphones and paying the difference for the larger Studios but as expected, they wouldn’t do anything because I was already outside of my return period. Oh well, lesson learned. I’ll probably try another brand down the road.

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