• 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Fading paint..

    • Written by from Coral Springs

    I have this unit for about 10 months now. It has seen a wide variation of devices connected to it I have no complains there the performance are solid and somewhat surprising at thimes as well. I mostly use it when recording with my DSLR and the noise cancelling are just awesome. Noise cancelling are equal important while editing with final cut in a busy enviroment. (I wont say again how noise cancelling are such a must have future in any headset you have to try for yourself.) There are few things I don't like. First off for the price there are better sound quality headphones out there. Not that this unit isn't performing well but if you want to be technical about it that is the turth. I'm perfectly happy about the sound especially the bass but it's kind of a nagging thought in the back of your mind. Second issue is the constant use of this headphone are a tiring experience. Some say I have a big head but still my ears hurting every time after about two hours. I need to take a break using this headphones! That is certainly the first! Third and last issue I have some really annoying paint fading. I have the white colored headphone and there is a silver painted thin plastic peace between the leather and the headphone shell itelsf. Now I'm really careful with my stuff. And believe me if I tell you that paint fades way to easy for the price you pay.. In conclusion it's a solid 3 out 5 for me. Sound quality is there but that fading painted peace are a real ugly issue. I would recommend getting a darker color peace. But than you are missing out on the cool design!

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Honest Audiophile Review

    • Written by from Harwood Heights

    Ive had these headphones for about a week now, the white glossy color. I have tried really hard to like these headphones and i just can't. These headphones are awful, the sound is not clear at all. $300 is an unbelievable price for these.I in no way hate Beats, I have the Pro, Mixr, Beatbox, and these studios. Ill sum everything up

    Built quality: Basic glossy plastic materials, the headphones look nice, but feel very cheap. There was also an instant loud thumping in the right headphone and it occurred for the first 3 days. What was that? Secondly, the right headphone would also trigger on and off depending how the cable was put in (yes, the cable was plugged all the way in), but that stopped after use.

    Noise Canceling: nowhere close to what bose has, you can still basically hear everything with the Studio on, just slightly quieter. Ill be outside and i can still hear stuff. I also know everyone complains about that ugly hissing sound, so calm music or anything that relates will be a pain to listen to. Im basically saying the Noise Canceling is awful and barely existant.

    Sound: The big part of this review. These headphones just are straight up awful. Comparing to even the less expensive Mixr, these don't compare with sound. The Studio headphones just sound muddy and have no highs at all, say there are 10 instrument splaying, you'll probably hear about 5 of them with these on and it'll sound awful.

    Please, save your money and don't get these. I am returning these this day.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Not what one would expect from Beats

    • Written by from Vancouver

    The majority of people would associate Beats headphones with strong overpowering bass and drowned out vocals. My previous pair of Beats headphones were the Product (RED) Solo HD, but the headband broke so I tried out the new Studios. My first impressions were, "Where is the bass?" I thought there was something wrong with my pair. A few days of listening to them, the sound really opens up and I realized these were the best overall headphones I own. I also own a pair of Denon's and Westone's which offer better treble but lack in bass response. These new Studios offer the best balance in sound. Songs from artists like Bruno Mars, Sam Smith and John Legend sound amazing, but if you listen mostly to rap, hip hop and EDM, you may be disappointed in the bass. I use my Sony XB500's for songs with thumping bass, but if I had to only take one headphone with me, it'd be the new Studios. Finally, battery life lasts only around 10-12 hours for me, but it seems to charge fully within an hour or so.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    I bought these with the idea I was probably going to return them.

    • Written by from Mandan

    I was completely blown away by the attention to detail, I could not believe how much fun I had just unboxing these headphones. I think the sound quality is good, I feel they could get a tad louder but that is just me being picky, these have far exceed my expectations the only con is the steep price but you get what you pay for, I am having zero buyers remorse.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Stunning Gorgeous Quality

    • Written by from Olney

    Let me begin by saying I'm not. DJ or audio junky. I just enjoy listening to music occasionally. By occasionally I mean daily.

    The entire process of opening the Beats packaging is akin to opening a present on Christmas Day. Their is so much detail in the packaging with each piece stored in its own compartment. It's no wonder Apple bought Beats: it's about the experience. The quality of the headphones is superior to any other headset. The gorgeous leather feels comfortable on your ears. The sound is precise. Depending on which model you have, the wireless function is so convenient. The battery life is more than enough for any occasion. The only downside is the steep price. Nonetheless, if you own Apple, price isn't a concern because you know you're buying quality.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love my Beats

    • Written by from Normal

    for a few years i was reluctant because of the price but I bought a pair of RED DRENCHED Solo HDs and they are great

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    What Steve Jobs would have to say? These headphones are the worst.

    • Written by from Garner

    Well, Steve is no longer with us - he would have simply shelved the whole idea of these headphones... I am a professional recording engineer and pay close attention to the nature of music, and how sounds are reproduced.
    These headphones? They are simply the WORST headphones on the market. Headphones costing 1/3rd the price reproduce music more accurately. Save your money. Do you really want headphones that distort the highs/lessen the mids of what you are listening to and cause the low end to sound like a soupy & muddy mess? Yes, if you are a listener with no discerning ear, then buy them. And buy some glowing pump up tennis shoes endorsed by the name you are paying for... Simply put, ridiculous. Mr. Jobs would never have bowed down to allowing Apple to disperse an inferior product. I would have given zero stars, but that is not an option, unfortunately. YOU ARE PAYING FOR A NAME.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Love my Beats!

    • Written by from Chicago

    I've been wanting to try these headphones for a long time and finally got a pair. They're as good as everyone said, if not better! The listening experience is amazing and so much better than I've experienced with any other sound system. The music is crisp, clear and blocks out other noise. I love the way they look. They're sleek and fit neatly in the accompanying compact case for travel. I'm thrilled I finally have them and have been raving non-stop!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Los Angeles

    Love my new head phones! I can hear every sound so clearly and they are super light weight. I have had some rocking dance parties in my apartment with out bugging my neighbors!!

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