• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great headphones for a DJ!

    • Written by from Clarence Center

    They have awesome bass and great sound quality! I really love that they help cancel out noise to make it easier to hear what you need to hear. I also use these for personal use but what I really love is the cup rotation so you can listen to music and other people when having a conversation. There's only a couple complaints I have about these headphones though. They aren't built the greatest compared to V-Moda, Bose, JBL, etc. and they become uncomfortable after a while. They squeeze your head a little too much but that helps keep them on your head when bouncing up and down. My favorite feature to the all Beats is the cable can be replaced when needed and what's nice about the Pros and Mixrs is you can chain an additional pair of headphones off to share your music.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Overall a great pair of headphones

    • Written by from Rochester

    These are my first pair of over/on ear headphones as well as my first pair of Beats. I got these for a Christmas gift and my first impression was pretty good. The box they come in is a high quality box which isn't that important but it shows some quality. I had heard many different things about Beats and I didn't have a very good feeling about the quality of these headphones. They come with a really nice hard case, and they also come with two cables which is a plus. Now onto the headphones. The headphones look pretty sweet and are made of a durable metal unlike other Beats. They are a little tight and can be a little uncomfortable but they loosen up after you wear them for a while. They sound amazing! I've tried on the solos and studios and these are the best of the three. The bass is great but not overpowering. The mids and highs are great. The only other negatives are that the swivels are a little loose and the metal scratches easily. Other than that these headphones are amazing. I recommend these to anyone who wants great sounding and great quality headphones ( if you're willing to put up with the snugness for a little while until they break in).

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