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    Superstar versus half a star

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    Ok I stole that from the Longest Yard but thats not the point, this cover stinks, hard. At first its all shiny and new and red and pretty (and dont forget its $79), and yeah it seems like a good idea when the purchase of it is being financed by your firm's tech stipend but here I am about a year later and this hot mess of a cover is falling apart at the seams! No literally at the seams, its getting unglued all around the edges basically the front of the cover separating from the back. Its becoming super flimsy, the magnetic closure doesnt work nearly as well and it stretched out so much so that my ipad is actually falling out of it every chance it gets (actually falling on the floor once and getting dented on its side which is the exact type of ridiculousness this cover is designed to protect against). My husband bought some cheapo cover on amazon for $20 and its lasted him nearly 3 years and still going strong (oh yeah and his ipad doesnt have any dents in it). Do yourselves a favor and save the $79 for something more important, Apple is a rip off...there I said it...oh and Mac stinks...take that all you apple fanatics, I HATE my MacBook Pro! I am NOT a convert and in fact I joyfully look forward to going to work every day and using my PC so there MEH!!!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Cover is all it does!

    • Written by from Anerley

    1st, love my new ipad!
    2nd wish I'd got a different cover.
    The cover covers the ipad and closing the lid sends the ipad to sleep, fine.
    The cover fails to lock firm enough to touch the screen without the ipad falling over in one position and is to low the other way to allow easy typing. Eg at the moment it's propped up on a small 2 1/2 " heigh box to type this.
    If I could I would return it !
    If you want a cover fine, but if you want to get some work done don't forget a small box !!!

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    Doesn't align properly on iPad Air

    • Written by from Minnetonka

    When I put the Smart Cover on the iPad it does not line up correctly.
    It overhangs the iPad at the top by 2mm and the iPad is exposed at the bottom by the same amount. Seeing reports by several others with the same issue on support discussions.

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