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    Time for an official Apple apology

    • Written by from Geesteren

    At this very moment I'm living with two people and we all have an iPhone 5. One lightning cable working at this moment between 3 iPhones, with batteries the way the are, imagine the tension and frantic searching through eachothers rooms for that one magical working cable. All of us are meticulous ocd people and therefore super carefull with our stuff, and still, lightning cables break down on us constantly. On my way to buy my third Apple Lightning cable and at this point I want an official apology from Apple for this complete piece of trash that they have made. Flowers and chocolate wrapped in a new cable will do too, you know where I live..

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    LOW quality! not up to the apple standard! This cord is WORTHLESS JUNK

    • Written by from Saint Joseph

    I've had an iPhone pretty much since they came out. I have probably 10-15 of the old cords, that are in pretty bad shape…ALL of which STILL work! I broke down and purchased an iPhone 5s when it came out and I've gone through 3-4 cords in the last year alone! This cord is a piece of JUNK! Apple typically has been the gold standard for quality…this is lacking everything apple stands for! If i could recommend another product i would, but its necessary to purchase to charge your phone….yet another reason i question if I will purchase apple again when its time for an upgrade. Apple is falling behind on technology and quality lately

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    listen to the reviews

    • Written by from Chicago

    I bought the .5 m cord despite reading all the reviews warning of the terrible quality. After less than two months of causal use the cord is already having connection issues unless held straight.

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    You guys make the worst chargers in history and its very sad.

    • Written by from kansas city

    How can apple make such great phones but such horrid chargers. Maybe you need to take a few lessons from android. If my Iphone six does the same thing I AM NEVER BUYING ANOTHER APPLE! I will GLADLY GO BACK TO ANDROID!!!!

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    Apple should offer free replacement cords

    • Written by from Portland

    This cord is junk. I got these gathers on both ends and it just stopped working. I had to 'McGiver' it while on a business trip to charge my phone. I sliced both ends open with a cuticle cutter and saw that the red wire disconnected. I stripped the plastic, twisted it together and taped it with a band aid. It works, but I am bitter about having to do that when this type of accessory should not fail so quickly. I resent having to spend 19 bucks to replace something they spent 19 cents manufacturing. Unimpressed Apple. I know you can do better.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Bad Quality

    • Written by from Toronto

    These cables are so flimsy. They break every few months and I have to replace them so frequently which is a shame because these cables are not cheap. I really hope Apple will do something about this.

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    How hard is it to design a better cable?

    • Written by from Norwood

    Apple designs the best phones, but can't design a proper charging cable that can last more than 6 months without chipping apart. This is not your first generation product, don't you have a team to implement consumer feedback? The design & quality of charging cables seems to be degrading with each newer models.

    If you acknowledge the problem i.e. poor design/quality of charging cables, act on it. Redesign & replace ...live up to the brand image. Don't spoil the image over little cable.

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    If I could give this product negative stars I would.

    • Written by from Torrance

    I am SICK and TIRED of having to replace. I have gone through no less than 5 cables over the past year with normal use.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Midland

    I can't believe how terribly made the new lightning cords for the iPhone 5 and 5s are! I think this will be the very last iPhone I will buy. I didn't have my iPhone 5 a year and the cord came apart and stopped working. I have had my iPhone 5s for exactly a year now and guess what? The cable is messing up. I am glad to See everyone is having this exact same issue. It's sad to see how downhill apple has gone. Upgrade time Comes and I will be getting a Samsung.

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    • Written by from wilstead

    Mine has no visible damage, it hasn't been misused and looks brand new, yet it has only lasted 2 months and now wont work...

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    The cable's rubber wrap doesn't last

    • Written by from Montreal

    The rubber that wraps and protect this cable always rips up after several months of use. Now I can see the metallic wires inside. It still works, but the build quality is really bad. 20$ for this is a rip off.

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    Absolute shameful garbage

    • Written by from Dixon

    Cable totally shredded, plastic jack crumbling, all with normal use. You know what? Scratch that-- this cable was actually babied from day one, because the only other Apple power cable I've owned did the same exact thing (charging cable for an old Powerbook). That one took longer to fall apart, at least. This hunk of trash Lightning cable, used only with one iPad, started looking beat up almost immediately. Did I mention it was babied from day one?? Apple, sitting on billions on cash, can't spend a little of it to develop a cable that lasts? Or maybe this was the plan-- "defective by design"..? Seriously, the actual insulation just started shredding off... I've never seen anything like it. I have a 14 yr old mouse (made by Billy up there in Seattle) that's seen daily, constant use, its usb cord getting pulled around for hours all day, and it still looks and works exactly as it did when I bought it. Dirty, sure, but structurally flawless. You can't do that, Apple? You can't make a cable that doesn't totoally slurp???

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    Really disappointed

    • Written by from Prahran

    My iPad lightning to USB cable Cover has disintegrated 1/4 inch from the reinforced part. It sits in my bedside table and is plugged in each night. Surely it's meant to last more than 2 months. We have 5 iPads, 3 iPhones, a Mac mini, an iMac and a MBA in the house, and are long time Apple owners. This has to be the poorest Apple product I've ever encountered. My mantra is 'it just works', but, Apple, you've let me down. I'd love someone from Apple to contact me, or challenge them to reply with instructions for appropriate use to make it last at least until the warranty expires. I doubt anyone could be more careful than I have been. Is there an alternative way to use the cable?

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    Failure Certain With This Cable

    • Written by from Sugarloaf Key

    This is perhaps the worst engineered product made by Apple. If it were in a car, the car would be recalled. When will Apple address this issue?

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    • Written by from Tarzana

    so, you have a $400 cell phone that depends on such a weak little thread to keep its battery alive? these stupid chargers are pathetic, and tear up way too easily! you may give some lame excuse to me like "you, the user, should be more careful and less abusive with your charger," but i am equally careful with my iphone charger as i am with my nokia charger, but there is one difference - I HAVE HAD MY NOKIA CHARGER FOR 4 YEARS NO

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Low quality, easily worn out.

    • Written by from Salt Lake City

    The only time I use my charging cable is at night while I sleep. Which means there are absolutely no forces at play anywhere along the length of the cable. Yet, the sheath right at the phone connection end has split exposing the wires. This has also caused intermittent contact and no/poor charging. This low quality electrical connection can't be good for the iPhone hardware.

    I firmly believe Apple should replace any lighting cable free of charge for the life of the phone. I can't believe the rapid decline in Apple build and material quality in the past few years.

    Bottom line: DO NOT buy an Apple brand Lightning Cable. It WILL fall apart in less than a year (or sooner if you use your phone while plugged in).

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Endicott

    With normal use, the rubber covering easily splits and tears, exposing the wiring underneath. I'm afraid if I leave my phone charging while unattended, I could burn my house down! I'm so sick of having to buy new cables - I go through 2-3 per year! No cord for any piece of technology that I currently use has this problem, including cords that frequently get moved around. My plan is up at the end of the year and I'm switching to a Samsung Galaxy. I've used to love, love, LOVE my iPhone, but Apple could certainly do a lot more to address consumer concerns and customer loyalty.

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    • Written by from Burlington

    Last 1 month with a 6+. Really Apple?!

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    Not durable

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    It seems like apple chargers don't last very long i keep having to repurchase a charger every month and a half.!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Expensive GARBAGE disposable cables. My next phone won't be an apple

    • Written by from Langley

    I am an IT Manager and I oversee over a dozen iPhone's & iPad's. Because of the poor unreliable quality of the Lightning charge cables, I won't be buying any more Apple products for personal or business use. These are garbage. My newest one lasted just over two months. I've never had a standard USB cable or a micro USB cable fail on me with other devices. As for the Apple Lightning cables, I am not exaggerating when I say for 3 users with 5 devices that need Lightning Cables we have gone through over 60 cables in less than 2 years.

    I have been an iPhone enthusiast since the iPhone 3GS, however I am now due for an upgrade on my own iPhone 5 as well as majority of our work iPhones and because of the poor quality of the proprietary lightning charge cables, my next phone will be a brand that uses the basic micro-USB connector to charge. Too many times I've been stuck with a dead phone because the cable no longer worked. It almost cost me my job once when a server failed on a weekend and no one could get through to me due to my phone dying and none of my charge cables working consistently.

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