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    • Written by from Derby

    I bought this so I could watch BT sport from my iPad on to my TV. Unfortunately it mirrors a picture that is only half the size of the TV screen i.e.picture in the centre of the TV. At a cost of £40 I want more than that. Plan to take back and get a refund.

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    Is the adaptor buggy or is it 7.1 ??

    • Written by from Springfield

    Using with 5S and iOS 7.1
    Only audio and photos are playing on the TV

    For video it is all white screen, with an AirPlay not available line on the TV,
    This message not on the phone, the phone is playing the video

    So is this a bad adapter, or bad 7.1??
    ( HDMI cable OK, used it with iPad successfully & 30 pin AV converter

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    No Hi-Def mirroring

    • Written by from MIAMI

    I was hoping that by some miracle it would mirror at least at 720p but the image is 4:3 all the time except when playing from the video app which will show whatever the resolution is and max out at 1080p. Using this to mirror anything else is a waste of time because the picture looks cropped. Fix it Apple!!!!!!! Haven't you wasted enough of your customer's time and money with false advertising????

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    Video lag problem

    • Written by from LEES SUMMIT

    The video play back with HDMI on a 1080p TV the play back is choppy and give me a headache and the same problem when playing games.

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    Videos in landscape mode shrink to portrait mode on TV

    • Written by from Willich

    I bought a Lightning Digital AV Adapter to watch my camera app videos on TV. The videos were taken in landscape mode. Unfortunately just the preview appears in landscape mode on TV for a second. Then they shrink to portrait mode. But not every video. Some of them have the correct display mode. This makes me angry!

    Photos or videos from the video app are displayed correctly too. These issues are just with the photo app. I tried this with two different iPhone 5 (iOS7) and three different TV's.

    Because of this and the extremely high price I just can give two stars :-(

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    • Written by from Gaffney


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    Doesn't seem to work, yet.

    • Written by from Brampton

    After reading the reviews I thought I would take a chance and get one. Sure enough, when I tried to watch a movie from my iPhone 5 on my TV it didn't work right. The picture on my tv would go to snow, then the it would work again, then snow. Thought maybe it was a loose or bad connection, but trying the other remedies didn't seem to help. Sync'd another movie onto the phone and now the playback was just fine on the TV. So I re-sync'd the first moive to my phone, and the playback was better, but not great. Still would loose the picture every 10-20 seconds. Going to try re-syncing the movie one more time, and give up. Looks like I will be returning this product and trying another one, because, hey, I still wanna watch my movie from my iPhone on my TV. Just wish it would have worked the first time, especially for $50.00 spent.

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    Worked OK for awhile

    • Written by from Greensburg

    I also have reached the stage where the adapter only works when I manipulate the cable just right. Otherwise, no sound, no picture or sound, or fuzzy picture. If you aren't supposed to bend the cable tail, then make it rigid so there's no chance of creating a short. Poor design for the price. When it works, it's great, but it takes a few minutes each time I use it to dial it in. And then, don't bump it!

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    Good functionality limited by poor quality

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    I got this a little less than a month ago and initially liked the ability to view content streamed to my phone on the big screen in my home theater using it hand held and navigating to a variety of content. However, it's developed a short or something so that it's very finicky in when it works. I can no longer navigate content in my hand and have to lay it down rather gingerly and finesse the cable so that it transmits signal. For $50 is should be more durable and work well for more than a month.

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    • Written by from Staten Island

    I work in television and have some downtime between shows. I'm surrounded by monitors and wanted to put on Netflix through my iPhone 5. I have an apple TV (carrying it around would be a hassle opposed to a cable.) The airplay and the netflix app work great on Apple TV. Sometimes on the apple tv netflix takes a second to buffer and to get to a clear hd picture but with this cord there was never a clear picture streaming Netflix, great wifi connection and all. Just a jumpy picture from time to time and even looked SD. I hope other people have better luck than I, but I'm going to have to return it unfortunately. A bad picture drives me crazy and I can't get over how a hard line isn't up to par with a wireless connection.

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    Do not expect 1080p HDTV quaility with this DV HDMI

    • Written by from East Setauket

    I was disappointed with the 720p resolution I got from mirroring the "Retina" display and THEN read the Apple Web site.
    Check Apple Web site first! Do not miss the IPad (4th gen) tech spec ;)
    " . . . Video mirroring and video out support: Up to 720p through Lightning Digital AV Adapter . . ."

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    Does not provide sound for Maps

    • Written by from Markham

    This cable works well and it mirror iPhone 5 display with good quality. I can watch movies, youtube or listen to songs and I can hear the sound on the TV.

    I had an issue that the sound of the Maps application does not come through this cable. The sound still goes through iPhone speakers. I can only see the video of the Maps with no sound.
    I wanted to use this cable to connect my phone to my car screen and use iPhone as GPS system but so far this is not working as I can not hear the direction sound through my car speakers with this cable.
    Apple can you please fix it

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