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    Keep in mind

    • Written by from Williamsburg

    The other lightning plug is only power not for a computer or anything else and VGA is video only no audio

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    • Written by from New Westminster

    I recently purchased this adapter because I have been doing a lot of presentations. I've used this adapter with a VGA-DVI adapter as well with no problems. The passthrough is for power only which is great for long presentations. The price is a bit steep but works as advertised.

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    pass through only for power

    • Written by from Morden

    I bought this adapter so I could use it while developing an app that needed separate video output. It seemed perfect because it has the VGA output as well as a passthrough lightning plug so you can keep it attached to your computer for development/debugging as well.

    Unfortunately, it only passes through power, and does not show up as the original device you plugged in, so its useless to me.

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    Doesn't not work with protected movies

    • Written by from Blaine

    I bought this so that I could watch purchased TV shows with my iPad 4 connected to my NEC Multimedia projector. It's an older projector that does not support HDMI. However, despite the description for the VGA adapter that says you can watch movies and shows on TVs and projectors, it does NOT work. When I play the show I purchased from iTunes, I am given a message that says "THE CONNECTED DISPLAY IS NOT AUTHORIZED TO PLAY PROTECTED MOVIES." I get the same error message when I connect my computer monitor to the adapter.

    Perhaps the description of this product should be changed to say that you can watch movies and shows on TVs and Projectors--EXCEPT the ones you buy from iTunes? I feel that Apple is sending me the message that I should get my content from torrents rather than buying it from iTunes. Are there Apple-branded projectors or monitors that will support this adapter? What's the point of having a VGA adapter for your device if you cannot watch iTunes content that you purchased?!

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    Works great!

    • Written by from Saint Helena Island

    Worked flawlessly for me. Using it with my iPad Mini and the a/v gear at the school where I work.

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    Loses signal after 5 minutes

    • Written by from Kennedale

    I dropped 50 dollars to replace my 30pin VGA adapter after I upgraded my iPad 2 to a new iPad with retina (4th gen) and needed the lightning VGA adapter. I bought it a few hours before I was supposed to give a presentation from my iPad. Big mistake for waiting until the last minute. The adapter, when plugged in, stops sending a signal after five minutes and my projector screen said there was no input signal. The only way it would work again was if i unplugged it and plugged it back in again, but, five minutes later, it did it again. I swapped out the VGA cable and it still happened. Then I tried it on a TV...same thing. If Apple weren't already closed I would take it back right now. Awful. Just awful.

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    Works Beatifully

    • Written by from Henderson

    I purchased the VGA adapter to determine whether it would be useful for classroom instructors. It works seamlessly, allowing viewers to see everything on the ipad: apps, safari, camera, everything. I appreciate that the projector recognizes it with no fuss whatsoever. It's an exciting tool and well worth the purchase!

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    Don't give bad review because no audio. VGA has never supported audio.

    • Written by from Lynchburg

    While Kenneth G. is right, he's mistaken in giving it only 3 stars. VGA does not and has never supported audio. It is your fault if you buy this thinking it has the same functionality as HDMI. It does exactly what it's supposed to, display high definition video. That is all. It's like buying a 60hz television and giving it a low rating because it isn't 3D. 5 stars.

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    Doesn't output audio

    • Written by from Chandler

    This product mirrors anything on your retina displayed ipod/ipad device; however, it does not output audio. You'll have to use the headphone jack to export the audio to an external speaker system. The Lightening AV Adapter mirrors video and audio from your retina display ipod/ipad device via HDMI cable. If your television or projector has HDMI, get the AV Adapter instead.

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