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    Apple adapter not compatible with Apple cases!

    • Written by from Oviedo

    Recently bought Apple leather cases for my iPhone 5 and new iPad air. The Apple 30 pin adapter (to connect previously purchased accessories such as the camera kit) DOES NOT WORK with the Apple cases, because the opening in the cases are not large enough to accomodate the base of the connector, and the connector itself is not long enough to connect when the base of the connector is offset by the width of the case.

    Apple is supposed to provide an ecosystem where everything "just works", but they are getting more and more like Microsoft.

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    does not play music thru old home

    • Written by from cuyahoga falls

    how useless, if your buying this so you dont have to buy a new i home....forget it!!! it won't work!! ours charges on the old i home but will only allow us to play music thru the phone. shoulda just invested in a new i home instead. it also doesnt fit in the phone with most cases, just the silicone ones we purchased at toys r us. what a waste on the lifeproof case! gotta keep taking it off to use adapter which is eventually going to ruin the seal on the life proof. not happy

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    Should've read this...no video support

    • Written by from Shalimar

    Does not work for connecting Projector with 30 pin connection, nor for using SD card connector from camera.

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    Almost useless

    • Written by from Macae

    It doesn't work with any cases including apple iPhone 5s leather case.
    Simply it is a wrong design which could be simply fixed but doesn't seem that apple is willing to do it.
    A simple warning note on the store would have helped not wasting my money on this.
    lesson learned: read product reviews before buying.

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    Two thumbs WAY DOWN on the stupid lightning connector

    • Written by from Syracuse

    ALL of my apple compatible docking stations and sound systems use the 30 pin connector. I asked for a new iPod for Christmas not knowing that it came with the STUPID lightning connector. I HATE THIS THING on my iPad. My iPod will be getting returned and unless Apple gets their act together I'm DONE with them FOR GOOD. By the way, I would give this connector ZERO stars if the review site would let me.

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    Poorly designed

    • Written by from ARLINGTON

    I wish to begin by saying that up until now, all of the Apple products that I have used have been designed beautifully--they look great and they work even better than they look. So, I believe this adapter is an anomaly, but one that needs to be fixed. The adapter works fine from a purely technical perspective. However, it is poorly designed in that you cannot use it with an iPad Air that has an Apple iPad Air Case on it. You have to remove the case or it will not connect properly. I do not expect Apple to design its products to be compatible with 3rd party cases, but I do expect them to design a product that works well with its own cases. They knew enough to make the USB to Lightning cord connecter that comes with the iPad Air to work with the case. You shouldn't have to take the case off to use the adapter.

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    Does not work with Apple Case

    • Written by from SANTA MONICA

    I bought this adapter and the iPhone 5 leather case at an Apple store, and the Apple Adapter does not work with Apple's own case on the phone. Unbelievable! The Apple reps in the store did not tell me this, and I wasted two trips to get a refund.

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    What would Steve say???

    • Written by from Havertown

    Steve Jobs would not have liked this design! I thought it would be good to use my older apple chargers with my new iPad Air-- but these don't fit if you are using a case- even if it is the expensive APPLE smart case!!! And they are not real easy to take on and off (nor should you be taking it off-- right?). Come on apple, put on your smart thinking caps.

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    Unbelievable. NOT compatible with iPhone 5s!

    • Written by from AROMAS

    I thought I'd put up with almost everything in my decades long relationship with Apple, but this is over the top. I did plenty of research beforehand, and so, got a case with a large open area to allow the adapter to fit. Waste of time: astonishingly, this $30 disaster will not charge the iPhone 5s EVEN WITHOUT A CASE! Unfortunately I missed the review that pointed out that the adapter worked with the iPhone 5, but for some reason, not the 5s. I'm dumbfounded and furious, because the Apple Store web page for the product clearly states that it is "compatible" with the iPhone 5s. Well, yes, it will plug in nicely, but then nothing happens! I'm as loyal to Apple as anyone, but this really stinks. But some comfort for those iPhone 5s owners whose cases blocked the adapter from forming a good connection: it wouldn't have mattered anyway! Unbelievable.

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    Doesn't fit iPad air or mini with smart case

    • Written by from DURAND

    When you don't update something for a year, that means it's perfect.
    It doesn't mean, hey redesign me from the ground up so you can update every week to fix the bugs.
    Seems like their engineers would say, hey these cases, Boss, the adapter we released a year ago won't fit.
    Ship it anyways.....
    Well... Ok then redesign the adapter?
    No.. Plugs into my phone just fine..
    Ok.. Will do...boss! By the way, Where was that kool-aid dispenser.

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    Doesn't fit on IPad Air with the cover

    • Written by from Pierrefonds

    You will need to remove your cover if you want to use this adapter with your IPad Air, and by doing so you loosen the leather cover. This is a waste of money, just purchase an extra lightning USB cable.

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    Video out cable

    • Written by from Red Bluff

    I have a video audio out cable that worked with my iphone 4. I bought the adaptor to be able to use it. It will not out put video, only audio.

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    • Written by from DURSLEY

    I bought this adapter to try and connect my iPhone 5 to our Bose Soundock (the original) and the 'official' lead supplied with our Land Rover Discovery 4. Hugely disappointed that it doesn't operate with either (not even supporting charging). What a waste of money! Why didn't Apple give more consideration to how those people who have been using all their previous (30 pin) devices so successfully, and loyally(!), with currently owned and very expensive 'gadgets' are going to keep using their new products. Or did they????

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    Doesn't work with ANY case on phone

    • Written by from Northampton

    Apple really dropped the ball on this one.
    This adapter will not work if you have any type of case on your phone Even Apples New Snazzy Leather Case! I purchased this at the Apple store along with apple leather case and new iPhone 5s. Never imagined that Apple would design an adapter that would not allow use with their own case! I'm also disappointed with the sales staff for not informing me that it would not work with the case on, especially since that cool new leather case is so difficult to remove.

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    Waste of Money.

    • Written by from Miami

    I bought this so I could use my Beats By Dr Dre Beatbox and it worked fine, for a very little amount of time. $30 is a pretty expensive considering you could a knockoff for less but wanted to give it a try. After 2 months the sound kept cutting off and eventually it stopped working all together. This $30 paperweight will not let me play my music or charge my phone. Apple needs to make products that last instead of giving their consumers a "temporary " solution so they can make big profits. I will give it another try, but I find it ridiculous that I a bad product from apple, I could understand if it was a knockoff but it was from apple! I would not recommend this product, spend your hard earned money on the 30-10pin cord instead it is so much better.

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    Exactly as Others Said - Doesn't Work with Apple Case

    • Written by from Rensselaer

    I had a cheap case from a mall kiosk and the adapter worked on my iHome speaker. I decided I hated the feel of my case. I went and spent $40 on the Apple case. I love the case - feels awesome in doesn't way down the phone. Now I'm at work, and with this "Apple" case, the adpater doesn't fit and my iHome charger/speaker will not work. I"m beyond mad. How stupid that the "Apple" case makes it so the "Apple" adapter doesn't work. DUH!!!!

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    not working with iPhone 5S (with Apple lightning to 30-pin adapter)

    • Written by from Madurai

    Apple lightning to 30-pin adapter is not at all connecting with iPhone 5S (but it works with iPhone 5). Such a premium brand component not working with the latest model is ?????

    Apple must reply to this query IMMEDIATELY. None of the store / dealer is updated on this.

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    Does not adapt

    • Written by from Naples

    If the Iphone or Ipod has a case this adaptor does not plugin because the plug is to short .

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    • Written by from Daly City

    As with all the others who left reviews - the 8 pin plug is fatter than their standard plug which makes this unusable with any hard case! I don't understand why this wasn't resolved yet and is still on the shelves with so many complaints. Now I have to go back and demand a refund!

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    Useless and expensive

    • Written by from Los Gatos

    Pay the outrageous $10 extra to get 6" of cord on top of the outrageous $29 that this thing costs, as for $39 you get something useful and ridiculously expensive, rather than spending $29 on something useless if you use a case. I completely understand Apple's desire to switch to Lighting, and think it is a great connector, but charging these prices (compared with $19 for a Lightning-USB cable) to allow people to use their thousands of legacy devices feels deeply cynical.

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