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    iPhone 4-5 adapter

    • Written by from Parma

    I went out today and bought the 30 pin to the lightning adapter. Do not buy if you have a case on your device. It only works if your phone does not have a case.

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    Stopped playing music, still charges

    • Written by from Calgary

    My adapter decided to stop playing music on any speaker system, but will still charge my device. Not particularly useful.

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    Not Supported Error

    • Written by from Crystal Lake

    We use iPads in school and we had the 30 pin adaptor. This product wouldn't work and said that it was not supported by the iPad.

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    Lightning Adapter stinks

    • Written by from Cincinnati

    Hey Apple. It's been two years, don't you think it is time you listened to the reviews and released a decent 30-pin to lightning adapter. I have two of these that I shaved down with an exacto blade so they would work with my kids cases, but this is unsightly and is hardly what I expect from a company known for it's industrial design. If I wanted to modify stuff myself, I would just buy from Microsoft or Samsung. Maybe it is time I did.

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    Nimrod design

    • Written by from Miami

    Who ever was the nincompoop who designed and moron who approved this should be fired! Nano has Lightning input plug offset to one side, Adapter has the plug dead center??? Put the two together and it looks like ship. Do the two departments not work together?? In this day and age with this tech giant, they can't hire people with a little more common sense??? Totally ridicules besides the fact that you cant use with some or all protective covers?? Are protective covers new?? Pathetic!

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    yes it's too short

    • Written by from Lake Placid

    I have Otterbox cases for both my iPod and my iPhone. Yes as others have said the connector is too short if you have similar cases. Have to take the whole case apart to use the adapter. Get the cord mentioned by others instead

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    • Written by from Boston

    Recently I have bought an IPAD Air and a lightning to 30-pin adapter but I am not able to use my old 30-pin to VGA adapter because I always get the message that the accessory is not compatible with this IPAD although all of them I have bought in an Apple store!!
    It is really difficult to understand why it does not work...

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    Not sure why, but it doesn't charge consistently...

    • Written by from Arabi

    I still have my iPhone 4s and love it. But last year I bought the 128GB iPad 4th Gen... I have the charger that came with it. But other lightening chargers don't seem to work. So, I bought the adapter to use my 30-pin chargers if ever in a pinch. I have gone through a few of these... ultimately it worked great when I first bought it. But over time, if I try to charge my iPad 4th gen, it won't charge! For data purposes it works great! But charging... nope. Oh well... should've bought an additional charger. I must admit, I bought 2 chargers on ebay. Not "apple" and they are the same, won't charge but for data purposes they work. I haven't bought anything else from the apple store; worry I'll waste more money... what to do? what to do?????

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    Does nobody test the products before being sold?

    • Written by from San Diego

    I have and the Apple brand iPhone case and this thing doesn't work with it! Does nobody test to see if their product are compatible?

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    Third broken adapter

    • Written by from Webster

    I have bought and managed to break three lightning to 30 pin adapters.The lightening pin plug has come loose from the housing and plugging it back in does not reconnect. I am very cautious with all things electronic but feel that after $90 for three of these things i am at a loss and ready to give up on apple all together. What happened to this company anyway? And don't get me started on the "new" iTunes.

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    Doesnt work for video - how stupid is this, Apple?

    • Written by from BROOKLYN

    Wish I'd checked the reviews before spending $30 for this adapter but I assumed Apple adapters would work with Apple products. What a silly assumption apparently! Bought this specifically to connect my iPad Air and iPhone 5 to my TV via a 30-pin AV cable (Apple of course) which i've used to connect my previous iPads and iPhones to my TV. All i can get is audio - no video. Not very entertaining to watch a blank TV screen while listening to my downloaded movies and TV shows. Thanks Apple!

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    Doesn't Work With Apple Iphone Case

    • Written by from Oakland

    They sold this to me at the Apple Store and I asked if it would work with the Apple Iphone case on the phone. They said it would and it does not. I would recommend Apple try to make Apple products compatible with one another.

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    Incompatible with Apple's own products

    • Written by from London

    I've just spent a ridiculous $100 + taxes on three cables, a lightning to 30 pin adapter at $30, a USB adapter at $30 and a 30 pin HDMI adapter at $40, assuming the combination would allow me to connect an iPhone 5, an ipad 4 and a 30 pin ipad to a variety of peripherals. As soon as you connect two Apple cables together you get an "incompatible" message, which is frankly a disgrace. This means you have to buy multiple, separate cables at huge expense for each device to even stand a chance of getting them to work with the same peripherals. Judging from other posts, even this won't provide full functionality on many of them. Sort it out quickly Apple, the competition are catching up and overtaking fast.

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    Will not work with the iPhone 5c case

    • Written by from Conyers

    I bought the lighting adapter and the Apple iPhone case (made specifically for the iPhone 5C) for my iPhone 5C. I assumed there would be no problem, since I bought an Apple product directly from Apple. However, when you put the adapter on your 30pin cable and then plug it into the iPhone 5c with the case on, the connector is not long enough and will not charge the phone. You must take the case off the iPhone for the adapter to fit. This is crazy, so I will be returning the adapters and maybe the case as well.

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    • Written by from London

    I bought this so I could still use my 10 year old (but perfectly functioning) Bose sound dock with the Nano I had to buy when my 10 year old classic iPod was stolen from my house as I slept.
    Although it plays the music OK, it no longer charges the iPod while it's on the dock, so that's an end to music at parties after a couple of hours then.
    I don't care what Apple says, they don't have the right to remove functionality in this way.

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    Apple oversight...

    • Written by from Monterey

    You'd think that Apple would have at least thought to make this adaptor work with devices in cases of their own design and manufacture. Sadly, that's not the case. I have the new iPad Air, with Apple's own leather cover, and the lightning end of this adaptor is not long enough to go through the opening in the cover to reach the device. This adaptor is useless, unless you don't mind removing your device from its cover every time you need to charge or sync. Is this kind of inattention to detail what we'll be seeing from Apple in the future? SJ would roll over...

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    Case story

    • Written by from Dubna

    Ok, you need to destroy case for your device to make it work. Official apple's case, btw. Truly sick development /=

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    case woes

    • Written by from Billerica

    Wish I'd looked here before buying two adaptors for our two new 5Ss. Totally useless with a case on, even Apple's case. I saw some mention of a cord style adaptor. Wish the Apple employees that sold me the phones would have mentioned this (bought both at an Apple store).

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    Doesn't work with iPhone 5s case

    • Written by from River Forest

    If you have an Apple case, do not buy this product. It looks like it would work just fine with the corded lightning to 30 pin adapter, but this one will not plug in to your phone while the Apple case is on it.

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    waste of money

    • Written by from Seattle

    If you have a case it will not connect correctly. It also does not support video, so your 30pin to HDMI adapter does not function.

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