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    Getting Device Not Certified Error Message (Solved)

    • Written by from West Chester

    Purchased a Lightning to SD Card Reader and plugged it into my iPad Air only to receive an error message stating the reader is not a certified device. Much to my dismay, I then read user reviews on the Apple.com site and other sites complaining about the same experience.

    I resolved this problem by returning to the store that sold the card reader and brought both the defective card reader and my iPad Air. We opened the box of another reader. Tested this card reader with the iPad Air and all worked as expected.

    Apparently manufacturing defects occur more than we'd like as consumers.

    My advice to anyone buying this accessory at a bricks and mortar retail location is to have your iPad with you and do not leave the store until making sure the reader you have connects flawlessly.

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    Does not work with iPhone 6+!

    • Written by from Gregory

    I am dismayed to discover this SD Card Camera Reader does not work with my new 6+.

    Why does Apple forbid the use of their own SD Card Reader on their flagship iPhone?

    I've let Apple know my disappointment at their feedback page and encourage others to do so as well:

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    Not worth the time or money

    • Written by from New port Richey

    Wasted gas and time to get this product because of all of the "great" reviews. Worst. I'm a photographer,
    I take at least 1000 photos every shoot, or even every hour, especially with kids.. But instead of letting me upload my photos,
    I have to basically wipe my ipad of everything (which I did) to make "space". Cool, wipes 8mb and still needed 6 more -_- really?! If your doing a few pictures at a time, awesome, but these days, even vacation photos are gonna up too much space. Apple is losing me more and more every day.

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    • Written by from Vancouver

    I bought this for my 64gb iPhone 5s to unload my photos off my sd card. I assumed this would work for it! It did not support it at all. This is stupid. It's a lightning to SD card reader! I have 64 freaking gigabytes of memory! What's the point of having so mic space if I cannot use this. I'm mad that apple limits this to only iPads... It should by iPad SD card reader.. Not lighting.

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    Doesn't work with iPad Air

    • Written by from Kansas city

    When I plug this into my iPad Air it gives me the error that this device is not supported.

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    Product name is misleading

    • Written by from Yarralumla

    This should be called "iPad lightning to SD card reader". I went to the apple store in Paris, asked for an SD card reader for my iPhone. I pulled the iPhone out of my pocket, showed it to them and they sold me this. Which doesn't work. Now I'm hundreds of kms away, can't upload photos off my card for my family. Either make the title more explicit, or fix whatever issue is stopping this from 'just working' the way the rest of the Apple family does. Not good enough Apple. If I read 'lightning' and 'SD Card' am I not entitled to assume that a device with a lightning port could use this to read from an SD card?

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    • Written by from Smithsburg

    I purchased this product to take on a trip so that I could review and upload my photos to shutterfly. Unfortunately i will not be able to take as many photos as I would like as this product does not work. I have purchased several types of SD cards along with using ones I currently own and it just will not read the card. I am returning this one and will wait and hope a better model comes out as this seems to be a problem that many people are experiencing.

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    • Written by from MANAKIN SABOT

    How can you sell a product that only works 50% of the time? Oh, that's right: you are the guys that use the most flawed map data base on the market:(

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    Two Readers, Two Ipads, neither work!

    • Written by from Winter springs

    I bought two of these card readers and tried them on my Ipad Air and my Ipad 4. Both ipads gave me a message that the device was not supported. I switched the reader and still had the same problem. I switched the SD cards, and STILL had the same problem. At $30 each for these non-working trinkets...I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED!

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    "This accessory is not supported by this iPad."

    • Written by from Phoenix

    This is the message I get when I plug it into my iPad mini. I get the same message when I plug it into my brand new iPhone 5s (substitute iPhone for iPad in the message above). I have used these kinds of card readers before so I know how they should work. I even went to Photos to see if the Import icon would pop up but no. Very disappointing. Is it a quality control issue? Sounds like some of you get it to work just fine so maybe 1/2 of the card readers are faulty. Will go back to the Apple Store and try some others...

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    What size SD card will it read

    • Written by from Middle River

    I tried this with a 64 GB and a 32 it would not read the card. Tried a 1GB and it did read that and work as it is described , but that does not do me much good if files are 3-4 GB each. So what size card will it read. At this point I returned the card reader and card till they come out with something better

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    A big disappointment at best!!!!!

    • Written by from Saida

    Put the SD card in the card reader, put the card reader in my IPad Air: nothing happens! Tried everything suggested by the reviews above and still nothing happened, there isn't even an import button. Used my 8GB card with my old 30 pin connector card reader for my old IPad 2, success, so the problem is in the new card reader, not the SD cards or the file types (especially that the SD card is strait from my Olympus Pen Camera).

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    Doesn't work

    • Written by from Kyle

    I bought this to transfer pictures from my camera to my iPad mini (64gb). Plug it in and nothing happens.

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    i got cheated by Apple :(

    • Written by from Flagstaff

    Lightning to SD card doesnt work with ipad mini retina display, how disappointing knowing its an Apple product

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    Does Not Work - Zero Stars

    • Written by from Rohnert Park

    Tried to use with Ipad Mini and nothing happens. I have read every trick and Does Not Work. SD HC 8GB. Does Not Work. Apple has not supplied one answer to this on any website. Waste of money and now I can't use Ipad Mini for trip to France. I can't chance it.

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    no satisfaction

    • Written by from Lindell Beach

    My Lightning SD card reader was a waste of money. It doesn't trigger my iPad to open the photo program and so I cannot transfer photos into the iPad. Doesn't work with my 8, 16, or 32 G cards. VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS PRODUCT

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    :( does not work.....

    • Written by from Arcadia

    I bought this to put my husbands videos of him racing on our iPad mini but when I plug it in it does absolutely nothing.very disappointed...

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    Does not work

    • Written by from Sacramento

    I have an iPad 4th generation. I insert my sd card into the card reader first then plugged it into my iPad like successful reviews suggested, however no images were to be found.

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    Can't Get It To Work

    • Written by from St. Albert

    I downloaded photos from my Windows PC to a SD card. I then tried to transfer from the SD card using the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader to my iPad Air. It recognized that I had connected the cable but it couldn't read or see the photos on the SD card. I looked at some of the reviews here to see if I was doing something wrong. The initial card I tried was 32 GB; didn't work. I tried an 8GB card; didn't work. I checked the file names on the 8GB card and all complied to the one suggestion below; didn't work.
    I went to my Apple dealer where I bought the iPad and this cable reader and their response was that the card had been formatted by my PC and that's why the iPad couldn't read it. They suggested that I re-format the card in my camera and then try it again. I did; it didn't work.

    From the other reviews I've read here, success is certainly not consistent (hit or miss) so I would have to say that the Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader is not a good product. Unless someone can provide a solution that is guaranteed to work, then I would recommend not buying.

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    Does not work...

    • Written by from Livonia

    I've tried to use it but no matter how many "hints" I read about it's just as useful as a dead fish. Plug it in they say... I did and it does nothing. Restart your iPad they say... I did and it still does nothing. Try different cards... I did and nothing. Don't waste your money like I did unless you like stuff that does nothing.

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