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    Slow, overall not a great Apple experience

    • Written by from Portland

    Although this might be the best way to get photos from your camera's SD card to your iPad, it's certainly not a great "Apple-like" experience. I'm no prom, but can take 50-100 photos a day on vacation. I wanted a solution to get RAW images onto my iPad for some quick on-the-go editing (using a RAW editor like Photogene...).

    The process of transferring photos is cumbersome. First, plug your SD card into the Reader. Then plug the Reader into the iPad. The Photos app will launch automatically with a new option on the bottom, "Import." Here's where it gets s-l-o-w. Each RAW file (maybe 15MB?) takes about 1 second to load as a thumbnail. If you have 50 or 100 or 500 images on your SD card, they will all have to load before you can do anything. Remember, this is just the image thumbnail. Oh, and you can't switch over to another app while this is happening...basically you are stuck waiting for this to complete.

    Once all the thumbnails load, you can then choose which images you actually want to import to the iPad. Tap on them to select, then choose "Import" and wait some more for the images to actually get imported into your Camera Roll.

    Overall, not a great solution--seems a bit haphazard, and I wish some OS updates would speed this up. Falls short of "Apple" simplicity and magic.

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    SD Reader Works Fine as long as you don't Mess with the files

    • Written by from Dallas

    I wasn't having much luck importing pictures using the SD Card-Lightening Connector accessory on my new ipad Air 2. It just didn't seem to recognize that there were .jpg or other format pictures on the card. I was using a 2GB SD card that I had put some .jpg pictures on as a test to see if the accessory worked. No luck. When I tried an SD card straight from a camera all seemed to work. "Photos" was opened automatically when the SD card was inserted into the slot and the "Import" icon showed up at the bottom of the screen. Pressing the "Import" showed all of the photos on the card.
    I found that if I manually put ,jpgs onto the card they were not recognized by the ipad. If I changed the file name of the .jpgs they were not recognized by the ipad. If I changed their location on the SD card, ie. from the DCIM directory to the root directory they were not recognized by the ipad. I did put an old jpeg in the DCIM directory that was shot by another camera and the ipad DID recognize the picture.
    I finally got tired of trying different scenarios figuring that the Appleman wants you to use itunes for importing photos rather than letting you simply drop and drag them onto an SD card and import them using your new expensive accessory.
    Bottom line: You can easily import photos off of an SD card that comes straight from your camera.
    I am curious though, as to why Apple would hobble a nice accessory. I thought Apple's mantra was to make things easy and simple rather than confusing and difficult.

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    Works well on iPad. i BEG YOU to make it work on iphone

    • Written by from St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu

    Darn you Apple !!

    We need this thing to work on iPhone too !!
    It's a good product, but please extend it's functionnality further....

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    Why only for iPad

    • Written by from Macau

    This Reader is good, but why it is only for iPad!?

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    It sure took awhile to figure it out...

    • Written by from Hampton

    I bought this to transfer photos on my computer to my IPad Air. It wouldn't work. It took a long call to Apple support, after a visit to an Apple store, to find out that you can only transfer photos taken with a "device" onto an SD card and then to the IPad. You can't transfer photos that you download from your computer to the SD card. Why, Apple, Why?

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    It does and it doesn't.

    • Written by from Damson wood, Solihull

    I recently bought a lightning to SD card reader and had the same problems with reading a sandisk card as most other people here. I put the sandisk 32g card into the reader, put the reader into the iPad Air, turned on the iPad Air and opened the photo app. The app opened and the import sign appeared, but on opening the import sign there were no photos to import. I took the sandisk card and tried it in a PC Card reader, still there were no photos. Wondering whether it was the card (which is brand new) I tried another card in the reader and connected it to my iPad. Success, the card , a Lexar professional worked a treat. I can therefore conclude that the reader works and the card is faulty or the lightning reader just won't read sandisk cards. Or both. Nevertheless, I know the reader works.

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    Depends on the card

    • Written by from Riverview

    Used the camera reader on my new iPad Air with a card from my digital photo frame, didn't work. Tried an old 512mb card found in an old camera, worked great! Bought a new 32 g, sandisk sdhc ultra, Doesn't work!!! Obviously it's the card!

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    Does not recognize AVCHD videos

    • Written by from Toronto

    I have a video camera Panasonic HC-X920 that shoots both videos and pictures. I am using a SD-HC 16 gb memory card. While the reader can import pictures into my IPAD, it does not recognize the videos clips that are in AVCHD format. Huge disappointment

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    • Written by from Tucson

    I almost didn't buy this because one review said pictures were imported at a lower resolution. Not true! I did experience that when I backed up photos to the iPad, then loaded them onto my desktop via iPhoto. But that is a "feature" of iPhoto. (When I say "feature", I mean "serious design flaw".) Instead of iPhoto, use Image Capture to get full resolution. I'm using 32 GB SD cards, and take high-res JPEG (no RAW), so other issues don't bother me.

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    H.264 format mandated works strictly only as a camera file reader

    • Written by from Schaumburg

    I bought this cable to gift my mom the ipad with all photos from her visit to US. Since back home internet speed I decided to buy a large SD card dump about 60 GB of images into it and add it to the ipad. Well first the good things. this cable does support SDXC and that is the best part. And it reads images and shows thumbnails instantly under import section of moments. This requires the long route. Note the outer folder need to be DCIM or so as your DSLR would build then it has to have folders within it just 8 chars length H.264 standard domplaint. Say I had "New York" as folder name it wont show images until the folder is renamed as "New_York" 8 characters no spaces please! Then images should have just 8 chars and .jpg or RAW type.
    like DSC_0001.jpg. Only then it works. Last the images cant be enlarged zoomed or rotated unless you import! so If you have 6000 you can import only a few at a time!
    Folder wont show images instantly if more images are there. It just takes time to load everything in thumbnails.
    Well if you have photos in different folders say "Brooklyn" and "New_York" it wont care for albums it will show them all in one well so all 6000 from 20+ albums will be jumbled that's the worst part! And you can rotate or have in slide show only the ones you import.
    And for caution and safety always lock your memory card and insert as it will always show import all and delete all on top. Please lock your card else very easily you can loose all your images in one misfortunate click!
    Well this reader just works! with so much to be known in fine print! But if you cant afford good internet, and need large storage for photos, and can't spend extra money for larger capacity ipads this is a good choice. It never works with iphone and Apple doesn't list it there as accessory for the phone so buy it only for ipad! Its good if you know how to use it wisely! And it supports SDHC and SDXC upto 64GB I tested it and works fine!

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    32 GB Limit

    • Written by from PIEDMONT

    I have a 64gb iPad. While the photo transfer functionality is seamless and wonderfully easy, it does not support my 64gb SD Card. Many DSLR users may have SD cards with greater than 32gb size. Now I just have to remember to only use my 32gb card if I am planning to transfer to iPad.

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    perform as advertised - with a caveat (iPad)

    • Written by from New York

    It imports JPEG and NEF files into my iPad. However, iPad only displays JPEG and uncompressed NEF files.

    I hope Apple will address this issue soon. For now, it means less files can be saved. And I haven't figured out how to delete the compressed files that cannot be seen - apart from resetting the whole device.

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    Does not work as expected

    • Written by from Thorold

    Tried to transfer pictures from my computer (MacBook Pro) to iPad mini using the lightning to SD adapter. Does not work, you have to create a folder CDIM>100DICAM.

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    The catch to use the sd card reader

    • Written by from Portland

    To use the sd card reader you must set up the sd card like it came from a camera. If you just put pictures on a sd card and plug it in, the ipad will not recognize or see any pictures. That was what I was doing when I first got this. I thought it didn't work!!!
    Naturally when you pull a sd card from your camera, it is formatted so the camera can read/ write on it. You can plug that sd card into the reader with no problems or extra steps and the ipad will see it.
    But, when you are taking pictures from, lets say your laptop, you have to create a folder named "DCIM" then put a folder "100DICAM" in it. Now put all your videos and pictures in this folder. This just makes the ipad think the sd card is from a camera and is now able to see it.
    The lightning sd card reader works great except for this annoyance. Hope this helps people. Have a great day.

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    Limited Support

    • Written by from Monroe

    I have a SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC 64GB, and it says card not supported. I also tried a 16GB card and it worked perfectly.

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    Doesn't work with iPhone 5

    • Written by from Arlington

    We've got an iPad 4, iPad mini, and an iPhone 5 — I was disappointed to discover that I can't pull photos onto my iPhone with the reader (I get device not supported).

    The cable works as advertised (it didn't occur to me to check it would work with the iPhone), is nicely packaged, I prefer the short cable to the direct connection of the earlier 30pin version, but $30 for this gadget seems a bit much.

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    As Designed

    • Written by from Westminster

    Does what its designed to do. I prefer the new dongle design vs the direct plug in of the previous 30 pin connector. Seems as though it wouldn't be quite as easy to snap off inside the iPad or similar device. In terms of import speed, the lightning vs 30 pin seems to have no bearing, but the 4th gen iPad is much faster than 2nd gen obviously due to processing speed and internal hardware improvements. Pricey in terms of its limitations and uses.

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    • Written by from Roma


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