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    Works with all cameras I think..

    • Written by from granada hills

    I believe the USB connector kit works with all kinds of cameras unless the size of your memory card you're using is super big and pretty much full, then it won't.

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    I was wrong

    • Written by from Chicago

    I couldn't get this adapter to work at all on my new iPad Air 2 although for years I had been transferring pictures easily from my Canon Powershot Elph 135 Camera directly via a cable to an iPad 4. After working all afternoon trying to transfer pictures from this camera (using my picture card reader) to the PC (using Windows 7) to the iPad Air 2 recently purchased, I was really upset that it wouldn't work. As a last resort I changed the cable I have been using all these years to another cable I had from a previous Canon camera. (I admit the cable I was using was slightly frayed). It worked perfectly!
    I love it. So check all your cables.
    Now I just have to figure out how to organize all the pictures I transfer.

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    • Written by from New Delhi

    bought this camera adapter and the life is now simple. no need to carry your laptop on your vacation. only the iPad and camera is good enough. connect the iPad to lightning end and camera USB to this adapter and it immediately opens the photo application. Select the photos to import and it transfers to iPad. at the end it even asks you if you want to delete the imported photos from camera

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    • Written by from Bradenton

    Compact. Sleek. Highly functional. As a music producer, I'm on the go all the time and being able to connect my midi keyboard controllers to my iPad is great! It allows me to jot down ideas and create full on productions in garageband and others keyboard Apps.

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    Works perfectly

    • Written by from Oceanside

    Works perfectly with my iPad Air and my Fuji XT1.

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    Connects a Yeti microphone to an iPhone 5 perfectly

    • Written by from Wilmette

    Bought this to connect a Blue Yeti microphone to an iPhone 5. Clearly the Yeti doesn't draw too much power because it connects and works flawlessly. Bear in mind that when you plug the mic into your iPhone it will become both your input and your output, so if you want to hear things from your iPhone with the mic connected you'll have to plug a set of headphones into the Yeti.

    For this application, no separate powered USB hub required, so very convenient. And incidentally, the Yeti is a fabulous microphone.

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    Surprise, surprise.

    • Written by from Kirtland

    After reading the many complaints about the Apple Lightening to USB Camera Adapter and knowing that I'd be working with an oldish Canon Powershot A540 to a new iPad Mini 3 running iOS 8.1.2, and finding no mention of PTP in my camera manuals, although "PictBridge" is specified, I was prepared to be disappointed with my purchase, but I had to try. Well, surprise, surprise, the transfer was amazing! In only a few minutes more than 300 photos with metadata were transferred to my iPad and deleted from my camera. Thank you Apple.

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    It works great.

    • Written by from Edmonton

    I use it very often and for a very long time. It works with my iPad 4 and iPad Air 2(it seems works only on iPad,not iPhone),and I can use it connect to my camera (need to turn on)and even my iPhone.

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    Awesome for GarageBand

    • Written by from Calgary

    I haven't used this for cameras but I used it to record my guitar in GarageBand. I have a Peavey Vypyr 75 watt amp with a USB output for recording. I hooked the amp up to my iPad mini via the Lightning to USB adapter and it worked flawlessly!

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    Works flawlessly for me...

    • Written by from Boylston

    ...between a Canon Rebel T1i and an iPad Air.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    A must have device for iPad owners.

    • Written by from Tel aviv

    This product really works, specially after I found a solution for those flash drives not being accepted on the iPad because of their format type or high electric power demands. At first I had some problems connecting some of my flash drives to my iPad mini 2 retina IOS 7, using the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, but then I found the solution. The flash drive has to formatted in one of the following formats: FAT32 , exFAT , HFS+. If your flash drive isn't recognized by the iPad, and it is FAT32, you have to format it to FAT32 using a special free tool called "USB Disk Storage Format Tool 1.0 Hiren". Just Google for it. I had a Sandisk 32gb FAT32 formatted flash drive, and the iPad didn't accept it, until I reformatted it to FAT32 with this tool. When I previously tried to format this flash drive with Windows 7 built in format tool to FAT32, the iPad didn't recognize the drive. Same goes for my Sandisk 8gb and 4gb flash drive. Note that FAT32 enables a max 4gb per single file size. Also note that for some large drives, you have to wait about 20 seconds until the device is being recognized, so be patient.
    Regarding to the “Cannot Use Device: The connected USB device requires too much power.” I found that if the flash drive is connected to a simple USB hub, it solves the problem for some flash drives, even if the hub is not externally powered!!! Same goes for flash card readers: Most didn't work until plugged in thru the USB HUB.
    Regarding the maximum drive size, note, that you can also connect a 500gb (!!) externally powered 2.5" hard drive ( That has two male USB connectors coming from it, one for power and one for data ), format it to FAT32 using 'MiniAide FAT32 Formatter' or to HFS+ using GParted on linux.
    I also managed to connect my PC keyboard to the USB. Worked great.
    Note: This kit is for iPads. It will not work on iPhones.
    Note: Use a genuine camera connection kit, as the non genuine kit I bought worked only for few of my flash drives, and the genuine kit worked for almost all my devices!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome! Works great and fast with my Nikon D3X and iPad Air.

    • Written by from Springfield

    Works great with my Nikon D3X. Don't use the card reader to avoid the "not enough power" error. Use the USB that plugs in straight to the camera. All digital cameras usually come with that cable.

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    Works great on my Finepix XP60 Waterproof camera!

    • Written by from Pueblo

    I bought this hoping I could just plug it into my Finepix XP60 Waterproof camera however it wasn't that simple. I got the error saying my device used too much power. After looking in the camera setting I found there was no way to turn 'USB Charging' off which is suggested.

    Fix: I was able to use the adapter without issue using a powered OR unpowered hub. This got me thinking of easier ways to use the adapter on the go without having to carry a hub with me all the time. Using a simple $5 3ft USB 2 extension cable was enough to reduce the power and did the trick. One end with a male connection and the other end with a female connection. Now I just keep the extension plugged into the adapter and roll it up, the adapter works as expected, and I am a very happy user!

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    READ THIS!!!!!!

    • Written by from burbank

    camera needs to be on a share setting. Mine is USB connection setting. I put the setting on MTP then USB power supply OFF. Transfer jet is on. Not to sure if all need to be changed but worked with those camera setting.

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    Lightning to USB Flash Drive

    • Written by from Forest Hills

    It works on my Sony Camera perfectly !!!
    Please make Lightning to USB Flash Drive !!!
    Thank you.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    So easy to transfer photos!

    • Written by from Belton

    I bought this because I have an ipad Mini and recently was given a Sony Cybershot H50, but do NOT have a computer. This little doodad allows me to transfer photos to my ipad easily. Its perfect!

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    So Neat

    • Written by from Avon Lake

    This is a great tool to upload pictures and videos from sd camera card.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Awesome product.

    • Written by from ORLANDO

    I love taking pictures, this little but awesome device allows me to transfer all my pics from my cannon rebel to my IPad. Now I can make picture magic. :)

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    • Written by from Kharkov

    It work with my external sound card & midi controllers!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Worked Great With My iPad Air and Olympus OMD E-M5 Camera

    • Written by from El Dorado

    Worked exactly as advertised. I was able to download both still images and movies in .mov format from the Camera to my iPad Air without a hitch. The SD card in the camera stays in the camera during this procedure and original copies of the images are retained on the SD card even after copying them to the iPad.

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