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    Zero Stars...Too Flimsy & Doesn't Work Half the Time

    • Written by from Studio City

    This could have been a great product...but it is so flimsy that the metal lightning connector bends and breaks off super easily. I've had tow now....first one broke off completely, second one bent at almost a 45 degree angle from the base (just from lifting up the iPad while charging). Not only does it bend and break easily, half the time I did try to use it I got comparability warnings about not working with my device (and it would stop charging altogether).

    Don't waste your money on this....I thought it was a super efficient way to re-use existing micro USB cables I had...but it's been a complete waste of time and money, and is super frustrating to see something of this shoddy quality sold by Apple.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Davis

    first charger for ipod5 broke after 3 months and then i buy this one and it never even works! great, never buying apple products in the future

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    Who designed this cable, a 3 years old?

    • Written by from Newark

    Who ever approved or design this needs to be fired! Horrible design.. no reinforcement on the wire to the adapter end part! a few twist and the 4 small wiring can break off! people who are aware about the exchange will keep buying new ones, not knowing they can go to apple n get replacement because of the 1 year warranty when u buy the iphone 5 or ipad..

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