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    Losing My Mind

    • Written by from Annville

    We are a two iPad, 3 iPhone house and between the 3 of us, we have been through 6 cables. All broken. Cables frayed, snap. Currently down to sharing one right now, because I don't want to buy yet another one. I do have the car charger, which is a blessing because I can sit quietly in the car by myself. Have you ever tried to share a cable with two teenage girls? Do you know what happens when they are down to under 10% power. The earth stops rotating, loud screeching sounds come from their mouths and nothing will make it better except for a power cord. Now.
    Based on the reviews, I see I am not the only one in suffering because of the cable. Let's work on the making these just a little bit more durable.

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    On my 3rd ipad 4 Charger in about 8 months!

    • Written by from London

    They are just too flimsy, they keep breaking at the connecting point and I just have to go on eBay every time for a replacement. Thinking of just buying in bulk so I'm not without it for days waiting for the new one. And I have an iPhone with the original charger and never had a problem so don't tell me I'm not looking after it.. They are too dam flimsy..

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    short term

    • Written by from St. Catharines

    i have owned other phones including iphone 4 Other chargers have outlasted their phone but not the same can be said about the iPhone 5 charger. Poor quality I have 3 iphone 5 in my family and all of them do not work. I cannot purchased the generic one for cheaper because they are not certified and will not charge my phone. So I am stuck buying and resolving it every other month or so. I don't use my phone while charging , but it still breaks, first it start with coming on and off with lighting bolt and then I know I will have to replace it soon. 1 year warranty is great but I should have to do this 3 times a year.

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    Soooo tired of replacing this charger!!!

    • Written by from Calgary

    I've had my Iphone 5 for approx. two years and in that time I've gone through 5 chargers. They ALWAYS ALWAYS start to peel and break at the neck of the connecter end. Im surprised that Apple hasn't fixed this problem in the number of years since these chargers have been out on the market. My current one lasted me about a year, now time to dish out another $20 bucks for a new one.

    Not happy!!! Samsung is starting to look more and more attractive everyday.

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    • Written by from Evans

    I have gone through 2 lightening cable chargers and withina couple of weeks they break. Why isn't Apple addressing the issue and replacing their horrible product?

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    I wish I could give zero star.

    • Written by from Kankroli

    The cable hardly lasted me two months and the replacement cable worn out within 4 weeks. Firstly the necks of the cable gets worn of and later the phone shows you error messages and then you need to learn a new art of finding the sweet spot where the phone charges by tilting, revolving or balancing the phone at the 'sweet spot' where you can get it to charge.few days later that wont work either and you'll have to go shell out more money for a new cable. I'm quite sure apple made a fortune just by selling the overpriced cables.

    My review in a word.. Pathetic.

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    Worst charger

    • Written by from Milton Keynes

    Continuously getting mine replaced!

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    Where did Apple pick up their QA Testers from?

    • Written by from Marana

    After day to day use this POS wears out right at the neck of the Lightning connector. Did you guys not spot this in test? What happened to quality? This cable is terrible and I cannot believe I have to shell out more money to buy another failure to make sure my phone gets enough charge to last me 12 hours (if I'm lucky). Hire me and I can show the test team how quality, durability and reliability should be the key factors for Apple. IM MAD!

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    Very bad quality

    • Written by from Ciudad Evita

    Always when I get a new cable, after one month approx., it stops working...

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    On my 6th cable now?

    • Written by from Sterling Heights

    I've had my 5 for nearly 2 years now, and my fifth lightning cable just stopped working. The message "accessory not supported" constantly flashes across the screen and then my phone quickly dies because it cant get a charge. At first I was worried that lint or maybe sand in my pocket had damaged the charging port on my phone because I just couldn't believe that my new lightning cable could stop working so quickly. After seeing all the other reviews though, I now know that it's just bad quality.

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    Destroyed my ipod

    • Written by from Pleasant Hill

    I bought the ipod touch and after less than a year both the 5 cables and the charging port were toasted.

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    It's Bad

    • Written by from North Bay

    I just broke my 3rd lightning cable. I noticed that the end that goes into the iPhone was heating up when it was charging. I unplugged it to take a closer look and the cord fell right out of the iPhone end

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    • Written by from WHITEHAVEN

    I would never pay for one of this cables! They constantly break and when I take it to a Genius Bar it is 'accidental damage'?
    Terrible. Apple needs to learn!
    Lasts no more than 2 weeks without something appearing in the cable to stop it working.

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    An extremely bad cable.

    • Written by from Cartagena

    The quality was so awful that just one month after I got it it started breaking and after several months it completely stopped working. Then I got another and the same thing happened. I find annoying to pay $20 for such bad quality cable.

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    Always breaks

    • Written by from Hartland

    I've gone through 4 cables and it's getting annoying and it's a waste of money! I saw an adapter for the old cables that can be used for my iphone 5.

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    Horrible build quality

    • Written by from Port Coquitlam

    This cable gets damaged very easily. It will last you no more than 4-5 months at the very most. It is extremely flimsy and the area near the connector end is the part that stops working first. On my third cable (in about a year), after having been used for about 3 months, it began randomly stopping charging with the message "accessory not supported". Sometimes it would then begin to charge again, sometimes not. This became more and more frequent until today when it swapped between charging and not charging every 2 seconds for 5 minutes straight, before dying. Overall, horrible quality for the price you pay. I would not mind the quality if these were less than $10 each, but for more than $20, I expect it to last at least a year.

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    Lucky #5?

    • Written by from Pasadena

    I'm on my 5th Lightening Charger and that just broke. I've had my iPhone 5 for about 21 months now and the first three months I went through 3. It's a bit ridiculous.

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    TOO easy to broken!!

    • Written by from 南京

    The first iPad I had was in 2007, and the cable is still working for now. BUT this cable come with iPhone 5, I have bought two cables within 1 year already! It is so disappoint as a product of APPLE. Jobs would never let the product like this come to the market!!!! SO BAD...
    Even worse, if I try to buy the other cable from other company, it may not work for iPhone. You guys cannot design a good one, why you still want to block the market?

    I am disappointed for apple.

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    Zero stars if I could

    • Written by from Whittier

    This is probably the worst designed product from Apple in their entire inventory. It is extremely fragile and way too short. I recently bought a Macbook Pro and during the purchase showed a frayed (from normal use) wire to an Apple rep and asked what they thought and if Apple were providing replacements, and she said we were probably using it wrong. We were using a wire with one use wrong . . . There's no way to use it wrong, unless you are swinging your phone around while connected like a flail. You seriously can't plug or unplug the wire without holding the plastic head near the connection even if you tried. The problem is the plastic wrap along the actual wiring is so cheap that any sort of slight twist over time creates tension and it eventually tears. There is no other explanation, it is plain and simple a poorly made product, and sadly way over priced as well.

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    Quite poor quality

    • Written by from Watford

    I've had my two Lightning cables for 2 years and they have both fallen apart at about the same time. From the other reviews on here it seems like I've done well getting a couple of years' use from them. All I know is that I'm still using the 30 pin connector I got with my iPod touch in 2008 with no problems. I've been exceptionally careful about how I treat the lightning cables, almost religious in my reverence. And yet, in the last month or so they have both suffered splits in the plastic casing where it joins the connector. One of the cables has stopped charging and the other one is just about clinging on to life. I'm going to have to buy replacements but I see no reason to choose Apple cables over cheaper alternatives.

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