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    Please fix these cables Apple

    • Written by from Tulsa

    I got an iPhone 5 a few months ago and I am already needing a 3rd cable, I never wrap the cable up so I don't understand why the end of the cable is bent and not working. It seems like a simple fix to just make a little more heavy duty cable especially for something you use everyday to charge your phone.

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    Yup, like everone else, mine broke

    • Written by from ATLANTA

    The new lightning end twists around too much.

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    Highly Disappointed

    • Written by from Thomaston

    The Lightning Cable seemed cool at first (I'm twelve, so yes, things like this seem "cool" looking). I was pretty amazed to see a new, reversible charger. I got my iPod in March, and yes, it was a brand new one ordered from Amazon however. Within three weeks of having my iPod, my charger spontaneously stopped working, causing me to order a new one. The same thing happened a month later, in early May, so I had to order a NEW one, but this time, I ordered a 4th generation converter to fit my iPod 5. My charger broke again, and my converter was misplaced, so I wasn't able to use my iPod until mid-June. I found the converter, and i bought two chargers; one from Apple, and one from Walmart. Turns out, on the same night, the apple charger's wire snaps, and the black one receives a shortage, which causes it to stop working. The converter was working fine until the head of the converter came off this morning, and now i'm stuck with no charger whatsoever. Apple should have stayed with the old charger, because frankly, and this may just be me, it was alot better.

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    Good but not good enough

    • Written by from Valley Heights

    The cable that came with my iPhone decided to melt towards the actual lightning bit that goes in the phone. Although they are better than cheap ones, apple, you really need to lift your game and make decent ones.

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    Easily damaged

    • Written by from Mississauga

    My first cable broke less than 9 months. Already have my 2nd one, but it's already starting to work poorly again like holding the head of the cable and adjusting it in order for it to start charging. It even costs $20 each and it looks like I am about to buy my third one. My borther has iphone 5 as well as I do and the same thing happened to his lightning cable. We would be 4 cables in total (6 cables including the first free one that comes with the iPhone) already if we buy new ones after our second ones break. Almost spending a hundred bucks after tax only for the cable. (In less than a year!!!) Terrible.

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    Breaks Quickly

    • Written by from Jacksonville

    I like that the connector is smaller and it works ok... until the chord pinches. My first lightning connector broke after 3 months of use. The second one broke after 2 months. The chord is also very short. I would recommend Apple to make at least a 5-6 foot cable. Since then I have bought a belkin wall charger and chord and I haven't had any problems with it.

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    • Written by from columbus

    Love the size and look, but where the charger meets the phone it broke so if ihold my phone while its charging it wont always charge. Now i gotta get a new one :-(

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    • Written by from Snook

    Although I am a fan of the lightning connector and its benefits, these cables have a major drawback. I have bought at least ten of these replacement cords since I got the phone in December and they continue to fall apart. They seem much flimsier than the 30-pin was. I've had a 3 meter Griffin cord I bought at Walmart for nearly two moths and it works great! It's long but not too long and is much more durable. Plus, it fits into a Lifeproof case much easier than many other 3rd-party cords.

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    Frayed Wire

    • Written by from Florence

    I love the smaller and better lightning cable, but the two cords that I have had to purchase in the four months that I have had the phone have both frayed and ceased working. I would appreciate a more sturdy or thicker wire design around the cord so the wires would not fray like they have been in my experience.

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    Too short and poor quality

    • Written by from ORWIGSBURG

    I like the type of charger it is, but the plastic comes off easy after multiple use. Sometimes it does not recognize my device, from the cord being so short my phone falls on the floor... This needs to be improved if sells are going to be successful. I brought another brand other then apple and its 6ft and material of making is different and better!

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    stay away!!

    • Written by from BEAR

    I am now on my third lightning cable since Aug 2012 (10 months). The cable seem to always fray where the cable meets the lightning end. I am reinforcing my third cable with white duct tape at that joining. what a rip-off.

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    • Written by from Deptford

    The rubberized insulation material is EXTREMELY delicate compared to the older the quality of older 30-pin models. Within weeks of having it the rubber began to "ripple" similar to an old elastic waistband.. fast forward a few months and there are large gaping tears on various parts of it. The cord has never been treated roughly; it exclusively stays in the outlet in my bedroom, the rubber has simply degenerated with moderate usage.

    Mine is in the worst shape, but I have noted several different friends who's cables have at least "rippled" in the same fashion.

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    Won't charge

    • Written by from Pittsburgh

    This came with my iPad mini and now it won't charge. It worked just fine since December, but now I'm sitting here with 12% battery hoping it doesn't die soon. It was doing this yesterday, but I unplugged and plugged it back in and it was fine. Now nothing I've tried has worked. It's pretty much brand new, the only visible defect is a little wrinkle where the wire part and the 8pin piece connect. This is disappointing...

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    fast charging very fragile though

    • Written by from Colyton

    as my title says very fast at charging but they're so fragile, need to make them stronger somehow, been through 2 already and an adapter got to work on that

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    THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Written by from wilson

    My freakin iPad mini cords always stops working for no apparent reason and frankly IM TIRED OF IT!!!!!! I mean ever since I got it for Chirstmas the first chord was fine but then one day when I plugged it in it stopped working and the second one and so on and so on and nowmy 5th chord is not working anymore and I am FREAKIN IRRITATED APPLE PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR CHORD BEACAUSE I AM FREAKIN TIRED OF PAYING 20 BUCKS EVERY MONTH TO BUY ANOTHER CHORD IT'S RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Written by from Calgary

    The cable worked fine for the first few months I've had it, but I only have one, and I've been shoving it in bags and backpacks and suitcases, and it hasn't held together. The wires inside seem to be broken because when I plug it in, my iPod remains dead and it doesn't charge. I was hoping for something a bit sturdier but now it looks like I'll be without music until I can get a replacement.

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    Gone through 2 in six months

    • Written by from port saint lucie

    At first the cable is amazing it charges very quickly but within a couple months the thing breaks I have had 2 within the last six months and I have never had this problem with the 30 pin cable apple this is a problem that you need to fix

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    Could be Hazardous for High Users

    • Written by

    New tablet, just under 6 months with USB lightning cable, and my son and I were electrocuted. Nothing major,but the insulation just below the reinforced 8 pin had worn a pin hole. He came to me and said, "It won't charge and it stung me a little bit". I am an idiot and got a slight shock too. The cable is worth 20 bucks, so I wanted to see what was going on inside the cord.The inside of the insulation looked browned right near the pinhole that we got shocked from. A red wire was coming lose closer to the 8 pin adapter. My daughters tablet is looking similar. Its scrunching just before the reinforced part prior to the 8 pin. I'm not a trained fire marshal, but I'm tossing her 6 month old cord also. Both kids paid a large portion of the purchase price, and they have treated the tablets very well. They can only use them in the family room, so we have seen 99% of the usage of this product.
    The cable has to be in the device when the battery is low. This creates a problem due to the light weight soft outer sleeve part of the cable. I think its when they are lying on a sofa and charging.The cable needs to be reinforced further out from the pin, or an entire heavy duty cable needs to be made.
    I gave it 2 stars, because we are heavy users. These problems may not occur in light usage that does not deplete the battery. We are however, very disappointed with the quality and possible safety of the chord for heavy usage. I will not buy a cheap knock off, and want other heavy users, to be aware of a possible hazard.

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    Very Flimsy and Poor Quality

    • Written by from Roanoke

    I have gone through two of these chargers thus far since December of last year. The problem I keep having is the cord right below the part of the charger that goes into the iPod itself. After a while it starts to twist from daily use and eventually the wires inside gets messed up to the point where it no longer works. My first one that I got with my iPod Touch laster about 3-4 months, and then I had to by another one that has recently started acting up.

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    Poor quality

    • Written by from Olean

    Two of my children received ipod5's for Christmas. Within a month both cables stopped working. Apple supplied new ones and the old ones were returned. One of the new cables is now broken! At $19 each I can't afford to keep replacing them unless Apple plans to keep doing so for free. I won't buy another device that needs the lightning cable.

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