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    Works well, not so bad...

    • Written by from North Hollywood

    Seems like a lot of exaggerating folks out there. I've been a PC user my entire life before the purchase of my first MBP. Of course, the PC connection is snug and would take exertion to pull out the charger. On my MBP, it's much more sensitive. But that's the point - so when the kids or the pets run around and accidentally tug on the cable, the machine doesn't fall off the table. It's a safety measure for your very expensive investment. Aside from this, it doesn't "easily" fall off as some reviewers clearly exaggerate (unless there really is a flaw with their particular charger). it's also not as sensitive as some reviewers write as well. I quite like the magnetic connection and the fact that it removes without tugging on my MBP. I think it's fine. Bought a second one as a backup so that I don't have to constantly remove my home station.

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    Plastic on the cords are terrible

    • Written by from Sunnyside

    The housing for the transformer is fine but cord and the plastic that's used to seal the cord is terrible. I'm not sure why Apple can't use a stronger plastic, also ends on the cords tends to come loose after a few years. I'd suggest anyone who buys a new Mac Book Pro to re-enforce the ends before they start breaking.

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    "Magnet Not Strong Enough" -- Seconded

    • Written by from Indianapolis

    I love the fact that if you trip over the power cord, your MacBook Pro does not end up getting a major "shock test". BUT, I agree with the reviews that state the adapter releases way too easily. If the battery is low and I'm not using the MBP on a desk, I find myself reconnecting the adapter every couple of minutes.

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    New cord?

    • Written by from San Francisco

    What's with the new, super stiff cord? The extension cable is the worst, it will not stay in its place. I don't know what happened, I definitely like the older magsafe better.

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    I like the T shape. But it's too weak.

    • Written by from Barrington

    The L shape always seemed like an "almost" to me—it's almost flush, but it wasn't. The T shape seems more like a proper connector. The issue isn't that the magnet is weak per se—it takes quite a bit of force to pull it out straight. But it's super easy to knock up or down, and that's when it's weak. I blame it on the thinner design, which results in a smaller magnet-gripping area. It's super easy to knock down. I'm tempted to pad it with a thin layer of lacquer or something…not really, but that would be what it takes—the plug doesn't sit completely flush with the side of the rMBP.

    As long as it stays in, it does a great job of being a power adapter. ;)

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