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    Really don't like the MagSafe 2 Power Adapter

    • Written by from London

    I love my MacBook Air but I really don't like the new MagSafe 2 Power Adapter. The previous one was absolutely fine and worked well. The new one comes out way too easily, especially if you are working with your laptop away from a desk. It is incredibly annoying.

    I am also a bit unhappy that the adapter has changed when I purchased a replacement computer even though it is exactly the same model of computer. Hmm. Feels like it's a ploy to make more money from the customer. But even that I don't mind. It's the fact that the MagSafe 2 is just really badly designed and doesn't take user scenarios into account, which is quite strange given that it's Apple's strength.

    I hope that Apple people actually read these comments and take note. Thanks.

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    • Written by from lake oswego

    As a die-hard apple fan, I was bouncing off the walls to get my new retina display computer. Along with this, comes the new power adapter, which is thinner.

    I am very disappointed in apple for the workmanship with this particular aspect. It is a downgrade from my previous power adapter which hugged close to the computer. With this one, it sticks way out and easily falls out. For example, I will have it plugged in and move seats, and when i sit down that movement alone will cause the adapter to fall out.

    I understand the reason for this "upgrade" in that it accommodates for the thinner computer, but Apple, please remember your customers love you for your surefire quality.

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    Poor Connection, Bad Planned Product

    • Written by from Livonia

    I have nothing positive to say about the MagSafe 2 Power Adapter. There's no reason Apple couldn't have kept the L-shaped power adapter, or even offered it as a paid-for accessory (I would buy it).

    The T-shape only makes sense if you're using the computer at a desk. The power adapter coming straight off of the side does not make sense for a "lap" top. I hold my computer between my legs when I'm using it and the power adapter doesn't stay connected. Previous generation MagSafe had no problem at all with the way I held it.

    Apple, please offer an alternate power adapter.

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    horrible horrible horrible

    • Written by from Mesa

    i hate the magsafe2. i cant believe how bad it is for something that costs $2800. Its so bad they should fix the problem and recall all the laptops and provide new ones. absolutely horrible.

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    Falls out constantly

    • Written by from Virginia Beach

    The previous charger, which hugged close to the laptop, was definately suited for "real world" use. This new charger is akin to a toggle that flips and disconnects from the computer under the mildest of pressure. Also, because of the increased flex the cord will experience because of this new design. It wouldn't surprise me if the coord eventually breaks.

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    Constantly falls off

    • Written by from Highland Park

    This new power charger is terrible, it falls out of the computer at the slightest bump, which happens all of the time with the t design. The older L charger has a stronger magnet and is less in the way, I wish they would change the design of this! It's absolutely the worst part of the MBPr!!

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    Really unacceptable

    • Written by from Steamboat Sprngs

    I have had so many of these power adapter fail over the last 4 years, I can almost make the leaning tower of Pisa. The strain reliefs break, they burn out. This is something that Apple has to address, but its probably part of their revenue stream controlled obsolescence. Other than that I love my Mac's.

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    Inconveniently wack.

    • Written by from NEW YORK

    Seriously having 3 laptops in the house that dont all use the same power cord is about the most annoying thing apple ever came up with. Paid a lot of money for these computers, work with me a bit here.

    I sympathize with everyone who is carrying multiple kinds of power cords everywhere. At least make one that is interchangeable with different cords. its that bs.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Bellevue

    Magsafe 2 is awful. Disconnects from my computer on even the slightest movements. The old L-Shape was much better. Just an awful design for $2400 machine!

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    Silly design decision

    • Written by from Richmond

    The previous magsafe with the 90' cable angle was perfect, why change it? With Magsafe 2, every time I work with my mac on my bed it unplugs the cable.... FAIL

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    Poor design

    • Written by from London

    So glad I didn't purchase additional adapters - I'm having more luck with my original MBP adapter and the Magsafe (1) to Magsafe 2 converter. At least the cable then leaves at a sensible angle.

    Have the 27" Thunderbolt display so needed to buy some converters - so glad I did. The Magsafe 2 power unit spends most of it time gathering dust.

    Having looked at this, there are two design faults - and it's not the magnet strength. If you try and pull the cable out using pure horizontal force, it's really difficult - a vote for the magnets. It's just that the MS2 adapter plug is twice the depth of the MS1 barrel-shaped unit and by the laws of physics - levers and all that, the slightest downward pull (including the cable weight) will pull the darn thing out.

    Apple don't need to redesign the MacBook and for goodness sake don't give us MS3 - just go back to the barrel shaped connection with right angle cable. Is that too difficult?

    Oh - and offer an adapter swap for those loyal customers who are hacked off. For free.

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    Charging problem!

    • Written by from Irvine

    I just bought a new MacBook Pro with Retina Display a week. It ran out of battery 3 days ago and I couldn't recharge it. Everytime I plug into AC outlet, the green light of the MagSafe 2 connector appeared just half a second and ...dead! Of course my McBook Pro can't return to life... Unfortunately, I'm out of the US (Vietnam), so I can do nothing untill going back home.
    (I did everything Apple recommend in Trouble Shooting like plug out, clean connector....).
    I'm very disappointed!

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    Problems within the first two weeks.

    • Written by from Stanhope

    I thought we were done with the t-shaped design, for starters the magnet is significantly weaker and the design causes the cord to be ripped out much to easily. I get that it's a safety feature but me moving my laptop from one side of the desk to the other is not going to break the cord therefore the cord should not fall out.

    Also the cord itself is incredibly thin and fragile a friend stepped on it and the outer casing tore completely open. This is not ok, Apple is beginning to make very poor decisions about the quality of there products, something which the entire company is based on. I think that Steve would be disappointed.

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    Terrible and should be fixed asap - Magnet too weak

    • Written by from New York

    Magnet too weak

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    • Written by from New Orleans

    This new power cord is terrible - it falls out if you look at it funny, think its name three times or if the dog barks particularly loudly. It's driving me crazy. Please come up with a fix for this!!

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    On my third

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    What an awful shoddy piece of equipment. How could a charger to a computer be made so poorly!? The MacBook Pro Retina is by far the best laptop this company has ever made but seriously this is just poorly made charger (I don't know how strongly I can stress this sentiment, they should honestly replace the first for free). Apple should be ashamed at the overall rating of this product, or at least they would of been under the Steve Jobs regime. Maybe I'm being a bit too cynical here, but as a long standing customer and advocate I guess I just expect better from this company.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Would give it 0 stars if I could...

    • Written by from Long Beach

    This charger is absolutely horrible. Had a 2007 MacBook Pro and the charger didn't have any problems for over 5 years. With this new cable for my 2011 MacBook Pro, I've already gone through two MagSafe chargers at $80 a pop. Apple, please get your house in order. The build quality of your accessories did a complete 180 and is utter garbage now...

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    Frays so easily that I'm going Windows

    • Written by from Montreal

    Apple has created yet another flimsy charger that frays so easily that it becomes a fire hazard in 3-6 months. This is true even if you're like me and you take every precaution. I don't wrap my cord, I always check that it doesn't have any stress placed on it, etc. Less than a year in and it's already frayed in two places (and admittedly has been a fire hazard for at least 4 months now). I have a two year AppleCare plan and I'm still supposed to drop $90+ on a new charger because of Apple's own negligence? No thank you. I'm out.

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    Replaced Twice

    • Written by from Charlottesville

    I am a college student and I carry my charger around in my backpack with me to and from classes. My second charger just broke and tomorrow I will need to purchase another one for $80. On two different occasions, the wire closest to the battery pack has become frayed to the point where my computer will no longer charge. Laptops are supposed to withstand being transported and their chargers should too.

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    Does Apple even see these reviews?

    • Written by from Madisonville

    Seriously, don't expect this to work after a year. Like every other apple power cord it frays and stops working. If I spend over $2000 on a laptop I expect to not have to spend an extra $80 a year on a power cord. You're better than this Apple. It's so disappointing. FIX THIS PROBLEM!!! You can't make an awful product AND make the replacement this expensive.

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