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    Not for iMac with Retina 5K

    • Written by from Maple Grove

    Warning, this does NOT work with the new 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display. The only way to get a mount on this computer is to order it with the mount pre-installed. The tech I talked to on the phone and the "genius" at the Apple store didn't know this. It was only after Googling that we discovered this information. Had to return the mount and iMac and reorder the with a mount pre-installed.

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    Yes, it can be difficult...

    • Written by from Milpitas

    ...but you can outsmart it! I've done this twice now, and by far the hardest part for me has been getting the 2 side bolts in (didn't have a problem with the credit card thing, you just have to aim farther upward than they imply). Anyway, today I outsmarted it with a spoon from the kitchen - perfect shape to create a lever and lift the bar up to get the holes to line up!

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    Woe is me

    • Written by from Spring Branch

    I got the stand off my iMac, but the spring loaded device that attached to the stand, sprung back in at the last moment and it's impossible to get it out...even the Mac experts I spoke to said, if the mounting element is not locked in place (even though mine appeared to be)...it will probably require a trip to the Mac Store for the Techs to fix.

    BUT, I did find an alternative. Ditch the mount and use two metal "S" hooks (available from Home Depot for twenty five cents each)...put one end of the "S" in the back of the iMac and the other fits into the VESA Wall mount....works fine. It's either that or having to cleanse my iMac and put it in the shop for a week...Argghhh. Instead, I'll just keep it this way until I get a new iMac someday. Take a tip from me, make sure that stand is locked in place before removing the bolts holding it on...cause that spring has about 10K lbs of spring able tension.

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    Overtightened Screws and Toy Screwdriver

    • Written by from Pasadena

    You may want to start by getting your own decent #10 Torx screwdriver. A few of the screws on mine were so overtightened that the toy screwdriver that Apple includes with the kit was starting to twist like a pretzel. In fact on one that is particularly tight, it ended up munging the head so badly that I'm going to have to drill it out.

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    Need a proper Torx screwdriver

    • Written by from Sammamish

    You need a proper Torx screwdriver for this thing to mount correctly.

    This Apple VESA mount is a finely designed product but the included fastener (which is a small torx allen key) is not good enough. The included fastener does not generate enough torque/drive to align the components to mount this thing correctly.

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    You really need a Torx-capable screwdriver

    • Written by from Seattle

    This adapter kit contains two pieces: a flange that attaches to a stub inside the monitor/iMac, and an adapter plate that attaches to that flange (the adapter plate is the only part pictured in the its description).

    A single Torx fastener driven through the adapter plate is actually responsible for aligning the whole assembly. It carries lots of strain and requires significant torque to install completely. If you try to torque the fastener by hand, you will strip the head. A high-torque screwdriver with Torx head is a requirement.

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