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    iPad 3 hdmi adapter A1422

    • Written by from brooklyn

    Won't show on my tv nothing at all please help

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    Shame on you Apple!

    • Written by from Wilkesboro

    I purchased this cable for $39 to provide an extention for the 30-pin connector to my iPad 3. It clearly states on the package that mirroring is supported on iPad2 and newer. I get the Accessory Not Supported message. I paid a premium for a factory cable that's incompatible. If Apple cannot produce a cable that works with their own products, who can?

    It is a shame that Apple did have the foresight to envision the need to dock or use other accessories on an iPad and other products that have a protective cover installed. For $499, a 30-pin extender should not only be available, it should have been included. I don't know anyone that depends on their iPad for business that doesn't use some sort of protective case or cover.

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    This product does exactly what Apple says it does!

    • Written by from Alexandria

    I admit that I was somewhat skeptical about how well this product would actually work. The complainants were so adamant in their disapproval of this product's performance! I have an iPhone 4S and it is currently my only resource to access the Internet from home. This miracle of technology gives me access to just about everything (still waiting for that flash player app, though)! Is the picture "true" hi-def? I don't know -but there's no weird pixelation that I can see; everything looks great! I've read reviews for other products & apps before and it seems to always come down to connectivity. Get Wi-Fi, people! It makes all the difference. There's some poorly made apps out there, certainly, but I'm getting 1920x1080 @60hz (whatever that means) & I'm getting a great picture of exactly what's on my iPhone's screen! Movies, games, web browsing -and it's even making me a better typist as well! Thank you.

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    Worst Apple product ever

    • Written by from Pittsburgh

    The connection is intermittent, it takes many attempts to connect either my IPhone 4s or the new Ipad. Previous cables were great, this one is simply bad

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    ipod and iphone and ipad

    • Written by from des moines

    works on ipod touch 3 gerancetion

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    Does not work with iPad 3

    • Written by from GREENBANK

    I bought this to replace the AV cable version, but I now want to use it and when I plug it in, it states "Accessory not supported".

    Bummer, waste of money and am on holiday with family and cannot plug into TV.

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    DAV cable works great

    • Written by from Johnstown

    I connected my new DAV cable from my television to an iPad 1, iPad 2, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. Hardest part was finding the TV remote to switch the HDMI connection to the right port. Successfully tested a combination of Netflix, Keynote, picture slide show and videos on each device with great success. I'll try plugging into the projectors at work tomorrow.

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    It works perfectly!

    • Written by from Lincoln

    I hooked it in to my iPad (3rd Generation), then my onkyo a/v receiver, turned it on and viola! It worked perfectly. Watched the first episode of Breaking Bad that I downloaded from iTunes!

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    Read before you buy!

    • Written by from Milwaukie

    So I was given this adapter, which was awesome, however I assumed that it would mirror everything on the screen which it does not with certain apps ( purchased movies, Hulu, Netflix, etc). No big deal, because it still played the content I wanted with Netflix and Hulu. However, the movies I purchased wont play because they're protected..... All I want to do is have some buddies over, get high, watch casa de mi padre, have a few laughs, eat a ton, and pass out but Apple and Hollywood has betrayed my trust, ruined my plans, and have defiled the purpose of this adapter with its BS legal restrictions.

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    Apple Digital AV Adapter

    • Written by from Oakdale

    I have had this adapter for about 6 months and I think it works very well with my iPhone 4 and iPad 2. It does mirroring on iPad 2&3 and plays movies, music, and slideshows on an HDTV via an HDMI cable. It also has an integrated 30 pin slot on the bottom so you can charge your iPad or iPhone while using it. Overall, I think that this is a great product for the money and is very useful!

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    This adapter won't play a HD movie bought via iTunes from iPad

    • Written by from Portland

    Paid 18 bucks for a HD movie from iTunes using an iPad and was hoping to watch it on a TV. Instead iPad displayed error. "Cannot Play Movie. The connected display is not authorized to play protected movie."

    What gives? I bought the movie and the adapter from Apple.

    - Disappointed Apple customer.

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    Very Good

    • Written by from São Paulo

    Amazing cable support..!!!

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    Tricky at first, but great once we got it going

    • Written by from Howard Lake

    I had first purchased this to use to connect our ipad to our tv. Had I done a little more reading I would have seen that it wasn't compatible with our ipad version. Then, I tried to plug it into my husband's iphone4. When I plugged it in the phone said not this accessory was not supported with my device. Great. I had all but given up when I decided to try my iphone. Plugged it in. worked just fine. Realized my husband's phone has never had a software update and mine has. Not sure if that was the difference but glad we tried.

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    Works fine

    • Written by from Mobile

    Some of the reported problems are probably "user issues." It worked fine with my iPhone4S mirroring Pandora and music, and then a YouTube video. Seems to do everything it is supposed to do. That said, there may be certain apps that have limitations, but I can stream ESPN video from my iPhone to a TV where I have no cable, but only a 3G+ cellular connection.

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    Works as advertised.

    • Written by from Collierville

    Plugged it in and worked on my 4s and iPad 2. I am not sure what the others were complaining about. I has to turn the monitor off then back on when I plugged it in but I expected that.

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    AV adapter cable too short and stiff-keeps disconnecting

    • Written by from miami

    nice idea BUT cable is too short and stiff and keeps disconnecting. even the vga connector has a longer more flexible cable. maybe you could make an extender to connect between the av connector and the ipad. by the way, bad placement of the power slot on bottom of ipad, not conducive to practical use. cannot comfortably hold/use ipad when relaxing. also possible fix for that is to make a power cable with wire coming out left or right side of the connection so we have flat surface of connector on bottom of ipad to rest it on. that would definitely reduce the number of cables that break or fray at that point.

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    Excellent but a little over priced

    • Written by from Easton

    This is a very good adapter for students that have a flat screen tv in their room. At first it didn't work but after a little tweaking it worked perfectly. The downside of this adapter is that you not only do you have to spend $40 for the adapter but also another $20 for the HDMI cable. This is still very good for turning a 10 inch iPad screen into a 26 inch viewing area, but it will still be very great for larger tvs too. Hopefully in the future apple will have price cuts on this item.

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    No 1080p video

    • Written by from Hurst

    I'm seriously disappointed I can't play my 1080p movies from my ipad to my 1080p HDTV plasma using the HDMI cable. This would have allowed me to play an ipad movie in all its HD glory when I visit my parents and mother-in-laws house too, but Im a graphics guy and playing 720 on a 1080 screen is unacceptable. I really dont want to lug around my blu-ray discs to get 1080p. The only solution is vudu service until apple fixes this 720 limitation, but vudu will only do 1080 if you have 9mbps wifi, not a problem at my parents house, but mother in law doesnt have fast enough internet to stream 1080p. My plea to apple and boycott is fix this limitation. Why should I waste money buying itunes 1080p movies if im limited to 720p playback when i use this HDMI cable to a 1080p HDTV. REGRET buying the cable, the best buy rep told me it would play 1080p since i have an ipad 3. :(

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    works on iphone 4s, but not with ipad2

    • Written by from palatine

    weird how it wont work with my ipad2, i read somewhere it was after an iOS update where it stopped working. i hope the phone continues to work because it is great with mirroring mlb at bat

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