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    Hdmi output sound no video

    • Written by from Media

    Sound but no video is a communication issue between tv and your device's app. As in. A new tv(last 2 years tops) should work perfectly for any app. I had this problem. 3 yr old LCD. 1 app WATCH ESPN is flawless. Safari partially worked. Other apps had sound and no picture. Even home videos. A 1 yr old QUATTRON tv mirrors every app EXCEPT nfl network which states it will not allow hdmi out. All this said IOs 6 UPDATE DOES NOT WORK AT ALL WITH HDMI OUT.. OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!! Fix it now.....oh. please

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    Work great on iPad-must restart.

    • Written by from Davenport

    I was skeptical after reading negative reviews on this product using IOS 6, but knew there had to be a simple answer. You MUST restart an iPad on IOS6 before this adapter will work. After a restart, it works flawlessly, putting the home screen and everything else I tried up on the plasma TV, and porting sound to the TV's speakers. Videos fill the screen and look great.
    It is not Apple's style to ignore a problem such as this, and they didn't. It took about a minute to figure it out and restart my iPad 2. Shame on you people who just plugged it it and had a tantrum because it didn't work instantly, just returned it and wrote a disgruntled review.
    Must have never plugged in a different PC keyboard and had to restart for the computer to recognize it. Apple products spoil us with world-class ease of use!
    Thanks for a great product. My only suggestion is to spell it out on the instructions that the restart needs to happen. Less returns and bad reviews, more happy customers.

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    Works well on original iPad for video-out only

    • Written by from Lawrence

    ...because that is all it supports on original iPad, along with photo slideshows. I think Keynote supports it too but I never used it.

    This is an awesome thing for the traveler because most hotel TVs now have HDMI ports. Unfortunately many hotels disable the ability to switch the TV's input source, hoping you'll spend $10 or so for a blurry lo-def old movie. If you can disconnect everything from the back of the TV aside from HDMI obviously, then it'll usually work. I also have the AV adapter for older sets with no HDMI, or where the HDMI is disabled; sometimes you can get a signal through the AV input. Some hotels like Aloft and some Westins have a box with all kinds of inputs but these are pretty hit-or-miss; at the Westin Atlanta airport, the HDMI did not work but the AV inputs did.

    I was going to buy a refurb iPad 3, but now after reading reports that iOS 6 breaks video output I think I'll stick with the old one, which can't even run iOS 6, and video is about the only thing I use the iPad for anyway. If/when this problem is fixed then I'll replace it with an iPad 3, not the 4 or mini, no need to re-purchase two new video-out adapters or 30pin->Lightning adapters; just what I need, one more white expensive little thing to lose or forget in a hotel room... already spent enough on new power supplies.

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    Works great!

    • Written by from Hudson

    I'm not sure why others are having so many problems. I hooked by 3rd generation Ipad to my LG tv using the HDMI cable and it worked perfectly. The screen on my ipad transferred to the entire big screen on the tv when I watched a movie. You can pull up anything. I say it's a great product. Easy to set up. Just another great apple product.

    Before dogging the product, make sure it's not something else if you have a problem.

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    Expensive and poor design

    • Written by from Albuquerque

    Adapter will not work on the iPhone five if you have any type of cover on it. Poor engineering design by Apple.

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    Doesn't work with iOS6 - Buyer beware!

    • Written by from Mountain View

    Doesn't work on my iPad 3 with iOS6 - Fix needed.

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    Why did't it work

    • Written by from Galax

    Got this with my new iPad 3 with IOS 6 upgrade. Tried it for the first time tonight, worked for about 10 seconds and then the TV screen went black. Hope there is a fix soon.

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    Does NOT work with IO6

    • Written by from San Ysidro

    This cable is useless with IO6. A fix is needed.

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    First impression

    • Written by from Sidney

    I just received this and attached my ipad3(with ios6) to my tv. It worked great! And when I started Netflix, it went to full screen and looked and sounded great. Worth the money.

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    Doesn't work with iOS 6

    • Written by from MAYLANDS

    I previously used my iPad2 w/ iOS 5 to watch movies and youtube on my bedroom TV. Now with the upgrade to iOS6 the TV displays "HDMI mode is not supported".


    This whole iOS6 debarkle has me very seriously considering getting a Samsung tablet instead of the next iPad4.

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    ios6 fiasco

    • Written by from San Francisco

    broken on ios6. lame. apple again losing luster

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    Problem with some screens

    • Written by from Chicago

    It didn't work with my Sony Bravia KLV-40NX500, on the other hand it worked with Samsung monitors

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    iOS 6 Fiasco

    • Written by from Kristianstad

    Since iOS6 upgrade all kinds of video playing apps lack support for 16:9 fullscreen through this adapter. Apple, you NEED to fix this in the next iOS update

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    Does not work with iOS 6.

    • Written by from Cancun

    When I had iOS5, it work perfectly; after I installed iOS 6, I can not use it anymore on my New iPad 3. The screen on my TV now plays everything with a bright pink color and is very annoying to watch something or even mirror my iPad screen on the TV. And I know is not the adapter is the iOS 6 because it works with my iPhone 4, to watch Netflix or a movie that I have on my phone. As a consumer I feel really very sad, for all the mistakes Apple has made in the past months. Hoping they can fix it soon.

    Another disappointed customer.

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    Updated my iPad 3 to ios6 and my adapter no longer works

    • Written by from Gillette

    First let me preface this by saying I updated my iPhone for iPhone 4S iPad 2 to iOS 6 and the adapter still works. I bought a brand-new iPad 3 w/ ios6 And the adapter does not work at all. If you look at the description for this product it shows iPad third-generation as compatible. This is unacceptable! And ridiculous! So what's Apple's goal to make everyone by AppleTV and not use $25 hdmi adapter fot ther devices. Don't get me wrong the Apple TV is cheap and it's only $99 but that's another expenditure. And the idea of playing what's on my iOS device with just the air is pretty cool.

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    Garbage if you have iOS6

    • Written by from Edmonton

    Don't buy this if you use ios6.

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    Shame Shame Cook Cook

    • Written by from Santiago

    After upgrading to iOS6, both, the digital and analog adapter goes to nothing. How could it be? I don't lnow I don't care but one thing I must say. Recently we receive an important news. Apple is going to open a new office in my country to manage all the south american market. Yes I'm talking about Chile. Actually I'm a teacher from DuocUC in Marketing, Advertising, Design, Branding and new technologies of communication. I usually do my class with my iPod 4G and a projector. Imagine my frustration after this...wanna be the best? Fix it, otherwise my campaign will be about this to show them (my students) how to blow it and send an important brand to the grave. capisci???

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    • Written by from Lake Forest


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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Does the job well

    • Written by from Birmingham

    The AV adaptor connects to the tv via the HDMI cable. Works well with my Ipad2 - I can watch movies I have rented from ITunes. Sound and picture quality is great. Perfectly mirrors all my apps. Unfortunately Lovefilm is not supported. But no other problems so far.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Simply outstanding!!!

    • Written by from Jamestown

    I have an iPad2 and just bought a iPad3 and this thing works perfect. It does seem like it could get touchy in the future because its not supported well. I will try to be easy on it and hope it holds up. Two thumbs up so far!!!

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