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    digital adapter

    • Written by from Sunnyvale

    Works great with iPad 3 but because it is a slightly older model I get the message that iPad 'does not support this accessory'. just say ok. It works fine. I checked with tech support and they agree. no need to buy another more recent version.

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    • Written by from Lake Forest


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    No longer works in iOS 6

    • Written by from Frederick

    I, too, have used the av adapter with my iPad 2 many, many times without a problem. After installing iOS 6 it no longer works correctly and I have nothing but problems.

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    Won't Work with IOS 8

    • Written by from Stuart

    Actually this is for HDMI connection to a 30 pin iPad or iPhone, not as described as AV. When you look at the end view it is HDMI. Now, since I upgraded to IOS8 on both my iPad and iPhone, my Apple 30-pin adapter fails to work when I hook up to either my iPad or iPhone to my Epson projector. I get a message that "this accessory is not supported". I never had this issue before using my iPad 3.

    Prior to IOS8 this was not a problem. I am sorry like a lot of other Apple users that we upgraded to IOS8. There were lots of bugs and this one has not yet been addressed. I would gladly roll back to IOS7 if I could to solve this problem. I see teachers and other heavy users of the iPad for presentations using Keynote are really upset that they did not know about this before upgrading to the new IOS. I hope that an Apple rep sees this note as I have tried without fail to either launch a complain via the Apple site or even call. The phone prompts only want to guide me to one of the major product areas and not provide help with an accessory.

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    Garbage if you have iOS6

    • Written by from Edmonton

    Don't buy this if you use ios6.

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    DAV cable works great

    • Written by from Johnstown

    I connected my new DAV cable from my television to an iPad 1, iPad 2, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. Hardest part was finding the TV remote to switch the HDMI connection to the right port. Successfully tested a combination of Netflix, Keynote, picture slide show and videos on each device with great success. I'll try plugging into the projectors at work tomorrow.

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    Doesn't work with iOS 6

    • Written by from MAYLANDS

    I previously used my iPad2 w/ iOS 5 to watch movies and youtube on my bedroom TV. Now with the upgrade to iOS6 the TV displays "HDMI mode is not supported".


    This whole iOS6 debarkle has me very seriously considering getting a Samsung tablet instead of the next iPad4.

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    wont work with ios 8

    • Written by from Groningen

    I cant believe it wont work with IOS 8, without even a warning before updating!
    Now there is no way to stream presentations from my iPad... great apple.. great :(

    And... still not fixed in IOS 8.1!

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    Works well on original iPad for video-out only

    • Written by from Lawrence

    ...because that is all it supports on original iPad, along with photo slideshows. I think Keynote supports it too but I never used it.

    This is an awesome thing for the traveler because most hotel TVs now have HDMI ports. Unfortunately many hotels disable the ability to switch the TV's input source, hoping you'll spend $10 or so for a blurry lo-def old movie. If you can disconnect everything from the back of the TV aside from HDMI obviously, then it'll usually work. I also have the AV adapter for older sets with no HDMI, or where the HDMI is disabled; sometimes you can get a signal through the AV input. Some hotels like Aloft and some Westins have a box with all kinds of inputs but these are pretty hit-or-miss; at the Westin Atlanta airport, the HDMI did not work but the AV inputs did.

    I was going to buy a refurb iPad 3, but now after reading reports that iOS 6 breaks video output I think I'll stick with the old one, which can't even run iOS 6, and video is about the only thing I use the iPad for anyway. If/when this problem is fixed then I'll replace it with an iPad 3, not the 4 or mini, no need to re-purchase two new video-out adapters or 30pin->Lightning adapters; just what I need, one more white expensive little thing to lose or forget in a hotel room... already spent enough on new power supplies.

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    Not working since update iOS 6 - iPhone 4

    • Written by from Setúbal

    Is not working since update to iOS 6.0 my iPhone 4.
    Apple, fix this bug, please

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    Works well but

    • Written by from San Diego

    I purchased this accessory for my new iPad 3. it works very well except for two glaring issues. The first issue another reviewer has already pointed out but it is very true; the problem is that no one told me that there were two buttons on the side that would allow me to take out the adapter with ease so for an entire week I was pulling on this thinking that I was about to break my iPad by pulling on it the connector. so I think it is very important like the other reviewer quoted that you need to have a notice that the purchaser can see right away that tells them about the two buttons on the side to disconnect it from the connector. The other issue may be something that the other people who haven't gotten this to work need to acknowledge. For some reason when I used a cheaper HDMI cable it did not work so when I exchanged it for another HDMI cable I had laying around that was much more expensive it did work I don't know why

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    iOS 8.1 still not working

    • Written by from PITTSBORO

    Still not working with ios8.1. Works fine with iOS 7. Get it together Apple. Either correct your mistake or let me correct mine.

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    Won't work on iPad 2 or 3 with IOS 6.0.1

    • Written by from Somerset

    Total crash and burn on iPad 2 or 3 with IOS 6.0.1 update. Everything was great before this. Ruined my ability to do presentations. With the iPad 3, I get "Device not supported". Great testing, Apple. Sheeze...........

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    Do not buy!!!

    • Written by from Sixmilebridge

    This is the biggest waste of money. As mentioned does not work on IOS6 you get a message saying "the device is not supported" was working fine on earlier versions. Absolute joke that you pay out €30 for an adapter for them to update the IOS and for it not too work afterwards. Could be forgiven if this was not an apple product but it is & doesn't explain why its still on sale.

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    Updated my iPad 3 to ios6 and my adapter no longer works

    • Written by from Gillette

    First let me preface this by saying I updated my iPhone for iPhone 4S iPad 2 to iOS 6 and the adapter still works. I bought a brand-new iPad 3 w/ ios6 And the adapter does not work at all. If you look at the description for this product it shows iPad third-generation as compatible. This is unacceptable! And ridiculous! So what's Apple's goal to make everyone by AppleTV and not use $25 hdmi adapter fot ther devices. Don't get me wrong the Apple TV is cheap and it's only $99 but that's another expenditure. And the idea of playing what's on my iOS device with just the air is pretty cool.

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    Does not work!!!!!!!!

    • Written by from Columbus

    I just bought this product and was excited to be able to watch the videos on my ipad on the tv. Unfortulately the imaging works for everything except video. You can hear the video, but not see the image. This is a huge waste of money if you want to use it for this purpose. Don't waste your money.

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    Works great with new iPad (3) not so good with iPhone 4

    • Written by from Leesburg

    The product works as expected with my new iPad (3) but has limited uses with the iPhone 4. For the iPhone 4, it is dependent on the application that you run. I'm sure it works great on the iPhone 4s. The advertising is very deceptive for the iPhone 4. The advertisement says "The accessory is compatible with the following:" and the iPhone 4 is listed. However, in a different box it states "*Video mirroring is available with iPad 2 or later and iPhone 4S" in extremely light grey - but there is no explanation of video mirroring. Why is this note in light grey? Is it purposefully hidden? The cable connects to the iPad well, but easily disconnects from the Phone 4. I give the cable 4 out of 5 for the iPad and 0 out of 5 for the iPhone 4 - and 1 out of 5 to Apple for the advertising and price of the cable.

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    Shame Shame Cook Cook

    • Written by from Santiago

    After upgrading to iOS6, both, the digital and analog adapter goes to nothing. How could it be? I don't lnow I don't care but one thing I must say. Recently we receive an important news. Apple is going to open a new office in my country to manage all the south american market. Yes I'm talking about Chile. Actually I'm a teacher from DuocUC in Marketing, Advertising, Design, Branding and new technologies of communication. I usually do my class with my iPod 4G and a projector. Imagine my frustration after this...wanna be the best? Fix it, otherwise my campaign will be about this to show them (my students) how to blow it and send an important brand to the grave. capisci???

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    Ios 6 ruined this cable!!!

    • Written by from King's Lynn

    Worked perfectly with ios 5, ios 6 obviously rushed out. Totally nothing! DO NOT BUY! Apple have really screwed up this. Wanted to watch anchorman on my 42" LG now stuck with 10" iPad. Really angry with apples shoddy software engineering. First time I have ever had this problem. Apple is supposed to 'just work' that's why it's so expensive. This is really bad!

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    Constant "Accessory Not Supported" errors. Frustrating.

    • Written by from New Bern

    At times this adapter actually works, but those times are rare. More often, the second I plug the adapter into my iPhone 4 or IPad 3, I get a message saying that the accessory is not up ported.

    Why can't Apple make their own hardware compatible? Don't waste your money on this thing.

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