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    • Written by from west sacramento

    Thats right... If you spend more than ten dollars on a Standards compliant 1.2, 1.3a, or 1.4 HDMI cable perhaps. Also The ambiguity of said cable regarding, said standard, is quite puzzling. HHigh definition sounds great, however it is quite ambiguous. No mention of standards compliance, speed, or material is unacceptable. Do yourself a favor, go spend 5 bucks on a standards compliant 1.4 hdmi cable to guard against the future. Also thin wires are almost never better, Shielding is your friend.

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    Cheap Cable. No "Magic"

    • Written by from Ithaca

    I recently spent $209 on a 2-ft long Monster cable, and I can tell you first hand that the picture quality is MUCH, MUCH better on the Monster. The colors are brighter, the contrast is breathtaking, and there's a "magic" there that I can't put my finger on that just doesn't happen with the Apple HDMI cable. This Apple cable takes the fun out of watching a masterpiece like "Dude, Where's My Car?" and more importantly, takes the sharpness out of its beautiful visual effects. What's more, ever since I connected this cable, Netflix has been recommending Matthew McConaughey movies for me, which is downright insulting.

    Besides, the magneto-crystal impedance filter on my Monster cables removes all "noise" from the digital signal. The Gold-infused tri-coil voltammetric swing system in the HDMI adapter is also useful for guaranteeing the best quality picture.

    Just kidding, this cable is worth every cent. And if $20 is too much, there are alternatives online for a fraction of the price that perform just as well.

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    Apple hdmi cable

    • Written by from Caledon

    Bad picture quality, brightness very low but verry nice cable not bulky.

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    Not HDCP compliant

    • Written by from Washington

    Very disappointing, as this disables Netflix and certain Video Podcasts (e.g. TED talks) via Apple TV.

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