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    So...it's an expensive HDMI cable

    • Written by from Victoria

    Usually, I would recommend that people buy Apple accessories for their Apple devices to ensure the best compatibility; however, this is just a standard HDMI cable, there is nothing at all special or unique to Apple about it, save for the fact that it's a little overpriced. My recommendation: save your money and find one somewhere else for roughly half the price.

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    Decent Cable But....

    • Written by from Palmer

    I bought this cable in May of last year and after one summer of use the sound went out. I wasn't devastated because it didn't cost an arm an a leg but still I expected it to last a little longer.

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    Possible problems for streaming from Netflex

    • Written by from Greensboro

    I used this HDMI cable ($19.00) for several months. However, while the picture was good enough for me, sound was OK also, the problem I kept having was frequent stops in reception, having to wait until data got through, and very often getting the message that I wasn't connected and should check my external connections. In response I went to the TV and either jiggled the HDMI cable or unplugged it and re-plugged it in order to get a movie started again. Was it Netflex's problem, or apple TV, or the HDMI cable. I went to Best Buy and bought a Monster HDMI cable and have had no streaming problems since. 'Nuff said!

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