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    iPhone Case

    • Written by from Red Head Cove

    Apple needs to make a iPhone case that covers not only the sides but the back of the iPhone!

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    More colors please

    • Written by from Walnut Creek

    Apple: The bumper color choices are lackluster; especially since the lighter colors get grimy fast. Any change you can come up with some darker jewel tones that will camouflage dirt and grime better? For now, black is the only color that works, but, it’s also boring.

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    Great case, just a few issues!

    • Written by from Fort Collins

    I have this case in blue and it does a good job of protecting your iPhone. I only have a few minor complaints. The blue has begun to look a little dirty (I've had this case for about four months) but it can be cleaned up to a degree by washing it up. It can be difficult to plug a headphone jack into the port due to the case, and I think the price is a little high. Overall, this case is great at protecting your iPhone without doubling its size.

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    Ok for about 1 year

    • Written by from San Antonio

    This was great at first, but then broke at the bottom so it comes loose, then little by little the rubber starts to fall off...it did a great job of protecting the phone when dropped several times.

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    Iffy about it

    • Written by from columbus

    Ive had mine for two days and its already dirty. After hearing that it scratches the metal part Ive decided Im taking it back to exchange it for a case tomorrow.

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    Its OK

    • Written by from Allentown

    This is not a bad product!! it has a nice design and is not to bulky like other products, but I will recommend to buy the black bumper. I had almost all the colors except for Pink. I had the white Bumper and is true it gets dirty easy. the Orange, Green and Blue after some time it loses some color. In one point the Orange one scratch my iPhone 4 and I ask some one at the apple store if this was normal, they told me that it wasn't normal and after he look at the scratches the Genius guy replaced the iPhone.
    I also notice that in the new bumpers the mute part is different from the old one. I guess it was for the reason that the mute button from the At&t iPhone 4 is a bit lower from Verizon iPhone 4. If you decided get an iPhone Bumper buy the black one it looks good in black or white iPhones 4 and 4s. If you what to experiment try to stay away from the white Bumper..

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    Color keeper.

    • Written by from Arnold

    I absolutely love my bumper, but with the blue, the rims tend to change color on you. Like they're dirty. I'm a clean freak and like everything to be fresh. So I took a magic eraser to it and it lost it's shine. I would buy a new one but it's just to expensive for that.

    But overall good product.

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    Headphone port too small.

    • Written by from Boston

    Bumper works exactly as advertised. However, the port for the headphone jack is too small for most non Apple connectors, requiring the user to remove the bumper for older 3rd party headphones and many stereo adaptor cables.

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    This product is okay

    • Written by from Wichita

    When I bought my iPhone I bought a belkin clear case right away while my free bumper was being shipped. With the bumper case, the phone looks great and feels perfect in my hand compared to other cases that make the phone feel bulky. The bumper however is incompatible with any 30 pin connector other than the one shipped with your iPhone 4. I can't charge it in the car without taking the case off. It is SUCH a huge hassle to take the case off, put it on, take it off, put it on, any time I need to use a different connector. I keep the iPhone 4 usb plugged into the wall by my bed to charge every night and use the iPod touch cord to connect to the computer. The iPod touch cord doesn't fit with the bumper on!! What an aggravation.

    Despite this, the bumper is a quality product that protects the essentials without obstructing the beautiful design of the iPhone 4.

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