• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Purchasing my third!

    • Written by from Oakwood Village

    Purchasing my third charger in exactly three years. My very first charger showed signs of tearing in the wire casing after one week of having the computer and simply storing it in a computer bag, the second was my own fault, and this time someone unfortunately tripped, knocking the charger out of my computer. For $80, and the fact that no one sits directly next to a wall outlet, these chargers should be a little sturdier to withstand some type of damage.

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    2nd time around cord fraying

    • Written by from Rancho Santa Fe

    For $80 you would think it would last more than a year and a half. But no. And it wasn't just one time. Two times. I have Apple everything. 2 MacBooks 2 iPhones an iPad a Shuffle and and Nano. This is the only negative I have. I was at the genius bar a few months ago and someone else had the same issue: chord fraying at the power brick. Hm. So I would rather spend $80 on iTunes and I think you would have a happy customer. It doesn't seem to be a new or rare issue from how I see the Apple store support handle it. Can I have a like?

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from SAINT JOSEPH

    I've been through 4-5 chargers over the last few years. Strain relief separation, connector melting, transformer overheating are all problems I've experienced and I BABY my electronics. Wasn't there a class action law suit? How about a 3rd party step up and manufacture a solution since Apple doesn't seem to want to address it.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    terrible design

    • Written by from rothesay

    could have bought a whole new computer with the money i have spent on these poor quality chargers. seriously considering a PC

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Poorly designed product

    • Written by from Auburn

    I don't understand how you can't manage to make a quality power source. They typically last around six months, but my last one onnly lasted one month. FIX THIS PLEASE!

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    I guess I should feel lucky!

    • Written by from Moorpark

    My first Macbook was a 2006 Black Macbook which I really loved I never had an issue with the adaptor and only had to replace the battery once prior to getting my new Macbook Pro in 2011. My power cord lasted for 3 years. I did have to wrap it with electrical tape for about the last 3 months. I just replaced it, and am hoping it last until I decide to upgrade in a couple years. I'm giving it 4 stars instead of the 3 rating I was initially going to rate it at after reading many of the negative post. I just feel that by comparison my adaptor lasted a very long time.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Terrible Product

    • Written by from PORTLAND

    Still only my first Macbook that i've had for years, which has been a great product. This is the second charger i'll be replacing and I would much rather get a cheap imitation charger, since it would last as long as this piece of junk has.

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    Ditto to all the annoyance and anger over power adapter needing replacement

    • Written by from Springfield

    I I love my apple products but this is really annoying…make the entire product durable

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    Another adapter gone kaput.

    • Written by from Ithaca

    Over the past two years I have had two Apple 85W MagSafe Power Adapters fray and become unreliable. The main problem looks to be a weakness of the wire cover at the point of connection with the power brick.
    Now, I like most Apple products. My Macbook Pro is always with me. However, this defect is not only a waste of money but a problem when I depend on this power source for my business. I take good care of my equipment and it frustrates me when a problem occurs like this due to a manufacture's defect.
    Please look into this problem Apple! I need a reliable source of power.

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    Horrible Product

    • Written by from Newport Beach

    I just wanted to add my complaint to the long list that Apple is apparently ignoring.

    My chord started wearing out about 15 months after I bought the MacBook Pro. I kept trying to stop the fraying by wrapping electrical tape around it, but then a couple weeks later, it would fray in another spot. Finally got scared I was going to be electrocuted, so I broke down and bought a new one. Ridiculous that a chord won't outlast a laptop. I've never experienced that in another product. And then the replacement is also ridiculous at $80.

    As much as I love my MacBook, this major flaw will play a large part in my decision to shop elsewhere next time I need a laptop.

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    I feel duped

    • Written by from Arlington

    I NEED to get a new adapter for my MacBook Pro, but I sure don't WANT to. While I remain satisfied with the core Apple products, the peripherals are a total nuisance and utter distraction. At this point, not even a dozen free adapters will make up for all the trouble--not to mention extra $ spent.
    If this is some money making ploy, it sure has gone horribly wrong. Do something before it's too late Apple.

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    On my 5th power adapter

    • Written by from Northborough

    I'm on my second MacBook Pro, which was planned, but my 5th power adapter. For such a high end brand, this cord is absolute garbage. The cord to the Mac is thin and frays under the weight of the rest of the adapter. At $80 a pop, I could have bought an iPad or something less frustrating to spend my money on. Would give zero stars if I could.

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    Works great!

    • Written by from Luling

    I have had my MacBook Pro for 2 years now and am still using the one that came with my computer. It works perfectly. You know why? Because I take care of my products. I see all these negative reviews about this cable and ones about the Lightning cable for iPhone and iPad and the main problem is, is that people don't realize that the products are fragile. Just take care of your products and they will last.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Can't give it zero stars?

    • Written by from Vancouver

    Seriously, everyone knows the issue by now. The small cord (the one you can't replace independently) is garbage. It will fray at either the power supply end or the Magsafe end. I have gone through many of the adapters, and also repaired most of them several times until I finally ran out of room to solder on to (I am a former electronics technician).

    Total nonsense. Either make the small cord detachable and sold on its own, or get a better design.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Time to buy ANOTHER one! Ugh!

    • Written by from Fall River

    So I don't understand why the issue of frayed charger cords still hasn't been resolved. I've owned Windows laptops in the past that have NEVER had a charging issue - in fact I was able to use HP chargers longer than the laptop with the replacement HP laptop. Its like HP put more engineering into their chargers than the laptop itself and Apple is just using cheap chargers as a cash box.

    I loved the idea of a previous review who recommended a magsafe connector on both the brick and laptop so the cheap cord can be disconnected after each use and replaced when worn out. That's an easy fix! I'd even pay more for it if I knew it would last longer and cost less to service over time!

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    Shame on Apple

    • Written by from Byron Bay

    Oh Come on!!!! i Gave it 1 star because there is no option for no star.
    Apple is someone reading the thousands of negative reviews on this product? It is a real stain on your entire business. If this product is so inferior at least make it cheaper. I love my mac so im locked in, i have to get one of these pieces of C. if i could shop elsewhere i would.

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    This charger isn't that great.

    • Written by from Atlanta

    The product works. But the cord has issues.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    C'mon Apple, fix this!!!

    • Written by from Hyde Park

    I have owned several MacBook Pro computers. I buy a new cord every 6 months... I'm sick of this. Mine have frayed, broken off, shorted out, etc. C'mon Apple FIX IT!

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    Bad Apple, Bad

    • Written by from New Orleans

    This is the 4th ridiculously over priced power brick I have had to BUY, which means this is my 5th power supply. You should be ashamed of yourself for not:

    (a) designing a reliable power supply that lasts at least throughout the lifetime of the over priced computer, and;

    (b) selling the cord between the power brick and the computer separately AND at a sensible price.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Replaced 5 times. This item has a definite design flaw.

    • Written by from Lake Bluff

    I am always very careful with these power adapters. It does dot seem to make any difference. The skinny cord invariably frays at its connection to the "brick". This is clearly a flawed design. This should not be happening. Apple should make the necessary improvements to this item and provide replacements gratis to those who have had this poorly designed adapter. The bricks also tend to get VERY hot. I have one friend who watched in horror as the skinny cord on hers melted its insulation like the fuse on a stick of dynamite. I have now had FIVE of these cords with the same DEFECT.

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