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    Another Bites the Dust

    • Written by from Cape Elizabeth

    nuff said

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    Seriously? Broken again?

    • Written by from Overland Park

    It seems Apple and Belkin are the only electronics companies that can't come up with cables that don't crack and short. Then apple charges $80 for the poorest quality cable on the market. All the traveling with my Windows laptops and I've never had a broken power cord. I don't get it. I felt like an idiot for buying the last $80 cord, now I'm frustrated enough to let the battery die and move on.

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    Another vote for a detachable cable.

    • Written by from Indianapolis

    I have two of these power supplies and both are frayed between the power block and the computer. It ought to be detachable/replaceable.

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    • Written by from Desert Hot Springs

    Have you read the TONS of complaints? ? ?
    I'm sure YOU have.

    Has anyone reported a FIRE yet. . . SERIOUSLY!!!!!
    Time to DO SOMETHING Apple with this KNOWN defect.

    Spend some of OUR hard earned money and engineer something that
    JUST WORKS! ! !

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    So sick of this.

    • Written by from Jupiter

    I am waiting for my FOURTH charger to come in the mail. FOURTH (and this isn't even the start of my problems with hardware on this computer, but we'll save that for another review). I purchased this Macbook pro in April 2011, and the charger/charging cables never last more than a year and a half. $85x4=$340. You can buy an entirely new computer for that. Sorry, Apple. I truly love OSX and I have had a great time with this laptop, but until you improve the quality of this product, I'm afraid it'll be my last.

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    poor design, poor quality, outrageous price

    • Written by from Seattle

    First, it's crazy that I have to replace the entire power brick just because the cord is frayed. Terrible design.

    Second, I have babied this cable since day 1. Can't believe how easily it fell apart. Terrible quality.

    Third, $80. What?!

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    fascistic, never let me down

    • Written by from CLAREMONT

    This cable is still working even after 4 years of abuse. The only marks are from the puppy chewing it. I don't understand how all of you say the cable frays. What are you doing to your cables

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    It isn't rocket Surgery..... :( - have plug-in replaceable mag-tip cords

    • Written by from Red Deer

    So Apple has weak cords that disintegrate & fray rapidly, even if pampered or never rolled up and handled...

    Why then do they not design the Power Brick with replaceable magtip cords - from the power brick to the mag-tip at the device. Much like replacing an iPhone 4s cord without replacing the existing charger block...

    I would much prefer to have a spare cord that plugs into the power brick than have to BUY the replacement cord and power brick - when the power brick is functioning fine - it's the d^%* cord!!!!

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    Hate it

    • Written by from San Diego

    I constantly have to replace the charger - the outer later easily breaks away and the cord becomes messed up to the point where I can only charge if it's at a certain angle.

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    Please hear us...

    • Written by from Santa Rosa de Copan

    Apple's MagSafe Power Adapter has to be one of Macs greatest failure.
    I'm not going to be redundant in stating all the flaws this product posses.
    But this item is truly expensive when we need to substitute it (which is often; for me 3 in less than 12 months...)
    It is a poorly design cable which always frays around the power tip and renders my Mac computer useless.
    It is annoying that a serious company as yours keeps their costumers so unhappy with such a bad product at a ridiculous price!
    As many have stated... "PLEASE..." make cords replaceable and keep us in your team.

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    horrible charger

    • Written by from orange

    i'm on my 3rd power charger. the magnetic cost frays and comes apart with time.. i always have to wiggle the connector to get power.

    it seems that this issue is common with many people and all these chargers should be recalled.

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    Quality/Design issues- Very disappointing, Apple

    • Written by from Austin

    I've had to replace my macbook pro's charger four times since 2009. I'm pretty careful with the adapter, and I never wrap the wire up or swing it around. Despite my efforts to be careful, the wire always frays near the power brick or near the magnetic connector. Charging $80 for this adapter should be criminal. Plan on spending $80 for a new charger very year or year and half. Apple needs to improve the quality of this product!

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    For something so expensive, I'd expect a longer life

    • Written by from Kansas City

    This is the second magsafe adapter that has frayed in the five years I've owned my MacBook. It absolutely astounds me that for $80, Apple cannot deliver a reliable piece of equipment that doesn't fray. I'd buy another one, but for the price, I'm half way to buying a Chromebook.

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    Apple's new "green" wire insulation is complete garbage

    • Written by from garden grove

    The wire insulation is crumbling apart at both ends of the DC cord on my ~2 year old 85W Magsafe. I always take very good care of cords, probably why mine has lasted as long as it has. In fact, the original Magsafe adapter on my 2006 vintage MBP has never done this, not to mention the long string of ThinkPads I've owned that never had a problem with the power cords.

    This is not a cable handling problem, the new BFD-free insulation, or whatever-free it is, is just complete JUNK.

    Apple needs to step up to the plate and fix this problem. I'm not about to pay another $80 for a new adapter that's just gonna do the same thing in a couple years. I'll be cracking this one open soon, and replacing the cable with something that will last.

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    I'm really sick of this.

    • Written by from Mason

    I'm writing this review after having to buy a THIRD charger after the first two broke. They never tell you that you'll have to pay an $85(after tax) dollar fee a year just because you want to use a Macbook Pro laptop. Yes, a year, because that's how long these things last. And all of mine have broken the same way –frayed cords. Is it too crazy for them to design cords that don't have this same stupid error? I mean, just look at the thing: the cord that connects into your computer is so thin and flimsy. It can barely handle the force of its magnet connection!

    On my old charger, when the cord showed the first signs of tear, I did try to save it. I taped the thing up. Electrical tape. I wrapped that thing like a Christmas present. When new tears appeared, I'd tape those up too. This kept the charger going for about three more months. But just yesterday, the little green light on the connector went out –and it never came back. The area of the cord near the charger adapter had brown scorch marks where the wires had burnt out.

    I've never had this issue with any other laptop charger, so it's completely unfair that I have to buy a new charger each year simply because I'm on a Macbook Pro. It's an unreasonable expense. The darn notebook itself costed over a thousand dollars! How much more are they going to bleed out of me?

    Judging from the reviews, this problem has lasted for a while. And the fact that they've neglected it for this long is a display of laziness –and sheer greed.

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    Worst Quality for the Power Cord (Poor Design and Quality)

    • Written by from memphis

    Bought a new MacbookPro, was very excited about the quality and the retina display was a Happy Camper for 6 months. I have never abused my power cord by incorrectly wrapping it but still there was a crack and then a small spark. I have spend about 2600+ for this laptop and get a poorly designed cheap power cord that wouldn't even last for 6 months.

    Went to the apple store and they came back saying this is because of wear and tear... 6 months and this cord is busted and rather than apple accepting the issue and replacing it for free they asked my to putdown another $80. This was my first Macbook and probably my last, my company was planning to upgrade to Mac across all the design team, I will sure put down my comments at my office blog on the cheap quality.

    I wish there was a negative Rating.

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    Extremely Disappointing

    • Written by from Simi Valley

    I have owned Apple products since 1986, and in general, am a satisfied customer. But the charging cables manufactured by Apple have atrocious quality, and fail long before any reasonable expectation even under mild usage conditions.

    Of course, my long-standing relationship as a loyal customer was of no interest or value to the Apple store 'genius' and I had to pay full price for a replacement. HIGHLY annoying, to say the least. Infuriating is more like it.

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    Horrible Adapter

    • Written by from Delaware City

    This adapter is the horrible and fragile object that came with my MacBook. It easily broke, and surprise surprise! $80 to get a new one. Do not buy a new one, fix the old one.

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    Purchasing my third!

    • Written by from Oakwood Village

    Purchasing my third charger in exactly three years. My very first charger showed signs of tearing in the wire casing after one week of having the computer and simply storing it in a computer bag, the second was my own fault, and this time someone unfortunately tripped, knocking the charger out of my computer. For $80, and the fact that no one sits directly next to a wall outlet, these chargers should be a little sturdier to withstand some type of damage.

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    2nd time around cord fraying

    • Written by from Rancho Santa Fe

    For $80 you would think it would last more than a year and a half. But no. And it wasn't just one time. Two times. I have Apple everything. 2 MacBooks 2 iPhones an iPad a Shuffle and and Nano. This is the only negative I have. I was at the genius bar a few months ago and someone else had the same issue: chord fraying at the power brick. Hm. So I would rather spend $80 on iTunes and I think you would have a happy customer. It doesn't seem to be a new or rare issue from how I see the Apple store support handle it. Can I have a like?

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