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    Help !

    • Written by from Villognon

    Just does not work either on TV or a monitor. I can perfectcly fix the cables but not signal appears on the big screen (I tried with 2 TV and 2 monitors). I called Apple hot-line in french, but they were unable to solve the problem They even seemed not to know that such an adaptator existed. There is probably something very simple to do, which will send the content of my Ipad (I would love to present Keynote to my students) to the screen but there is no manual to provide me with this information. Where can I get it ?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Pink image

    • Written by from Montrouge

    My iPad connected to my new LED Philips or 'old' Sony LCD TVs is yielding a pink image. Other users have reported similar issues. iPad running with iOS 3.2.1 (JB)...

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    rubbish !!

    • Written by from San Francisco

    very disappointed with this product, overpriced and only work in "landscape" mode ??!!
    even no screen in the first main page

    i can't believe a company in 2010 can produce such product

    ( what can i use ?? just play powerpoint and some movies ? )

    i am very regret i haven't seen the review before buying

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    VGA connector - item must not buy of the decade!!!!!!

    • Written by from Jakarta

    It is very dissapointing to know the VGA connector is so limited in function.
    What a joke, apple company could do such embarrasing selling, mismanage customer's trust on their genius functionality product suppose to be.
    What is in your mind, apple!!! Misleading information!!! U must improve ur business ethic!!!
    apple should take responsibility for this cause!!!

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    • Written by from Indianapolis

    Like everyone else, they should tell us this adaptor only works with a few limited apps. Bad apple! BAD BAD. I will be shipping this little guy back.

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    Very Disappointing

    • Written by from Johor Bahru

    Like many reviews, the connector is very limited in displaying the end result. Expected to function like any other VGA adapter but was disappointed at its limitations. Hope Apple will do something about it before more people 'distrust' Apple products.

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    Truth in Advertising?

    • Written by from JUPITER

    Too bad apple can't seem to get it right. I walk into the apple store to purchase an ipad vga connector and ask the salesperson how it works. "just plug it in". I buy it and guess what? it only "works" for limited things. It won't output anything of any "business" value. I suppose it's nice to see my pictures on my monitor (my computer does that already). Just wanted something simple, like outputting safari to a larger screen - NOPE
    Starting to really wonder what's so good about apple...

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    It is sad so much potential was lost here

    • Written by from San Juan

    It only works with Keynote and "Unprotected" movies... That is it.

    I have my Blue Ray Digital copies and my purchased movies in it and when I hit play, it says that it cannot play "Protected movies"...

    I thought game videos could have also been transmitted and use the ipad as a controller... I was wrong also here...

    The funny thing is you get the apple component or composite adapters, you get to see the movies WITH audio without a problem!

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    limited to presentations

    • Written by from Markham

    i shud be able to show everything that i m doing on my ipad, not just the presentation slides.

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    This cable is not almost useless.

    • Written by from Novi

    I bought this cable in hoping that I can show my contents on my iPad on tv or a projector.
    I tried to run my meeting with iPad (with proud), but I can not project the contents in my notepad on to the projector. I was so embarrassed that people joked to me that you should buy a net book that will do it.

    I am very disappointed. I hope Apple will fix this ASAP.

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    Poor documentation and poor salesperson education

    • Written by from FORT COLLINS

    I purchased this accessory at the same time I purchased my iPad thinking all the same things every other one star rater has pointed out.

    The packaging has no indication this is a limited capability piece and neither did the sales person. I will be returning this just as soon as the store opens tomorrow.

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    Can not play rented movies via this adapter!

    • Written by from Hong Kong

    What's the difference between my iPad and my iPhone 3GS or MacBook pro (that CAN play rented movies on a 3M pico projector)? Why start now to cripple this function?

    I can't find the fine print looking back at this product page that specifies that rented movies cannot be played though it. I want my money back.

    Disgruntled mac user

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    Bait and switch

    • Written by from Morgantown

    Apple should choose their words more wisely in their description of this product. I bought it thinking I could project my purchased movies but alas, no such luck. What movies can you project exactly? Why can't apps be projected? Feels like a bait and switch......perhaps a refund?

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    Apple are you listening

    • Written by from Southborough

    I teach in a building without Internet access, so I bought the 3G model so I could enrich and expand resources in my classes. I was shocked not to be able to project websites. What's the point of iTunes u etc. Hopefully apple and Steve Jobs for whom I am daily grateful is listening. This is especially troubling because I teach in an urban school and serve a population that is primarily at the lower rungs of the economic ladder and I cannot count on their having access to the Internet at home . Thanks for listening

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    not good....

    • Written by from Hong Kong

    i plug it in, weird.. not working... then...i found ....IT"S LIMITED.... only movie and slideshow.... it's like you buy a car and it can only drive on on ONE road.... and even can't make turn... so smart... DON"T WASTE MONEY!!!!

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    Almost useless

    • Written by from Cedar Hill

    What the specs do not tell you is that a application has to be written specifically to use the DVI/VGA connector or it will not work. The ipad itself will not output to the connector , nor will safari, making it difficult to demo apps. I am back to carrying my 5 pound PC notebook

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    A Worthless, Expensive Piece of Equipment

    • Written by from Parlin

    DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!!!! I urge all teachers and presenters to SKIP the purchase of this item. It is useless except for slideshows from keynote itself. Otherwise, it is a waste. Can't even use it for the Elements App for my students. This is very shoddy and poor of Apple to offer.

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    no itunes video

    • Written by from leonardo

    downloaded Avatar for kids birthday party to my ipad and went to project it on the backyard screen............guess what apple said no you can not do that, gave me an unauthorized use error. So i had to buy the darn movie on DVD, hook up the house dvd player etc. netflix worked fine, so did everything else, but not itunes. What the F---. I am so disappointed. I bought the darn movie from apple along with this product and I can not project movies that i paid for. That makes no sense at all. Apple, we love your products in this house but do i still have to stock a windows machine?

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    Useless for teachers!

    • Written by from Botwood

    Like the other educators who expressed disappointment with the product, I too failed to read the fine print and discovered the serious limitations of the adapter. To the reviewer who posted previous to this one, I thought Safari was a native Apple application!

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    • Written by from Trent

    "Ladies, ladies, ladies, please. Apple is not so draconian that they could or would stop the flow of photons from your ipad to the projector/monitor. The only reason (some) of Apple's native products work as they should (allow for video out) is because they have built their apps with the understanding that users might want to display the content of their ipads on a larger screen. The problem with this adapter is not that it doesn't work on all ipad apps (which is true), the problem is that not all app developers have enabled video out correctly in their ipad apps. "

    Every time I get to thinking I might have found a useful purpose for IPad I buy something like this that is so limited. Then read something from some apple elitist like above. It's not Apples fault. Bought mine from think geek and they were less clear about it. Funny my windows, windows mobile, and android devices don't have to have the developer "enable" video out to see my desktop or home screen.

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