• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Don't buy this

    • Written by from Moscow

    It's waste of money.
    Only what you can do is show your photos on tv screen, nothing more!

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    • Written by from West orange

    Ok I have the IPAD comercials say we can do these things. I get the tools and BLANK can't do it. Hea Apple you are aware there other things in the world other than slides right am I wronge?

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    What a joke!

    • Written by from Colchester

    Don't buy this unless you ONLY want to show slideshows. Waste of money and a frustration when you're trying to present using the toy, um...i mean, iPad. How pointless.

    And to anyone who suggest we should "get a grip"... Maybe Apple should just make it easier to use their products without trying to control what everyone does with it. Yeah, I FOOLISHLY assumed I'd be able to share my screen with a VGA monitor with a cable that connects to a monitor. How foolish.

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    Really should have read more reviews!

    • Written by from Sterling

    I am kicking myself for not looking at the reviews to find out the limitations of this connector. The ability to not be able to mirror the device is ridiculous. At least let me display from Pages and Numbers! Also, I wish Apple would put this information in the overview of the product. Unless I missed it, I couldn't find the official limitations other than a support article.

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    • Written by from Granville

    I too have been sucked into thinking I could use adapter with Documents to Go to display my Powerpoint presentations...not! Come on Apple be different then the rest and make this work for the majority of business applications.

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    Don't Purchase!!!!

    • Written by from Shoreview

    This is a joke...It doesn't work like it should. Can't mirror your desktop to a larger monitor....Come on apple what is wrong with you...Get me a dock that will project my Iphone screen to a monitor so I can use a normal keyboard and mouse...oh are you scared you won't sell any computers then...well I won't be buying a computer because I have my Iphone that will do everything I want. Just let me do it on a normal monitor, keyboard and mouse.

    note: Better yet let me bluetooth or WiFI direct to a monitor, keyboard and mouse...imagine walking in your home or office with your phone in your pocket and have a wireless connection to you 27" monitor, 50' flatscreen TV, wireless keyboard and mouse without touching your phone or taking it out of your pocket...you can have the same set up at home and at the office...sweet...answer calls with bluetooth headset...Come on Apple you can do it what is the problem...Jump this thing forward don't just sit and sell you current product then make it obsolete then sell another product...get rid off all the computers and Ipod stuff and let my iphone loose!

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    Not working

    • Written by from Woburn

    I bought it at a recommendation of one of the "geniuses" at the Apple store, who assured me that I could watch Netflix and display slideshows using this VGA adaptor. Needless to say, neither works. Apple's obsession with what we can and cannot do with their products is sickening.

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    The Chicken/Egg guy is completely wrong

    • Written by from Madison

    On no other device does the developer of each application have to write code which is aware of which display you're using. The only thing that would make sense would be if Apple supported mirroring in iOS without making the developer think about it. They completely screwed this one up. This product is nigh-useless unless you somehow magically know in advance that you won't ever want to project video from anything other than the pre-arranged apps... and why would you ever think that?

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    i'm soooo upset!

    • Written by from vail

    This is absolutely ridiculous!
    I just bought this cable to connect the iPod touch to a projector and it turns out it doesn't work -even though it is supposed to-! Why do you keep making things so difficult? can i get a refund for this or am i stuck with a useless cable?!?!

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    Cannot mirror iPad display? (Product Management got overpowered)

    • Written by from San Francisco

    From a product management, I would have said:

    1) Mirror the display to the VGA screen (this will take care of 99% of the use cases, and will work with any applications)

    2) Allow applications to support dual screen mode (which is a very nice to have).

    Interestingly, Apple Product Managers seem to have been overpowered by something or someone that told them to first worry about the 1% usecase, and then eventually solve the 99% one.

    I could not have imagined that this adapter did not support mirroring without having read these reviews.

    To bad for us, we are back to project from a PC/Mac.

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    ** Works only for video and power points **

    • Written by from Ypsilanti

    ADVISE - Works only for video and power point displays

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    A waste of money

    • Written by from Houston

    First cable was bad and then found out the replacement won't play movies downloaded from iTunes. Useful for some QuickTime movies and Keynotes if you want the hassle of using Keynotes or getting your stuff into Keynotes.

    Product should come with this warning: "Doesn't project 90% of what you want to see on a monitor."

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    Absolutely useless -- save your money

    • Written by from Youngstown

    I wish I'd read the many reviews from teachers who indicated that this product does not work. I teach at a university and this cable simply does not do what its $30 price tag suggests. I needed this cable to view web pages on an overhead and basically to show pretty much anything I wanted to show via my iPad -- the $700 "computer" that I bought to use IN THE CLASSROOM. The "iFad" joke from "The Simpsons" is now making much more sense. I still need a laptop to do what I need to do in the classroom, so the Apple iPad is living up to its pop culture image as nothing more than a punchline.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Misadvertised and unusable

    • Written by from Heesch

    - Won't do what it advertises to do, which is projecting the iPad screen on an external device
    - 10 CM cable???? What am I going to do, sit at the back of my computer and hold the iPad there?

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    Useless - avoid like the plague!

    • Written by from LIVERPOOL

    ...at least until Apple sort out mirroring. Here's the thing - I'm a teacher at a Study Support Centre, involved with hundreds of children, teachers and leaders from different schools and organisations and I CAN'T SHOW APPS TO THEM ON MY WHITEBOARD! I have up to 30 children/teachers at a time watching me demo apps on my iPod touch at worst, iPad at best. How stupid! Can't give zero rating either - doubly stupid!!

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    • Written by from marietta

    WASTE OF MONEY!! and a lot of money too! doesn't output what is on the screen....
    is that such a hard concept to master, Apple? output to the VGA whatever is on the screen!! how hard is it to mess that up?? the idiot who designed this deserves to get fired.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    ipad dock connector to VGA Adapter

    • Written by from Arlington

    What a sorry, useless, limited, crippled, boondoggle. I waited weeks for this adaptor to arrive because I live overseas and had it forwarded. I hoped to use it in a school computer class to demonstrate the ipad capabilities to students.

    It won't even show the desktop or any apps!! Only videos and slideshows? Aw come on! Who wants that? Ripoff!! Come on apple. Write your product info more clearly and list the crippling limitations you built in!

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    Violation of common sense

    • Written by from Tuen Mun, N.T.

    Common sense tells me that
    1. Most, if no all, computers can connect to a project for presentation.
    2. Apple has to demonstrate how good the iPad is through projector.
    3. Presentation is one of the most essential features in computing.
    4. Connection to a projector is technically possible and easy.

    However, the iPad I bought is not able to connect to a projector for presentation.
    How disappointing?

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    Apple please listen to people's voice

    • Written by from lahore

    The biggest disappointment with the video output from the iPad is the inability to view Web pages and apps on any kind of external display. I suppose it is to limit watching unauthorised movies on big screen. Does Apple fear that iPad will become Apple TV replacement?? The reality is that out of people interested in buying this product, rarely any body would be primarily interested in watching big screen movies using iPad . If they want big screen movies, they can easily do so many in other ways. The main reason is education or use iPad as a scratch pad. It is a big shame that Apple is limiting the potential functionalities of such a great product as iPad.

    Come on Apple, how do yo hope to confront upcoming huge wave of tablet PCs if you are going to behave like this.

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    Very limited function

    • Written by from Morgan Hill

    I had read many of the limitations on the threads. Works with Netflix, Works for presenting using Keynote, does not work with Docs to Go at least at time of writing. Note that digital movies purchased from Apple do not play through this adaptor, OS locks playback out. Home movies I have complied and loaded work fine.

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