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    Needs 16:9 720p widescreen option

    • Written by from YORBA LINDA

    It should give an option to pick certain resolutions. Most people don't use 4:3 monitors anymore and this just stretches the image/video and really kills the seamless "Apple" experience we all love (and paid for). Please consider this in an update. It'd be nice to see widescreen resolutions at least using this cable.

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    What are developers supposed to do?

    • Written by from new york

    The adaptor is useful for displaying Keynote presentations and if that is your primary need, then it is probably worth it for you at the price point. I am developing iPad apps and need to demonstrate them to large groups so it is an ENORMOUS disappointment that there is no way to do this. How does Apple expect developers to show off their great new apps in a presentation setting, buy iPads for the entire audience? What does Steve Jobs use to demonstrate the iPad? Commercialize that connector and you will increase the value of the iPad tremendously, especially for developers.

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    • Written by from Aiea

    I got this to watch movies on my projector only to find that I can't play any of the movies I got from iTunes. Save your money and get the av or component cable.

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    Lack of mirror functionality is real drawback

    • Written by from Sofia

    The accessory is of very limited use as it only works with few applications to show app specific content.

    It does not work satisfactory even with Keynote (where I expected it to shine). In essence the presentation is only shown on the external monitor/projector, while the iPad is reduced to expensive and huge presenter remote - iPad is showing only navigation buttons in the middle of the screen.

    Any cheap netbook beats the ipad for presentations by a mile.

    Apple need urgently to rework their software to allow mirroring of screen on the VGA out in all apps and all circumstances including Keynote.

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    It needs a longer cord

    • Written by from Wildomar

    This works OK with my projector, but I have to set the iPad on top of the projector because the cord is too short. It needs to be at least 2 ft. long.

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    COLORS/picture quality

    • Written by from FLUSHING

    colors of the photo/video/overall ipad2 mirror...gets really lighter on tv....

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    Limited capabilit translates into disapointment

    • Written by from Gurnee

    I have adopted my iPad as my primary work computer in the office. It handles 80% of what I need, and the other bits I take care of on my laptop as the needs arise. The display adapter is a different animal though in that it will only project specific content and from within designated applications. For example, I had a email I needed to review with my department today. Well, no luck, I can't use the adapter to project my email communication to the projector. I WAS able to do this is Keynote which was nice, but another flaw there is that the content on my ipad is replaced with basically a report, and you have to look up to the projector to see the actual content instead of being able to view and navigate from the iPad itself. Both major disapointments.

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    Really Needs to do More

    • Written by from Seattle

    I work with children with disabilities, many who have very limited motor movement and are in wheelchairs. While the iPad has been an incredible tool for these kids I am very frustrated that the VGA adapter does not work with all apps so I can position a separate screen for kids to see content while they type on the iPad. Please Apple remedy this!

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    Apple's dirty little secrets

    • Written by from Aurora

    1. They provide no picture of the VGA connector so you can't know until you buy it that you don't have the cables or video display inputs needed to use it.
    2. The iPhone component cable works fine with the iPad.
    3. The iPad Photos app doesn't support any slide show transition other than dissolve.

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    iPad Vga Adaptor

    • Written by from Oakleigh

    Simple connection and preferences found easily under Video. Disappointed it does not output everything including desktop and apps. The best thing is that AirVideo WORKS!! This will see your setup movie folders on multiple machines and play on your VGA screen allowing you to connect a screen in the kitchen or bedroom to your Media Center hard drive. Youtube also works so as long as the App developer has added the API it works. Photos does not work so yes there are going to be allot of disappointed people including me. But lets see what the ios 4 brings.No games I tried seem to work common developers lets think out side the box.

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