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    VGA - Video Gone Awol

    • Written by from BRADFORD

    There's nothing on the packaging to indicate that this rather large device does not duplicate the iPad or iPhone 4g screen. What else would you expect it to do? Afterall, if Apps can output to screen, why not have this function switched on by default for everything.

    Having watched the Apple keynotes, I thought that Steve Jobs was using this connector to project what he was doing on the screen... seems I was wrong. So what WAS he using? Mayeb they should be releasing that one!?

    I could only get the Video App that came with the iPad to output to my TV! (And then it was so small as to be pointless.)

    Don't waste your money on this unless Apple comes up with an update to mirror the device.

    I feel truly conned.

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    Stay away

    • Written by from LARCHMONT

    I too bought this with the expectations that it would display the ipad screen on a projector or lcd. The limitations should really be a part of the product description.

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    almost useless

    • Written by from Saskatoon

    I wish I had of known about all the limitations of the VGA adapter before I purchased an iPad, Keynote, and the adapter.

    Seriously Apple, why limit the features for viewing other content besides the bare minimum in Keynote, photos or iTunes?

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    Rip off!

    • Written by from PALM SPRINGS

    When Steve first demonstrated the iPad everything that he was doing on the iPad was projected onto a large screen.

    What do us consumers get? Keynote, podcasts, YouTube, photos.

    Safari? NO
    Movies? NO
    ABC Player? NO
    Netflix? NO
    Slingbox? No

    Please, please tell me why? My cheap netbook outputs EVERYTHING!

    This is such a huge disappointment. Apple says it is up to the developers whether or not output is functional. If that's the case, why doesn't safari or rented movies output?

    I rent movies on iTunes to my pc and have no problem connecting my projector and watching it. Why does the iPad display that the attached device is unable to play DRM content?

    For the money we spend on these things, this limitation is ridiculous.

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    Whats the point?

    • Written by from Fruitvale

    Don't buy this if you want to watch anything from iTunes. Not supported, was told at the Apple store I could! Looks like they need to do more employee training.

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    How it works

    • Written by

    If you read the item description it says it only works for mirroring on ipad 2+ and iPhone 4s+ so make sure that you have the right device before complaining it doesn't work. I was thinking it would mirror with my ipad 1 but i didn't read carefully enough either and it only works on movies. also if i plug in the screen will be to one side... to fix it all i need to do is unplug and plug in again for it to be adjusted right.

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    • Written by from Cosmopolis

    I have noticed that many people assume that this will mirror on the iPad. This is true...but only for 2nd and 3rd generation iPads. I repeat: THE FIRST GENERATION IPAD IS NOT CAPABLE OF MIRRORING. Only buy this cord for mirroring purposes if you own a 2nd or 3rd generation iPad.

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    Does not play iTunes purchased video!!!

    • Written by from Bangor

    How can Apple advertise this as playing video when it does not play any iTunes purchased video???? It displays a protection error. Incredibly frustrating considering I just bought this today to play a movie in my hotel room and it won't let me. Huge let down.

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    Very very limited and disappointing.

    • Written by from Arlington

    I just find it ridiculous that I can't simply use the external monitor as a mirror screen. Limited to selected apps! That was a dumb move... What about using it like Steve J. used it when he demoed the product? What did he have that is not supported with this version of the iPad and the cable?

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    Does exactly what it should

    • Written by from portland

    The reviews are misleading. When somone rates the product low, they are complaining about the limitations of their old devices. If you have a late model iPad or iPhone (I've tested both), this adapter is awesome. It allows you to show your iPhone screen on a monitor or projector or any other display with the VGA input. Videos, web sites, presentations, documents, photos...it all works flawlessly.

    As long as you have an updated device, this cable is super cool.

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    Great for iPad 2

    • Written by from Grant

    This works great on iPad 2. As soon as you plug in, your iPad screen is on your TV. I could run most of my apps, but not all. We watched I am Legend last night on via my iPad 2 on our big screen TV. Looked better than my DVD player!

    However, I bought this adapter when I had an iPad 1 and it did not work. I knew I would eventually get iPad 2 so kept it and am so glad I did!

    Only wish...iPad remote control! Had to run to iPad by the TV to pause!

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    • Written by from Victoria

    Works great. As advertised. I have an iPad2 and was using this to mirror through a projector to a college class. All apps. No problem. Nay sayers really ought to read more about a product before they buy it and claim it doesn't work.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works GREAT! iPad 2 = 100% Mirroring.

    • Written by from Surrey

    I was not sure about this after reading a few reviews that were casting a shadow on it, but I had a meeting and needed to show a KEYNOTE on the big screen from my iPad2.

    Instant Set Up: Plugged the VGA Adapter into the iPad2 then the projector and it immediately worked.

    100% Mirroring: KEYNOTE came off perfect and after the meeting I played with every other app I have...Games, YouTube, Video, E-Mail... you name it, it was on the big screen!!

    Works like a charm!! My biggest issue is that everyone in the office keeps wanting to borrow it and "forgetting" to bring it back! If you need to project, buy it, it will do exactly what you want it to.


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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from san jose

    Buy this adapter and you can project 5% of your work on the iPad. As a teacher with ipads in the classroom, I find this very limited. I am hoping Apple will correct this.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Not so much !!!

    • Written by from Greenville

    I bought a 550 dollar LCD projector for the sole purpose of using my iPad to demonstrate my presentations! I bought the iPad for that purpose! Received the projector and purchased the apple VGA adapter. What a disappointment and a waste of the price of the iPad, the adapter, and the LCD projector!! Please do a better job of advertising the limitations of this setup!!!

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    Total dissapointment

    • Written by from Westbury

    You can't use it for business purposes (presentations and stuff like that), but also it is limited to "some" videos on the entertainment arena. I wasn't able to project my PURCHASED movies in my home projector!!!!. So I had to carry my Windows PC to do it the old fashion. Useless!

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    Really should have read more reviews!

    • Written by from Sterling

    I am kicking myself for not looking at the reviews to find out the limitations of this connector. The ability to not be able to mirror the device is ridiculous. At least let me display from Pages and Numbers! Also, I wish Apple would put this information in the overview of the product. Unless I missed it, I couldn't find the official limitations other than a support article.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Does what I expected it to do...could do more but does what I needed

    • Written by from Derwood

    First, I'm amazed at some of the complaints, especially from those working in education.
    The person complaining about the 10 cm cable.... LOL! Get a six foot male-male cable from Radio Shack.

    I do many day trips for work and instead of flying up and down the coast with a laptop, I can now just bring my iPAD for presentations.

    Keynote isn't perfect but gets the job done. Not having the slide deck on the screen doesn't bother me. For those who claim they can't face their audience I have to ask them what's the difference between occasionally looking at the projection versus looking at your display? In either case, you're not looking at your audience. Besides, you should have a feel and flow for your presentation in the first place thereby minimizing the time looking at a slide. Everyone is different but during my technical presentations I usually have a laser pointer which I use to for work flow,features, etc. on the projector screen so there's really no option for me there. I suppose some lecture situations would not want to turn around,

    Keynote isn't perfect. More font support would be nice but this review is for the adapter not the Keynote application.

    Fortunately I did not have a bad cable like some other folks had.
    Plugged it into the iPAD, connected the cable from the projector, brought up my presentation in Keynote and I was off and running. Can't ask for more than that!
    Videos from you tube work like a champ on my flat screen monitor too.

    This cable met my expectations. I can do day trips with a 1.5 pound computer instead of lugging a laptop through airport security!

    The ability to project more than the presentations and video would be nice as would displaying the on both the screen and projector but would probably require a new graphics chip or some other way to split the frames to two outputs. IF I need that capability then I lug my laptop with me. The iPAD is a tablet/large PDA and I don't expect it to do much more than it does.

    Oh, and with all due respect, for those who do presentations with their iPhones: Cool idea but don't criticize a cable when you're using a smart phone to do presentations. Like an uncle of mine once told me, use the right tool for the right job.

    Last, couldn't give it the 5th star because $30 is a bit much. Otherwise, it met my expectations fully.

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    The Chicken/Egg guy is completely wrong

    • Written by from Madison

    On no other device does the developer of each application have to write code which is aware of which display you're using. The only thing that would make sense would be if Apple supported mirroring in iOS without making the developer think about it. They completely screwed this one up. This product is nigh-useless unless you somehow magically know in advance that you won't ever want to project video from anything other than the pre-arranged apps... and why would you ever think that?

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    Absolutely useless -- save your money

    • Written by from Youngstown

    I wish I'd read the many reviews from teachers who indicated that this product does not work. I teach at a university and this cable simply does not do what its $30 price tag suggests. I needed this cable to view web pages on an overhead and basically to show pretty much anything I wanted to show via my iPad -- the $700 "computer" that I bought to use IN THE CLASSROOM. The "iFad" joke from "The Simpsons" is now making much more sense. I still need a laptop to do what I need to do in the classroom, so the Apple iPad is living up to its pop culture image as nothing more than a punchline.

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