• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    VGA Cripple-Cord

    • Written by from Colorado Springs

    Yep, it's pretty darn useless for 90% of what I had hoped to project. I vote with my money and it's going back.

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    Doesn't live up to promise!!!

    • Written by from Dallas

    This absolutely blows! You would think that it would give you the opportunity to output your iPad's screen to a projector, but NO, It only works on certain apps and is severely limited in its use. It's all sizzle and very little substance.

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    The video adapter is a waste in time and money

    • Written by from Cadolzburg

    Not even the Apple Aps like ibooks, maps, Email, .... work with the adapter.

    And the customer has to find this out by himself.

    Since I bought it in a store, the money is gone . . .

    You can not display a single photo only a slide show.

    As a longtime customer I feel cheated by Apple selling this joke as a product.

    They are on their way to act like MS.

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    Terrible product! do not buy

    • Written by from Gresham

    I tried connecting to two monitors and did not work... dont waste your money. wait for a 3rd party company to come up with a better solution because this clearly isn't worth the money and headache. Apple? Are you going to do anything to resolve this? I purposely purchased my iPad for business related services, that is what took me over the edge to make the actual purchase from any other netbook or tablets out there on the market. Now, you need to deliver -- and this Dock Connector(which is a HUGE business selling point) is faulty and needs to be addressed. I considering not purchasing multiple iPads for my company now. Please resolve Apple!

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    I am so disgusted!!

    • Written by

    I purchased this adapter with the intent of watching movies purchased via iTunes on my TV. Much to my disgust and disappointment, my $30.00 purchase was a complete waste. Why would they tout this product in such a way, that consumers believe that you would be able to watch movies. Hopefully, they can develop an app to fix this.

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    What a let down...

    • Written by from Pleasanton

    I only went in to the apple store to get the fabulous Incase iPad carry/protective case/book-jacket. While there, I saw this adapter and thought: "perfect! great! I could use that!"! WRONG! Viewing slides and movies are really secondary in my use of the iPad. Internet browsing, games, any display of app in use should be possible, but isn't. I now know better then to allow myself any future impulse buys at the apple store!

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    Waste of money. Don't be fooled.

    • Written by from Gassville

    As an educator, I was extremely disappointed with this connector. I already purchased several apps to project on my board to find out thats not the way this works. this is very aggravating since apple failed to be clear about the limitations, but that seems to be apple's cup of tea. unfortunately apple seems to be relying on their name to sell stuff now instead of producing quality products and being honest about what they are really used for.

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    A joke for education

    • Written by from BRIDGEVILLE

    As an educator, I feel foolish for purchasing an Ipad and this 'projection' cable. It is severely limited as it only projects certain apps. You can't use to to give a tutorial on the ipad itself. Nor can you project web sites with Safari. I should have got a netbook.

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    Very limited functionality

    • Written by from Henderson

    VGA is not available on all apps! should be a core feature to allow VGA regardless of app.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from St-Lin-Laurentides

    Wasted 6 hours on trying the adaptor on 3 different monitors !!!

    Now I see that I was misled on the product.

    I wanted to see my photos ... no way ....... only in one limited slide show.
    I wanted to use Safari and email ... no way
    I wanted to play my music ... no way

    Very disapointed.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Narangba

    How many people have assumed (like me) that a VGA connector shows what is on the iPad on the big screen? How wrong I was.

    How many people JUST use powerpoint (or keynote) to present now a days? To make the presentation engaging & interesting many users will want to flick from the presentation to a live 'demonstration' be that on an App or via the Web or even to demonstrate an iPhone app. Do NOT be fooled into thinking you can do this with the iPad & a large screen. You CANT!

    This was my 100% reason for buying the iPad and I am scuppered at the 1st hurdle. I am seriously considering taking it back.

    Replicating the screen on a VGA & iPad I can do without but only viewing a (very) few applications & videos on a VGA is no good to me.

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    • Written by from Allen

    To pay $29 for this cord is a bad joke. I prepared an entire presentation around being able to show how we use the Ipad in our business. Can't show that. Only thing I can show are slideshows of the kiddies, a youtube video, and keynote (which I find no use for) Can we look at docs2go to bring up a spreadsheet from excel? No. GoodReader for PDFs. No. What about flipping through some photo albums and casually discussing how they relate to our business. No, slideshow only, completely worthless in a business environment. Any particular reason why in the world a tablet computer is selective about what it displays to an extended viewing platform like a projector or monitor. I assumed this would be a useful business tool to me and it has been if I'm presenting to someone one on one. But if I need to address a larger audience then I have to get out the clunky laptop. Nice. Thanks Steve!

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    Rip-off !!!

    • Written by from Tyler

    Doesn't actually do anything that you would assume it could/should do. Not even simple mirroring. Works on virtually zero apps that I use. Overpriced junk. Apple should be ashamed that they knowingly sell this without appropriate disclosures on how limited it is. Because of this scam, there is no way I will take a chance on the keyboard or camera connector.

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    Beyond limited

    • Written by from LOUISVILLE

    These adapters only work with "certain" applications. Forget using the built in Apps such as Safari, etc. Not worth the money.

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    Only buy if you understand limitations

    • Written by from Bountiful

    Neither the description nor the overview reveals the limitations of this product. Per the overview "Use the iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter to connect an iPad to your television, projector, or VGA display." However when connected to a computer monitor I receive "Cannot play movie: The connected display is not authorized to play protected movies" when trying to view a TV series downloaded from the iTunes store. Read the Apple support article "ht4108" before buying.

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    • Written by from La Quinta

    I work in IT and have tried this on numerous devices and have yet to find a projector, tv or a screen/app on the iPad that works

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    Purchased and returned within an hour

    • Written by from Sharpsburg

    I thought it was just me. Tried with 2 different monitors and a tv. Tried two different VGA cables also. Never could get it to display a thing except the occasional message on ipad that it was not made to be used with an iPad??

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    • Written by from staten Island

    Works only for keynote and 'some' video. This will not allow you to see your iPad screen on the big screen. It works only with programs that are designed for it.
    The description on the apple store is very limited and simplistic. This fact should be emphasized to reduce frustrations.

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    useless most of the time

    • Written by from Innsbruck

    while I was aware that only certain formats are supported the web-information at the The page didn't tell that certain projectors and connecting cables do not work. Going back to an Apple support page I found the advice that any connection cables should be removed in case of a problem. How does Apple think I would connect my iPad with a cable a few inches long directly to a ceiling-mounted projector and present with keynote in a lecture or conference hall where I have no control over the settings of the projectors? For this purpose waste of money.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    VGA - Video Gone Awol

    • Written by from BRADFORD

    There's nothing on the packaging to indicate that this rather large device does not duplicate the iPad or iPhone 4g screen. What else would you expect it to do? Afterall, if Apps can output to screen, why not have this function switched on by default for everything.

    Having watched the Apple keynotes, I thought that Steve Jobs was using this connector to project what he was doing on the screen... seems I was wrong. So what WAS he using? Mayeb they should be releasing that one!?

    I could only get the Video App that came with the iPad to output to my TV! (And then it was so small as to be pointless.)

    Don't waste your money on this unless Apple comes up with an update to mirror the device.

    I feel truly conned.

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