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    VGA Adaptor,Bad News

    • Written by from Calgary

    Very limited use, a waste of money. I just wanted to view various files on an LCD projector during meetings, it could not do that.

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    Doesn't work on my iPad 2

    • Written by from chatsworth

    Mirroring does not work on my iPad 2 with that cable, I can't watch videos either. It works with my iPhone 4 though (not for mirroring but to watch videos) with the same cable and the same TV set. So I don't understand and Apple won't help. It might be an app I have installed on my iPad which is not compatible...really annoying. I'm a trainer and need to use my iPad to display my keynotes presentations...it simply won't work...

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    Works for iPad 2

    • Written by from Greenwich

    I purchased this to use my iPad 2 with my projector for a training class I am planning. I tested it and it works perfectly for what I need. It mirrors exactly what's on the iPad screen. I didn't have any problems with any of my apps including Safari, photos, email, iBooks, Quickoffice, Amplitube, Star Walk, and videos without DRM.

    This highlights one exception that may be a deal breaker for some. It absolutely will not project any videos with DRM. I purchased one movie via iTunes just for the fun of it. That movie will not play on my projector using this adapter. However, any videos I ripped from DVDs to m4v project absolutely fine.

    On the Apple site is does say, "Mirroring supported only by iPad 2." However, the text is gray on white instead of black on white making it hard to notice. I'm surprised Apple would allow this as unsuspecting iPad 1 users become upset customers realizing they can't do mirroring.

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    • Written by from Silver Spring

    Ladies, ladies, ladies, please. Apple is not so draconian that they could or would stop the flow of photons from your ipad to the projector/monitor. The only reason (some) of Apple's native products work as they should (allow for video out) is because they have built their apps with the understanding that users might want to display the content of their ipads on a larger screen. The problem with this adapter is not that it doesn't work on all ipad apps (which is true), the problem is that not all app developers have enabled video out correctly in their ipad apps.

    Its not a system level problem or a problem with the cable — app developers need to explicitly build this feature into each app. Until they do, you can search the itunes store for third party apps that will bridge the gap — search using the terms "VGA OUT"

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    Severly disabled product

    • Written by from Schaumburg

    I was stupid. I read Apple's description but didn't read the reviews first. I should have. My goal was to display the ipad, show use of it, bring up web pages to do training on them, display our web based reports, etc.

    Turns out this hardware requries that the App be written to support it. So far the only app I found that does is YouTube. That's it. Safari, no. Email, no. The OS itself, no. Until Apple changes the OS to send ALL video out, regardless of app, my suggestion would be to NOT buy this unless your whole goal is to watch YouTube via your iPad on a bigger screen.

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    This cable is not almost useless.

    • Written by from Novi

    I bought this cable in hoping that I can show my contents on my iPad on tv or a projector.
    I tried to run my meeting with iPad (with proud), but I can not project the contents in my notepad on to the projector. I was so embarrassed that people joked to me that you should buy a net book that will do it.

    I am very disappointed. I hope Apple will fix this ASAP.

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    Want Mirroring

    • Written by from Archbold

    Disappointed. I wanted to mirror the iPad.

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    Don't waste your TIME or Money like I did.

    • Written by from WEST HOLLYWOOD

    First I got the VGA connector. NO luck connecting it t the TV or to the Projector. Then I called tech support and they told me that the Component AV cables would work with the TV and projector. I went back to the Apple store and exchanged it. When I got home no luck connecting it to the TV ether . I waited until I got the office to try it in the projector - no luck either. I called apple TS and they told to go back to the store and ask a sales rep to connect the cable to the TV that is used with their Apple TV. The sales assistant said he not was not allowed to connect anything to that TV because the TV did not belong to Apple. Only the "Apple TV" was supposed to be connected to it. I have done enough trouble shooting on this and I was hoping to use the IPAD for my sales presentations.
    Don't waste your TIME or Money like I did. Apple needs to remove the VGA adapter from their stores. WATCH OUT Apple! First you put our NUMBERS for the iPAd which was a total waste. Now a VGA adapter that won't work as we expect. We buy Apple products because we believe they will work as we are told. Don't start screwing with us consumer because at the end you will be the looser

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    Don't buy this

    • Written by from Moscow

    It's waste of money.
    Only what you can do is show your photos on tv screen, nothing more!

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    What a joke!

    • Written by from Colchester

    Don't buy this unless you ONLY want to show slideshows. Waste of money and a frustration when you're trying to present using the toy, um...i mean, iPad. How pointless.

    And to anyone who suggest we should "get a grip"... Maybe Apple should just make it easier to use their products without trying to control what everyone does with it. Yeah, I FOOLISHLY assumed I'd be able to share my screen with a VGA monitor with a cable that connects to a monitor. How foolish.

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    Can not be a technical reason

    • Written by from Jacksonville

    Why is the VGA functionality so limited?
    Not good at all, I showcase the iPAD, but call it the way I see it.
    Cool can only go so far as, this is a simple functionality.

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    Serious presentation limitations

    • Written by from Belmont

    The adapter works.

    The adapter only works with youtube and a few other select apps. If you are hoping to use your ipad as a presentation tool (I teach at a university and this is what I was hoping for) you will be extremely upset to find that it doesn't work with most presentation apps ie Prezi etc.

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    iPad 2 - vga works like a charm

    • Written by from Brooklyn

    NOTE: These comments apply to the iPad 2 only.

    I am very pleased to say that screen mirroring on the iPad 2 works beautifully. Everything you see on the iPad 2 screen is projected through the vga connector. As you rotate the iPad 2, the projected image mirrors it exactly.

    Keep in mind that the vga connector is video only. To amplify the sound simply use an audio cable and connect through the external audio out.

    The only drawback with this connector is that there is no ability to simultaneously to simultaneously charge the iPad batteries while mirroring through the vga adapter. Because the iPad 2 has a long battery life, this should not generally be an issue if your batteries are fully charged. If you are concerned about the battery life, you can do a couple of things to lower the energy consumption on the iPad 2:

    * You can lower the iPad's screen brightness (found in the iPad's settings).

    * If you do not need to be using the Internet while projecting through the vga adapter, you could try setting your iPade to "Airplane Mode" (also found in the iPad's settings). Apparently there is a certain amount of energy consumed searching for WiFi and 3G signals. So disabling this search (by turning on the Airplane Mode) should lower energy consumption and thereby extend the battery life.

    My guess is that lowering screen brightness would really help to extend the amount of time you can view without recharging.

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    Not as advertised

    • Written by from Avon Lake

    Apple should tell the truth about this one, or get their heads out of their political behind. This piece is virtually useless for 90% of people who hope to get something out of it. Netflix? No. Even some videos from iTunes won't play because of their DRM. If you like to sit on your couch and watch Keynote or 2 minute YouTube clips however you have found your Nirvana.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Verona

    VGA adapter is useless - can only view certain videos (no HD), photo slideshows and keynote. Would it be so hard to allow selective screen mirroring? Or allow non-apple apps to mirror?

    Until other apps can use the VGA port, or selective mirroring is enabled this connector is useless.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Very good

    • Written by from Boucherville

    If you can't read, don't complain. It clearly says that mirroring only works on the iPad 2 and up. I have the third generation, and it works perfectly.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works for ipad2

    • Written by from Portland

    Product works perfectly for iPad2. All screens are displayed and all apps can be projected. Those that are having problems are using the original iPad. If you are thinking of buying this and have a ipad2 do not let the 2 star rating fool you. It works perfectly!

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    Bad use for a classroom

    • Written by from Corona

    I dont care to use this as a movie player to my students, and powerpoints only go so far. I want more math applications to use or the ability to show what I am doing on the apps that do show what i want. For crying out loud, I cant even use the scientific calculator on it. Why would apple not allow direct mirroring? Maybe I should of bought a laptop...

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    Crippled and not worth it

    • Written by from Sammamish

    So I connect this to a projector for my presentations and I can't show a browser for demos? Why, why, why is this so crippled? Come on. There is no valid reason to do this. Love, love, love my ipad but this was such a waste :(

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    Very disappointing.....

    • Written by from Pope Valley

    What the Apple Store description fails to mention when it says that the iPad will show "movies" via this VGA adapter is that NO DRM protected material can be shown on another display using this cable. It will show your own movies, photos, and YouTube videos, but not movies rented or purchased from iTunes. To show DRM materials from the iPad, you must use the much more cumbersome iPhone/Touch/Pad composite video cable which is an analog output to audio and video, unlike the digital output of VGA, to which DRM limitations apply. Just so you know this before buying this cable....it does not mirror your iPad or iPhone display!!

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