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    Canon EOS connectivity with USB adapter in kit

    • Written by from Searcy

    If your Canon EOS camera is PictBridge capable it will send pictures to the iPad. Go to the camera's menu and then to communication. Press the set button and then switch from normal to PTC mode. Then turn off the camera and connect the USB cable between the camera and the iPad. Make sure your iPad is turned on and then turn the camera back on and watch your pictures appear on the iPad. This works just fine on my older Canon EOS 10D with firmware 2.0.1

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    Excellent for what it was designed for

    • Written by from Colorado Springs

    This is NOT a sneaky way to add a USB port. USB devices need power, which a computer USB port provides. The iPad 3 sends such a minuscule amount of power to the port that it can only work reading a SD card in the card reader. A USB card reader plugged into the USB port won't work because it takes too much power. The SD card reader works w/ SD, SDHC, miniSD & microSD w/ adapters, & MMC. It won't work w/ SDXC. It worked perfectly with my 16 GB speed rated 10 SDHC card. Cameras that work w/ the USB camera connector are digital cameras that support Pictbridge (aka Picture Transfer Protocol or PTP) & "Mass Storage Device" protocol. If your camera can plug directly into a Pictbridge enabled printer & can print directly from the camera w/out going thru a computer, it should work with this device. Think of the iPad as a Pictbridge printer, not a computer. If your pictures do not appear by simply plugging in your camera, you may need to set up your camera the same way you would to print directly from your camera. There is a nice article on Apple.com's support page that gives other tips on how to get this to work w/ your camera. My Nikon Coolpix camera transferred photos perfectly by just plugging the camera into the port. If you don't have a Pictbridge camera, or use one of the supported cards, you probably cannot use this accessory. You are left to transfer your photos to a computer and then transfer to the iPad (via cloud or iTunes sync). I tried using my externally powered photo storage device (which reads every kind of camera card) in the USB camera port and got the "requires too much power" message, even though the photo storage device had a fully charged battery & was plugged into an electric outlet.

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    Nikon D7000

    • Written by from Plano

    I haven't had ANY problems with either connector. They both do what they say they will do. Both work perfectly with my iPad2 and my Nikon D7000. I love the convenience!

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    Works with my Canon Rebel EOS

    • Written by from Chapel Hill

    I read other reviews from people who could not get the camera connection kit to work with their Canon Rebel. Initially I had the same problem: after connecting my camera to the iPad using a Canon USB device and the kit, the message I got was "USB connection not supported," or some such thing. Of course, the other item in the camera connection kit, designed to enable you to download photos directly from the card, does not accommodate the larger card that the Rebel uses. I was ready to return it to the Apple Store when I decided to try removing the card from my camera, plugging it into the card reader I use to download photos onto my iMac, plugging the card reader into the camera connection kit, and...ta-da! It works! So don't take it back until you give this a try. This seems the perfect solution to the problem of backing up and viewing photos while traveling and avoiding the hassle of lugging a laptop everywhere!

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    Very useful

    • Written by from St Albert

    I use this to backup photos from my D300 and AW100 and also videos from the AW100. Both parts of the kit work very well. I have the 64 gig ipad2 so there is lots of storage available even if I also have movies on the iPad.

    I take the camera and HDMI connectors on any trip.

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    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!

    • Written by from Barling

    I take a LOT of pictures! The connection kit, for me, it AWESOME! I prefer to use the SD connection, because it is so much easier. I pop it in, and the pics come up immediately, and I can choose those I want to import. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this device!

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    So simple

    • Written by from Vallejo

    I plugged the dock into my iPad,plugged my camera cord into the dock,turned on the camera,pulled up the photo app on my iPad, and...Voila!!!!, there were my photos. What could be easier??!!

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    I love this kit

    • Written by from Raleigh

    I take lots of pictures and am always able to download my pictures instantly.

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    getting "not enough power" message?

    • Written by from Ypsilanti

    turn the camera on... if the camera is off it won't work

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    Get it, it works

    • Written by from LINCOLN

    I bought a New iPad 3 and wanted to load all my photos on but I never thought about the connections on the iPad, thankfully Apple had and I bought the camera kit today. I plugged in my SD card, slotted in the connector to the iPad and hey presto photos stored ASAP. Amazing tool I recommend it I've never loaded my photos on anywhere so quickly.

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    Worked great!

    • Written by from Odessa

    I read the directions and followed them, worked like a charm. Was perfect for downloading directly from my underwater camera and also the discs in several other cameras. Great that I could travel with my Ipad and not need to haul my laptop around. Never had a problem with it.

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    iPad camera connector kit

    • Written by from Cumming

    Product works very well and very easy to use

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    Get this if you do a lot with photos

    • Written by from Selinsgrove

    I have iPad 2. I am disappointed by the quality of photos on iPad 2. This little gadget works well to allow me ro take pics with my Nikon, then quickly load all those pics. onto the ipad and start sharing. My Target store carries it for the same price, but not online...just FYI.

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    Works like a charm! Others might not be following instructions

    • Written by from Chapel Hill

    The camera kit works beautifully on my Ipad3 with both connectors (using an SD card) and connected to my Canon SX260. I did find I needed to turn various devices on and connect in the order the instructions clearly stated. Some people seemed displeased that they can't use the USB connector to get pictures from a thumb drive or connect a different card reader to it. Apple never suggested this was possible. Some of these devices need power to operate and this device is not intended to provide that power. Plus, apple wasn't providing a way to transfer material from a thumb drive. At least for me, inserting an SD card or connecting it to an appropriate camera works exactly as it should and is a great way to get photos to your Ipad without taking along a computer when traveling

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    • Written by from Haines

    I love that I can now load my pics from my camera directly to my iPad!

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    Easy to use!

    • Written by from Somerville

    Just tried this for the first time with my smaller Nikon coolpix and also with my canon rebel t2i DSLR. The connector worked fast and easy for both cameras. Great buy!

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    camera connection kit

    • Written by from Meadville

    deserves a 5 star rating. just put that sd card in and zip, the pix are on your iPad.

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    Connection kit

    • Written by from South Charleston

    I love these connectors. It is so easy to load my pictures right into my iPad new generation! The pictures are beautiful and easy to do.

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    Works with Canon t4i

    • Written by from Westport

    I almost would not have bought the kit based on all the reviews stating it does not work with the current iPad. I called customer service and asked if she can find out if it works with the Canon Ti series. She told me she has a canon rebel herself and it works for her - so I bought it and it does work on the iPad running 5.1.1: connect the USB cable to camera, fire it up and the photo software starts automatically. You can now select, download and delete. When done- just disconnect.

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    Works perfectly

    • Written by from Colorado Springs

    I almost didn't by this because of the reviews here. However I bought it and they work just fine. I have an Extreme 8gb Sandisk card that unloaded with no problems whatsoever. The other adapter worked fine as well. I highly recommend this product.

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