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    • Written by from Prince George

    The SD adapter worked fine. Even using a micro SD card and adapter. When I directly connected my Nikon D-200 (which uses a Compact Flash card thus leaving me no choice) nothing happened. I wiggled and jiggled the cable and USB and finally my images came up. Then I tried using my flash drive to transfer some photos to the iPad and got the not enough power message. I don't understand why it won't work. Anyways, I primarily needed it for the Nikon D-200 and it seems to work with it, although not perfectly. There's no way around it, the iPad camera adapters do have design flaws.

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    import and export

    • Written by from Jacksonville

    The camera connection kit is "handy". I was also hoping that it would also export to an SD card or USB. When I bought my iPad 2 w/ 16GB, I didn't realize how great the video capabilities were. I wasn't planning on taking any trips where I would be video recording as much as I will. I hope Apple will someday making the kit a 2 way connection.
    For those who have not bought an iPad 2 yet, buy it with 32GB. It is well worth the extra money.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Not supporting Panasonic DMC-FH20

    • Written by from Benicia

    The SC card works from this camera; but, using the USB conversion does NOT work.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Doesn't work with XD cards

    • Written by from laughlin

    I recently bought the Camera connection kit when I purchased the IPAD2. I initially thought that it would work with my camera, but when I went to download some pictures I found out that it only would work with the SD cards. I have an XD card. I was disappointed, but I did use the camera connector, and it worked really well. So I'm happy with the camera connection, but not with the Card connector.

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    • Written by from Panama City

    The more I use my iPad 2 the lore I like it. I finally added some music from my computer library and audio books bit wasn't able to add pictures, UGH? Then I re-read the directions more carefully and found that I needed to purchase the camera connection kit, wow, even more $$$. But I bit the bullet and bought the kit. I had saved pictures from my computer library to a microSD card so I put the adaptor into the iPad and nothing happened! I tried several times then tried another, identical adaptor and received an error message that the pictures couldn't be transferred.
    Not to give in, I pulled up this website and found the trouble.... you can't download modified pictures! What a bummer! So I went back to my computer, downloaded the pictures I wanted to see on my iPad back onto my camera, then attached the camera to the iPad and they transferred. Much more work than I wanted to do, but got the job done.
    Then I wanted to add pictures I had not taken so I pulled up the pictures in my library/folder and took a picture with my camera. Then I connected the camera to my iPad and transferred them. The quality isn't as good, obviously, but I was able to get the pictures I wanted onto my iPad.
    Again, that was more work than it needed to be for the high-tech iPad, so I echo the entries that say Apple needs to help us out and let us get our pictures onto our iPad's!

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    Works just about as expected

    • Written by from VICTORIA

    Both connectors work with most cameras and external devices, however IT would be nice to allow thumb drives to connect so that when we don't have a computer or we are in an area of the world without mobile data /3G/4G, we can access our info. Currently this is not possible with the limitations in iOS4x. Also if you happen to be using DACs there have also been issues using async usb output from the device due to current restrictions.


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    Camera connection kit

    • Written by from Quincy

    I have loaded pix from my SD card, then added more pix to the card. Now the iPad 2 will not auto load the pictures from the SD card. I see no way to push the iPad to read the SD card.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Fails the popular Cybershots...in part.

    • Written by from Elk Grove Village

    I have Cyber-Shot DSC-W100, 8.1 MP; transfers as expected.

    Wife has one-year-later model Cyber-Shot DSC-W230, 12.1MP; doesn't work on her iPad.

    We also have a new Nikon D5100; doesn't work on her iPad (works fine on mine).

    Both iPads software up to date, charged, reset; both cameras set to transfer properly (even used all 3 transfer options on wife's camera). Later model version is either 'not recognized' or doesn't even register as plugged into iPad despite best efforts, including the use of the HD card adapter and PNY 8GB, 20M/Bs card. All cameras transfer effortlessly to Dell Studio and Dell Netbook.

    Could be iPad receiver plug on wife's iPAd but it charges and updates no problem. Refund to store imminent, after stop to troubleshoot there.

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    Doesnt work ok

    • Written by from orlando

    If you dowload the photos in yor pc first, the ipad wont recognize them later. You have to put your sd card first at the ipad cammera conector and then you can use your sd card in your pc.... Thats a little disgusting the first time. Its not so simple. Sometimes also you have toput the connector two or more times to start the process.

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    works kinda well

    • Written by from Nantucket

    seems the usb option will not work with any camera that:

    1) doesn't have a usb port
    2) has a rechargible battery in it that can be recharged by means of usb port.. current draw ill be too high for the ipad.
    3) a usb card reader that has a light on it or requires special power needs (like all of them).
    only one style that can be speculated that will work if it has its own power plug to give power to the usb reader.. or possibly use a powered usb port multiplier to see if it can work with the ipad.. dont have one.. but someone out there try it and post your results if you happen to have one.

    the sd card reader seems to work quite nicely for those cameras that use sd cards.. unfortunaely some of my cameras use either picturefx cards or cf cards.
    havent tried any of the sdxc style cards yet.

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    Sony Cyber-Shot not compatible

    • Written by from LAGUNA BEACH

    A great product that we used when traveling across the USA. The one item that is deceiving in the write up....it does NOT work with the Sony Cyber-shot point and shoot camera. It worked with my old Nikon camera but NOT with our brand new Sony Cyber-shot. When we looked up the information online, it confirmed that the product & Sony CS were not compatible.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    it works on my 2 cameras

    • Written by from daly city

    It works both on my D40 & D90 but the only downside is you cannot ZOOM IN the picture if you don't import.I'll be returning this tomorrow.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Conflicting - Same SD card works in slot but not by USB

    • Written by from Singapore

    Connected my camera through USB cable and there was an error msg saying 'too much power used'. Import cannot be done.

    With the same SD card plugged into the SD slot, it imports perfectly.

    Yet to test the speed as I imported only 10 photos.

    Works well with a plug and play keyboard. (Tried for fun).

    My first usage, unsure if I shd seek more help or get it refund as I cant sync my XD and micro sd cards with the usb camera link without additional device.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Doesn't work with USB card reader

    • Written by from Wien

    The limitation of 20 mAh instead of 100 mAh prevented my USB card reader (connected to the connection kit's usb port) from working. Is it planned to increase the voltage of the interface in an update? At the moment it's completely useless for me, as I'm taking pictures on a compact flash card.


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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Very basic

    • Written by from Matamoros

    It would be complete if you can view your photos in full screen to determine which ones you're going to keep/delete. I'm a photographer and this feature will help a lot, because it will allow us to share/edit/work with photos instantly. Hope in a future software update.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Not all it's cracked up to be

    • Written by from New Westminster

    The iPad aadapter only partly works. The SD card reader works like a charm, the iPhone connects with th e USB adaapter and transfers like a dream. However, connecting a camera directly cause a error, which basically states that "the device takes too much power". Can't even plug in a simple USB drive and download the photos without getting this error. Too bad cause I am now trying to find an alternative so I can connect my Samsung and Canon digital cameras to work.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    SD/ miniSD need an update!

    • Written by from KEARNEY

    The SD/Mini SD is not that easy to make it work: iPad2 does not regonize pics on the SD if this one is not in a certain presentation. A little update on the way the iPad 2 open or regonize this format would be very appreciate...
    The USB for camera, works perfectly thow.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Beware of adding photos

    • Written by from Scottsdale

    With some drawbacks, the camera kit works for me. I accept that it will not use a card reader. So, I have to connect my camera directly. Beware, there is no way to delete added photos in groups, events, etc. Yes, you have to check them one at a time to delete them. I added about 3,000 photos during a recent trip. It was great to be able to review them on the big screen while I traveled. It is a pain to delete them one at a time. The functionality of this product is not well thought out.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    This is a camera connection. NOT a USB port

    • Written by from Birmingham

    I got the kit hoping for a non-network and non iTunes way of getting data into my ipad 2. Well it is not USB. It does allow you to transfer pictures from your camera or SD camera card. That is what it is advertised to do. So if that is all you want or need, it should be sufficient.

    However, even if you want to transfer non-camera pictures, you'll be in trouble. The ipad2 software is not just looking up a specific directory for photos, it is inspecting the picture. So if this is a photo you retouched or just another picture you like, it will not transfer. I haven't gone to the point of altering the EXIF data to see if that would allow the transfer.

    You just get to a point where you have to ask if you should have spent less and got the other guys table instead.

    BTW I was asked today at work to show off my ipad2. When asked if I would recommend its use at work. (I use it to take notes. not much else) I said they should consider some other brand. Why? Connectivity. (Apple you really need to get that USB fixed.)

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Good hardware, crippled software

    • Written by from East Elmhurst

    The card reader does it says, and it does it very well.

    Unfortunately, the crippled software makes it useless.
    1. There is no option to create folders (like other 3rd party apps) or Photo albums. Just two albums: Last Import and Import. That is a big mess.
    2. I also have a Photo Library album, with photos synced via iTunes. As soon as I transfer a single picture from the card, the Photo Library album becomes *invisible*. If I delete the imported pictures, the Photo Library album shows up again.

    I don't want pictures of items I plan to sell on Craiglist mixed up with family pictures. One of the reasons I bought this card reader was to use my iPad as my main computer (instead of my Mac). Unfortunately, this is not possible.

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