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    Card Reader has never worked

    • Written by from FPO

    Can't get sd reader to work. Keep getting device not supported dismiss. Tried to find an email for support no luck. This is the closest. I was wondering if there was a secret hand shake that I was missing. Anyone got an answer?

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    Use caution before buying

    • Written by from Los Angeles

    Apple (Steve?) has locked-down the iPad even further with OS 4.2
    The Camera Connection Kit that had an "official" use and an "actual" use (that consumers were VERY happy about) was rendered pitifully "official" by OS 4.2 and now photos will be uploaded IF your SD card uses a maximum of 20mAh (all the other gadgets will not work anymore), and the files must be unaltered, have 8-character file names (only), and supposedly put in a sub-folder of DCIM to be recognized properly. (Be warned, many owners have reported increased "optimization" of image files - they are reduced/grainy in quality) My SD cards no longer work - neither does my wired keyboard.
    Apple has administered this type of lock-down with almost every OS release. And, unfortunately, it hurts good customers who are reliant on the original options - despite still making huge profits for Apple.

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    Should be great, but too limited to be useful product

    • Written by from Berkeley

    Just about everything I want to do, this kit can't / won't do. Tried to upload video from new Sony cybershot--kit can't read video format. Tried uploading pix from mobile phone micro sd card--kit won't read that either, even tho using sd adapter card. Tried to upload pix from flash drive--well forget that too. Everything seems to be incompatible with the iPad, unless it's an apple product. Come on, apple, you don't need to control all my purchases, do you? I should not have to give up all the other devices i love just to be able to continue to use my iPad effectively. I would appreciate your increasing the usability of this product, or please give me a refund. I wouldn't have purchased it had I known it's extremely limited usefulness.

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    Use to work, but...

    • Written by from fountain valley

    Mine was working fine until the iOS 4.2 update. Now doesn't recognize it at when plugged it. Please fix this ASAP Apple.

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    Huge Fail

    • Written by from Bothell

    Used to work great, but no longer functions for me now that Apple has crippled my iPad with ios 4.2, as many here can attest to as well. Be very careful of Apple's sneaky software update tricks. Apple has really let their iPad users down and will be seeing some dismal sales on their next iPad release.

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    Inoperable camera connection kit

    • Written by from White Plains

    I read the reviews and thought they couldn't possibly be correct and went out and bought the camera connection kit for my wonderful IPAD with the 4.2 upgrade. Well, I should have listened to everyone - it would not recognize my SD card or camera so I returned it. When will there be a fix for this very serious problem?????

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    Doesn't work for Compact Flash cameras or card readers

    • Written by from SARATOGA

    I bought this intending to use my iPad on my upcoming trip to download, view, and email pictures while on the road. My camera is a Canon 20D which uses a Compact Flash card. When I tried connecting my USB CF card reader to the iPad, the iPad said that the device drew too much power and wasn't allowed. I then tried plugging in my Cannon 20D in via a USB connection cable and the iPad said the device wasn't supported. I'll be returning the kit to Apple.

    Apple, either allow other devices to work, or call it the "Apple iPad SD Camera Connection Kit".

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    Does not work after ios update

    • Written by from New York

    After ios 4.2 update ipad usb power output was reduced and most devices no longer connect to ipad. A ripoff...

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    iOs4.0 renders the usb connection kit useless

    • Written by from THORNHILL

    I hope that there is a fix in the works. as a photographer, I was using the USB connection kit to upload from CF cards in the field. There were no issues when the mA setting was at 100..... 20 mA doesn't allow for much.
    Please fix this asap Apple. think about keeping your fans happy

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    Really disappointed .... Sorry Apple, it's the truth

    • Written by from Concord

    product is called "camera connection kit". Right. I have "Mac'ed" it for years ever since the SE and this is my first experience with a product that does nothing that it is built for. It does not recognize any of my camera's (Canon, Leica), or allow my to use any of my card readers via USB. Tres disappointing. Really. Don't know if it the new IOS 4.2 or what, but I would wait for a fix......

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    Why does feature no longer work?

    • Written by from Staten Island

    This always worked great. I would connect my camera to Ipad 1 with a USB cable and it would open the download app and zip right into the Ipad. I just upgraded to version 4.3 and now it does not work at all. When I connect my camera the same way I always did nothing happens. I can no longer download pictures from my Olympus digital camera to my Ipad. My camera does not use SD cards. It uses XD. It looks like I'm out of luck. Come on Apple why do you change things that worked to the same things that no longer work?

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    What have you done!

    • Written by from Jonestown

    Ive owned the ipad for 4 months and have sung its praises to my employers as well as my fellow employees, im also in a band and needed to record our practice sessions so I searched for a microphone and found the the blue yeti every thing was wonderful untill IOS 4.2 now that 140.00 dollar microphone the I reviewed on the apple site does not work because apple reduced the voltage going out thourgh the camra connetion kit. I hope this is a bug and not on purpose. Im very dissapointed and hope the power for the usb will be restored.

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    Useless because of Apple’s control issues

    • Written by from Prescott Valley

    This did not work the way I expected please read. I purchased this for my wife because she wanted an easy way to import pictures to her iPad without going through iTunes. I guess it is not the connector’s fault but rather Apple’s control issues. Apple has written their software to ignore any photo not saved to the SD card by a camera. This means we can’t save photos from my computer to the SD card and import them to the iPad. The only way is through iTunes. I first have to move the photos from my computer to her computer (where iTunes is) and then use iTunes to import the photos. Why on earth did Apple disable the ability to import photos saved to SD cards by anything other than cameras? I did find I can trick it to import the images if I rename the photos using the same naming schema as my camera uses. Extra work I am not willing to do. I don’t understand why Apple would do this. They actually had to do extra programming to make the app work or “not work” as the case is. I am returning this product tomorrow! Apple please grow up and let your customers use products they way they want and not the way you want them to use your products.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Point Roberts

    Besides the Picture import, USB one can also be used for audio out to USB speakers / headsets and to use a USB keyboard on it!

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    Does not work!

    • Written by from San Diego

    With OS4, very limited functionality. Only certain NATIVE photo files are seen by the iPad. I have lots of photos and movies that I edited and loaded on my SD card to load on the iPad. NO GO! Ipad does not see them! Total bummer. Now, stuck with loading through iTunes which is a total hassle.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Does not properly work with iPad 3!

    • Written by from Dayton

    I can't manage to get the SD card reader to work with iPad 3. I've tried many times and I don't even get a notification on the iPad to tell me that something is even connect.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Does not work with 4.2

    • Written by from Hong Kong

    This thing does not work with OS 4.2!!! Incredible!! How is it possible to miss this kind of problem? It is a device made by Apple after all!!

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works with CF cards and Raw Files

    • Written by from Seattle

    This is a great accessory to have if you have a point and shoot camera or a DSLR. I have used it with both the SD card reader and the USB reader to upload images from a CF card. If you have a DSLR which uses CF cards it will still work, just connect a CF card reader into the USB plug and it will read it just like the SD reader. Also I shoot in RAW (NEF) and it will read those images and when I connect my iPad into my computer I can import the RAW files directly into Lightroom or Aperture with no data loss to the original file! It will be useful when I travel and want a backup or run out of room on my card and want to store the files on the iPad. I also have seen that you can upload video but I have not tried that yet. As a photographer though, it does everything I could have asked for and more!

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    Supports CF Card Based Cameras

    • Written by from Ashland

    Normally I'm not a reviewer, but I noticed a review containing incorrect information and was hoping to help if I could. I have multiple cameras, two of which are high/er end Nikon and Canon DSLR's. Both store images on CF (Compact Flash) cards. I have never had any problem using this camera connection kit with my iPad, because both cameras are also equipped with USB interfaces and came with the cables that connect those interfaces to USB ports. Using those cables and the USB interface provided with this kit I can plug my camera directly into my iPad and transfer photos without removing the CF cards from my cameras; works like a charm. Obviously double check your own camera before taking anyone's word, but USB interfaces are fairly standard on all camera models so you shouldn't have any issues with this kit regardless of what type of memory card your camera uses. To be honest I rarely use the SD card interface option, but that's more my preference to leave the smaller memory card in its respective camera so I can't lose it. Bottom line, I would and more than likely will purchase this kit again.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    I like this...but a couple of tips

    • Written by from Bicester

    Tried this with a Canon 40D - worked first time, Canon 350D - worked but I had to change the Communication (USB) setting from PC to Printer/PTP (not obvious) and Canon G10 just worked (I say all this cause I still can't find the compatible camera list!)
    Also tried a couple of memory sticks which initially said 'Not supported' which is actually a lie, I copied the directory structure from one of the cameras onto an unsupported memory stick and suddenly it worked (why doesn't the message say something like 'no images found'- why do apple make things difficult). Would give it 5 stars but still annoyed that the original camera kit for the ipod doesn't work on the ipad. Also, integration with Aperture could be improved, it forces you to use Apples directory naming standards on import and you not your own. Hope all this helps somebody

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