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    The USB will work with many things, not just a camera!

    • Written by from COEUR D' ALENE

    Things that I found out that you can plug in to the USB connection are USB headphones and USB headsets, USB keyboards and probably more things. If you buy the package, it comes with two different products, one for a USB connection, and another for an SD card. Also, you can plug any iPhone to the USB port and get your photos off of the iPhone so you can view them on your iPad! This is a very nice product and nothing I would change. If you email the photos with the Mail app on the iPad, they are in 2048x1536 resolution rather than the iPhone's 800x600 emailed resolution. One last thing, once you connect to your Mac, iPhoto brings in full resolution images with EXIF information intact. Great job Apple! The iPad now has a USB port!

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    • Written by

    The first connector (30 pin of course) features a USB port allowing you to connect up either your digital camera or iPhone direct to the iPad. When connected an application automatically loads up displaying thumbs of images that are available on the camera or iPhone to download. You can then select what you want to copy over. Images are then synced with your PC or Mac is required.

    The next connector is almost the same but instead of connecting the camera direct to the iPad it features an SD card slot allowing images to be read directly from the memory card containing pictures. The same app (Photos) is opened up and the same interface.

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    Useful Little Thing

    • Written by from Albuquerque

    This is a wonderful little addition to my iPad accessory collection.

    Picked it up at my local Apple store.

    I am so happy now as I can very easily transfer photos from my digital camera directly or by putting the SD memory card into the slot. This is VERY handy when you travel.

    Thanks Apple for another great product for our magical iPads !

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    USB and iPAD

    • Written by from Hudson

    I have found this adapter to be very useful. All though it is considered to be a camera connector kit adapter, with the app "fileapp" it can be used to have flash drives and external harddrives for file access. With iworks you can save a file to the ipad and then transfer it to the flashdrive or ext hdd by using the "fileapp" app. Awesome, eh?

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    Be sure to set your camera to USB Connect - PTP or PictBridge

    • Written by from Ottawa

    Having read a lot of reviews here, I was a little nervous about buying this item, but I live pretty close to an Apple store so it wouldn't have been a big deal had I needed to return it. I actually intended to try it right in the store so I could return it immediately if need be, but stupidly left my camera cable at home (duh). I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-T9, which uses a Memory Stick Pro Duo card, and thus needs to connect via USB. The Apple sales guy was certain that the kit would work with my particular camera, so I bought the kit and headed home.

    I read the (skimpy) brochure, then plugged all the bits together -- and got a message that my device wasn't supported. I pulled everything apart, put it all together again, same thing. Had the sales guy not been so insistent that it WOULD work with a Sony Cybershot, I might have returned it immediately.

    BUT - sat with camera in hand for a minute, cable still plugged in, and started exploring options on the camera. I did already have the switch correctly pushed over to the setting where it needs to be in order to transfer pix to a computer. I hit the Menu button, and was given the choice of USB Connect or Folder. I selected USB Connect. I then was given the choice of PictBridge, PTP, Mass Storage, or Auto.

    Given that the little brochure said this item works with cameras that support Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP), it seemed like a no-brainer to select PTP. As soon as I did that -- everything woke up, and thumbnails of all my photos started appearing on my iPad.

    Mindful of folks who said their connection kit worked once but not subsequently, I've hooked it up and unhooked it a few times. As long as I have my camera set to USB Connect - PTP, my iPad recognizes the camera, without fail.

    The other options for USB Connect on my camera are PictBridge, Mass Storage, and Auto. Auto and Mass Storage result in an error message on the iPad saying the device isn't supported. BUT - Everything works perfectly when I set the camera to PictBridge or PTP.

    I read a bunch of the most recent review of this kit and didn't see any mention of this kind of tweak to the camera settings as a solution. I'm willing to bet that many users who are getting the unsupported device error would find their problem solved if they checked their camera settings, as I did.

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    The connectors work well

    • Written by from Burlington

    I got mine two days ago and first wanted to make sure that I could transfer camera RAW files. The connectors transferred CR2 files (Canon) via the SD reader nicely and NEF files (Nikon) hooked to my D300 via a USB cord and the USB connector.

    I've tried to connect various devices via the USB connector as follows:

    Small portable hard drive - draws too much power to work
    Multi-card readers - draw too much power to work
    Single CF card reader (Office Depot Ativa) - works!
    USB Memory stick - "unsupported device"

    Now all we need is Aperture for the iPad!

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    works with USB thumb drives

    • Written by from Montreal

    Create a folder on the USB thumb drive called DCIM, and anything you place there will be available in the Photos application - just like for a digital camera.

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    • Written by from Point Roberts

    Besides the Picture import, USB one can also be used for audio out to USB speakers / headsets and to use a USB keyboard on it!

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    Works with CF cards and Raw Files

    • Written by from Seattle

    This is a great accessory to have if you have a point and shoot camera or a DSLR. I have used it with both the SD card reader and the USB reader to upload images from a CF card. If you have a DSLR which uses CF cards it will still work, just connect a CF card reader into the USB plug and it will read it just like the SD reader. Also I shoot in RAW (NEF) and it will read those images and when I connect my iPad into my computer I can import the RAW files directly into Lightroom or Aperture with no data loss to the original file! It will be useful when I travel and want a backup or run out of room on my card and want to store the files on the iPad. I also have seen that you can upload video but I have not tried that yet. As a photographer though, it does everything I could have asked for and more!

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    Supports CF Card Based Cameras

    • Written by from Ashland

    Normally I'm not a reviewer, but I noticed a review containing incorrect information and was hoping to help if I could. I have multiple cameras, two of which are high/er end Nikon and Canon DSLR's. Both store images on CF (Compact Flash) cards. I have never had any problem using this camera connection kit with my iPad, because both cameras are also equipped with USB interfaces and came with the cables that connect those interfaces to USB ports. Using those cables and the USB interface provided with this kit I can plug my camera directly into my iPad and transfer photos without removing the CF cards from my cameras; works like a charm. Obviously double check your own camera before taking anyone's word, but USB interfaces are fairly standard on all camera models so you shouldn't have any issues with this kit regardless of what type of memory card your camera uses. To be honest I rarely use the SD card interface option, but that's more my preference to leave the smaller memory card in its respective camera so I can't lose it. Bottom line, I would and more than likely will purchase this kit again.

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    Excellent for what it was designed for

    • Written by from Colorado Springs

    This is NOT a sneaky way to add a USB port. USB devices need power, which a computer USB port provides. The iPad 3 sends such a minuscule amount of power to the port that it can only work reading a SD card in the card reader. A USB card reader plugged into the USB port won't work because it takes too much power. The SD card reader works w/ SD, SDHC, miniSD & microSD w/ adapters, & MMC. It won't work w/ SDXC. It worked perfectly with my 16 GB speed rated 10 SDHC card. Cameras that work w/ the USB camera connector are digital cameras that support Pictbridge (aka Picture Transfer Protocol or PTP) & "Mass Storage Device" protocol. If your camera can plug directly into a Pictbridge enabled printer & can print directly from the camera w/out going thru a computer, it should work with this device. Think of the iPad as a Pictbridge printer, not a computer. If your pictures do not appear by simply plugging in your camera, you may need to set up your camera the same way you would to print directly from your camera. There is a nice article on Apple.com's support page that gives other tips on how to get this to work w/ your camera. My Nikon Coolpix camera transferred photos perfectly by just plugging the camera into the port. If you don't have a Pictbridge camera, or use one of the supported cards, you probably cannot use this accessory. You are left to transfer your photos to a computer and then transfer to the iPad (via cloud or iTunes sync). I tried using my externally powered photo storage device (which reads every kind of camera card) in the USB camera port and got the "requires too much power" message, even though the photo storage device had a fully charged battery & was plugged into an electric outlet.

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    Don't understand the bad reviews

    • Written by from Tampa

    I just don't get why some people rate these great little devices so poorly. I guess they just don't understand how these things work. First of all, you must have a folder on your SD card called DCIM. The iPad won't import anything if it's not contained within this folder. Problem solved. I was initially concerned about power usage, but I transferred 10 gigs of RAW images from my Canon EOS 5D Mk II and only used 2% of the power in my iPad. I can see thumbnails of the photos and choose which ones I want to import. This is a great device and I only wish the iPad had more storage. There is nothing wrong with this product. It's absolutely great.

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    The Camera Adaptor

    • Written by from ENGLEWOOD

    i have had my camera adaptor for about a week now, and I can find no faults with it. Others have written that they were disappointed it would only accept an SD card. Well, if you can read, you would have seen in the description that it was an SD card reader. Not CF, SD..... I have both Canon and Fuji point-and-shoot cameras, and the adaptor works fine with both, directly cabled to the usb adaptor or using the card reader. The software/firmware/whatever even handles NEF files from my Nikon D300 quickly and efficiently. I have a Logitech USB stereo headset/microphone set, and it works flawlessly as well. The microphone does not work with Dragon Dictate, but does work fine for voice memos in PaperDesk. All in all, a good product; fills the niche nicely.

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    Works fine

    • Written by from Scottsdale

    Bought it. Read bad reviews. Got worried. Was giving it for a gift so opened it. Plugged it into my my ipad and connected my Fuji Finepix f80 EXR. Photos showed up. I imported them, deleted them from camera. Everything worked. Tried the card reader. It worked exactly the same way. I have the 4.2 or whatever IOS installed and had no problems whatsoever. Maybe there's a compatibility issue with some cameras??? IDK.

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    Great Product

    • Written by from Aydın

    This a great product and a must-have for iPad users. It doesn't just import photos, it also works as a USB port and a SD slot! I use it all the time and connect it to a USB hub with a power adapter to also use flash drives, non-self powered hard drives and the Apple keyboard with the number keys and the USB ports. But it only works when I plug it to a USB hub with a power adapter. I also use it to import videos from my 5G iPod nano.
    Overall, it is a great product which creates USB and SD slots.

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    Canon EOS ( Rebel ) T1i / T2i

    • Written by from Windham

    I didnt see this anywhere so i thought i would let Canon T1i owners know the USB works well and the video importer is quick. This lets you hookup and - import and play video quickly for people at events and right-now sharing off the iPad 2 to Airplay on APPLE TV. Hence event photographers can shoot and share in moments out to big screens with the iPad 2 and a Canon T1 / T2 - fix them up in iphoto and slideshow it off the ipad while you walkabout and shoot more.

    Your photo/Video will be in a new Last Import folder... so the Photo Stream delete problem is not there and its quick to load/decide/delete as a result. Hence , i can carry the AppleTV and ipad in my gigbag and go live/vjmix the event with no help or second man required. Card swap works too. No downside. iPhone4s is almost automated fast also.

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    Does exactly what it says..

    • Written by from Mint Hill

    Everyone with negative reviews don't seem to understand what they are buying, this is a CAMERA CONNECTION KIT, not a "Let me doctor up my photos on my pc and then use a SD card to transfer them to the iPad Kit." It does exactly what it says, it allows you to either connect your camera directly to your iPad for transfer, or pull out the card from the CAMERA and do it that way.

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    Works fine with iPhone 3G and 3GS

    • Written by from Corvallis

    Tested the kit using USB to iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and Canon PowerShot SD900 with my 64GB 3G iPad.

    Photos come over full size from all three. I've tried copying and pasting into iPad Mail and emailing directly from iPad Photos. The results were identical--no resolution changes.

    However, when I tried this with photos downloaded from my Canon SD900 I found a difference. Copying the photo and pasting it into iPad Mail sent the full sized photo, 3648x2736. When emailing directly from the Photos app on the iPad the image was resized to 2048x1536 which appears to be the limit on photos piped from the Photos app to the email app.

    Movies from my SD900 (MVI_xxxx.AVI files) also imported and played properly on my iPad.

    I am very pleased with the kit.

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    Camera connection a must for professionals

    • Written by from Albuquerque

    We have been using the SD card reader on a France shoot for the last three weeks and it works without a hitch! What a hoot! We have been tweaking the images on the iPad with fellow shooters using larger professional cameras and have given them a run for their money! No more need for a computer overseas or anywhere else for that matter...All we need now is an app to transfer images onto a hard drive for archiving! A camera, this connector kit and your iPad is all the darkroom studio equipment you'll ever need in the field!

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    Works like a charm! Others might not be following instructions

    • Written by from Chapel Hill

    The camera kit works beautifully on my Ipad3 with both connectors (using an SD card) and connected to my Canon SX260. I did find I needed to turn various devices on and connect in the order the instructions clearly stated. Some people seemed displeased that they can't use the USB connector to get pictures from a thumb drive or connect a different card reader to it. Apple never suggested this was possible. Some of these devices need power to operate and this device is not intended to provide that power. Plus, apple wasn't providing a way to transfer material from a thumb drive. At least for me, inserting an SD card or connecting it to an appropriate camera works exactly as it should and is a great way to get photos to your Ipad without taking along a computer when traveling

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