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    Sony camera connection problems with iPad2

    • Written by

    I have a Sony DSC-HX9V camera that downloads easily with my desktop Mac and Macbook via the USB. Now that I have an iPad2, I hoped that it would be as easy! Unfortunately not - although I can use the SD card reader, that means removing it from the camera to do so. The memory card is something easy to lose or damage! Does anyone know how to get the USB connector side to work? Everytime I try, the iPad tells me that the camera "requires too much power". The local Sony rep and Apple people can not offer advice or solace!

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    Doesn't Quite Fit

    • Written by from Cedar park

    Bought this for my iPad2 but it doesn't seat in the port fully. The original iPad had a flat edge where the port is, the iPad 2 is tapered. Because of this you cannot fully seat the connector. I had to restart the import process SEVEN times on a recent trip because the connector kept slipping out of the iPad. Other than that I have had no problems.

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    memory card isnt reading

    • Written by from Hyderabad

    SD card isnt reading from camera connection kit only camera pics showing

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    Exiif data

    • Written by from norwich

    Does not pull the exit data when transferring to Flickr . Allthough told In store it would .

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    no USB drives

    • Written by from North Royalton

    You cannot us a USB jump drive with the USB connector. This would make it alot easier to transfer pictures back and forth. Instead you have to hook up your camera. This is a way for Apple to control you once again, by not allowing a true USB port.

    The SD card reader works perfect and if you can still find them that works like it should

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    Doesnt Work with my new Camera

    • Written by from Silver Spring

    I used the camera connection kit bery sucessfully for about 18 months with a Fuji Camera. That camera Was lost and replaced with a cheap Nikon coolpix s3200. Now nothing really works. If i try to hook the camera directly to the ipad using the usb adapter, it tells me my camera draws too much power. If I try taking the memory card out of the camera and use the card reader to import my pictures, then when i return the ds card to the camera, the I get an error message unless i delete the old images off the card first. The ipad is not the only place i wish to down load my pictures to. i want keep them on the camera and download pictures to the ipad. So basically unless there is a secret trick that someone can share with me, the days of using my ipad to preview and share my pictures are over. What a shame.

    The least apple can do, is provide us with a list of the few remainong cameras that work its connection kit so that we dont all waste more money on this lost and once great functionality.

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    Needs some oganizational fine tuning

    • Written by from Toronto

    Okay if you're not fussy about being able to make an album and have them show up just in that one album. Hard to organize, impossible to delete from just one place (very frustrating), and no way to name/label the album.
    They show up all over the place, but you can't choose where you want to delete them from. It's all or nothing. Why can't they let you delete a photo from one album and keep it in another. What's the point of having albums.
    I want to like this, and I really hope these things are fixed.

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    Can't get it to work with Google Nexus camera jpgs

    • Written by from PETERSFIELD

    As a new user of the iPad 2 I was keen to try out viewing my photos. I bought the camera connection kit and it doesn't work with the Nexus plugged in ( too much power) and it doesn't work when I copied all the jpg images to the SD card - just nothing.

    On a good note it did recognise the jpg images from my canon isus x camera using either USB or SD. Even with the jpg images in the same SD card folder only the canon images are recognised. Hopefully there is some way to convert the images from the nexus to an acceptable jpg size - they are much bigger than those on the canon.

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    Failed for me too! Waste of $?

    • Written by from GROSSE POINTE FARMS

    With iPad Camera Connection Kit connected to my iPad 2 w/latest IOS, I also was NOT able to get it to work. I moved Jpeg Pics from camera's SD folder to a DCIM folder on the same SD and still nothing. There was no indication of it being connected or insufficient power as some have stated. It's like the iPad didn't even know it was there. I would've expected Apple to develop & provide a quick resolution.

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    Make a new one

    • Written by from Lake Bluff

    I wish Apple would make a camera connection kit that would work with my Ipad 2 and my Canon camera. This one did not work for me.
    It could be such a great addition if it worked.

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    Does not work with Sony bloggie touch

    • Written by from Gibbon

    This product works fine with our camera that has an SD card, but it does not work when I use my Sony Bloggie Touch. It says that there is not enough power for the device. This is sad, because I bought the camera connection kit so that I could travel without the use of a laptop, and solely rely on my iPad, but this failure (that was not explained in the product details at time of purchase, or on the apple support site) defeated the entire purpose of the product. Please fix is!

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    It used to work

    • Written by from Kelty

    I have an original ipad, and I bought the camera connecton kit. It worked perfectly for a few months, but since I upgraded to ios 5.1 it now does nothing. It is not recognised at all - not even an error message. I tried plugging it into my iphone, in the hope that it might work there. It did not, but at least I got a message stating - this iphone does not support this device.

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    Camera connection kit

    • Written by from Weatherly

    We have both the iPad and iPad2. The camera connection kit SD adapter works plug and play on iPad, but not on the iPad2. Still looking for the solution, but nothing yet. It is advertised to work on both.

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    Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit in a few words

    • Written by from Durham

    The connection kit comes in two parts, which makes it easy to lose, or at least harder to keep track of. The USB kit works only with a limited number of cameras, and easily gives up saying the connected camera is drawing too much power (one wonders what the camera battery is for). The SD reader doesn't read micro-SD. In short, this equipment is not very usefull.

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    No longer working/ used to rate as 5*

    • Written by from waipahu

    I bought the iPad camera connection when it 1st released. I've quick edited many family and friend photographs using photo editing apps purchased in the app store. The ability to do a quick sample edit before editing in photoshop on my Mac was a great tool to save myself time. The high res of the iPad WAS an invaluable tool in bettering my portrait photography.
    It's been a while since I've had the need to do an moble edit, only to return to find my iPad no longer recognizes either the direct SD adapter nor the IPAD TO CAMERA connection!!!!!!
    I am very disappointed!!! Apple please fix this!!

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    Lets state the obvious...

    • Written by from Halls

    I'm a huge Apple fan, with that said, why don't iPad users have the ability to plug a usb flash storage (thumb drive) into our iPads and transfer files? The only reason I can see is that Apple doesn't want to give up the ability to sell 3 different iPads based on storage size. Come on Apple, please get back to making devices that made your customers completely happy, not just a little happy. For this reason, I will only give 2 stars to this adapter set.

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    USB does not work with Olympus TG-810

    • Written by from Boise

    I give two stars because the USB connection doesn't work with my camera. The iPad (1) gives a message about it can't supply enough power for the accessory and won't allow the camera to connect. So the USB adaptor is useless to me. (note the camera does charge from the USB port when plugged into a computer - the battery was charged when I tried this connection) Luckily my photos were on the SD card so I could use the card reader to pull the images. That is the only reason for the two stars - otherwise it would be no stars. I'm rather surprised as Apple usually does a much more thorough job than this.

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    Not compatible with every camera

    • Written by from Coteau-du-Lac

    I have a very recent camera (just bought it June 2011) and the adaptor doesn't work with it. Don't tell me I should've checked first : I looked everywhere and couldn't find a list of compatible cameras.

    When I bought the adaptor I also thought it would be useful with many other things... not realizing that most of the use I would have would be to charge those things (not transfer data), and the iPad won't do that.
    So if you're thinking this adaptor will be the thing to finally enable you to charge a PSP, an eReader or whatever other gadget you have that charges using a USB cable... this won't do it.

    It does seem to work with most SD cards, so if your camera uses those it's just as well.

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    Not for professionals

    • Written by from Orlando

    This item works fine with my point and shoot camera, but doesn't like professional cameras. If I use my Canon 50D it will work through the USB adapter but when I connect my 5D it won't allow me to do anything. Also worth noting is it doesn't work with a card reader so if you are at a wedding or an event and wanted to share some photos you need to connect the camera directly to the iPad using the USB adapter rendering your camera useless for the duration of the import. This is assuming it will even work with your camera. I had high hopes for this device but it looks like I will need to purchase a laptop again for travel. It's a shame because I sold my MacBook to buy this iPad with this in mind specifically.

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    Very limitated product

    • Written by from Hermosillo

    The SD reader doesn't work if you have an SD card with pictures organized in folders or with large flenames,
    Really only works if you put your pictures on a folder called DCIM and your filenames are 8.3 named (like DOS), Very bad experience.,Also the manuals and specifications doesn't say helpfuill information.

    With Usb kit i can't read memroy disk. ouch!!! and again, manualas and specifications don't help to get solutions they only have comercial and very limited information..

    Im disapointed for this limitations and for documentation.

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