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    Doesn't Work

    • Written by from otsego

    Have the same camera that Apple shows on their website and it will not work. Bringing right back to Apple. Instructions were horrible. Best info came from everyones reviews. Thought I was doing something wrong!

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    Don't buy

    • Written by from Bridgton

    This product did not work, no matter what I tried! So disappointed.. would not recognize the drive.. definitely not plug and play..

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    It didn't work with my cameras

    • Written by from Livermore

    I have two cameras. A canon Digital Rebel and a Samsung ES55. This camera adaptor didn't work on none of both models.

    I have also a camera adaptor for ipod classic and it works perfectly. I don't konw why the ipad adaptor doesn't work on the same cameras.

    The apple store guys couldn't solve the problem and i had to return it. =(

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    dont buy

    • Written by from San Antonio

    ibought this product thinking icould plug & play.. soooo not the case!! why sell me something that doesnt work.. ipluged it in & it says.. product not supported.. its an sd card whats the problem?? iwas sooo excited when ifound this too.. igladly gave #apple my $$ and for nothing.. big huge #fail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Written by from Verdun

    The USB connector is useless!!!
    I plugged in my Logitech USB Speakrs, iPad said it uses too much power.
    I plugged in my USB Hard drive, iPad said it uses too much power.
    I plugged in two USB sticks, iPad said it didn't support it.
    I plugged in Tascam portable audio recorder, it didn't work.
    I plugged in my USB Card reader (for CF), it didn't work.
    I plugged in my Canon 7D, it didn't work!!!!

    Only thing that worked was my Gf's Sony camera and my iPhone. This thing is useless!!!! I had great hopes in using my iPad as a backup media for everything I shoot with my 7D...nop...garbage!!

    This is going back....

    Apple, why can't you make something that works? iPad is already very limited. By adding a *FUNCTIONAL* USB port it could greatly improve it!!!!!!

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    Ipad connected to Nikon S8000

    • Written by from Odessa

    after paying $29 for the camera connection kit I found out that the IPAD rejects my Nikon S8000 camera due excessive power. buying the connector kit was a total waste.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    It dose not work

    • Written by from Arlington Heights

    Maybe I am a complete idiot but I expect a plug and play device to do just that, well it did not. There are very few instructions, which I followed, but when I put the card in the device and plug it in nothing happened and I have no idea where to turn.

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    it doesn't work

    • Written by from Manchester


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    SD connection does not work and Apple fails to help

    • Written by from Kingston

    The SD connection device is not recognized by three macbooks and even after changing the device the new device did not work on any of the three. Genius and on line chat assistance all failed in fixing the problem. USB device has limited capability. Apple blew it on this one.

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    SD does not work

    • Written by from MOBILE

    Purchased the Camera Kit mainly for the ability to import pdf, notes, and numbers files to my iPad. iPad would give a "The attached USB device is not supported." fault. I reformatted the SD card thinking that if there are PC files on the card it may have confused iPad, but no luck. I feel that I wasted my money.

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    Great at first

    • Written by from Oakville

    Hard to find up in Canada, got mine from a friend visiting Vegas.
    Worked really good at first, I must of transferred 100+ pictures and some video.
    Then one day the same SD card I used before can no longer be read when using the kit.
    Card is good and photos can be transferred via itunes but not through camera kit.
    Oh well , at least there is a back up method minus the direct video transfer.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by from Omaha

    according to its specs, this should work with both my Nikon and Canon cameras. it works on the Nikon sometimes, and the Canon never. if it won't import automatically, and there is no import command, what am I supposed to do? very frustrating.

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    Not working

    • Written by

    Just received this item, I couldn't wait to get it because it sounded like a great idea. I tried putting in my SD card all different ways and it's not working. I have to look for my USB from my digital camera to see if that works, i have a Sony cyber shot camera. I plugged in my Flip video camera and it will not work with the iPad, says it takes too much power. They really should let you know what cameras won't work with this item and yes this should all be built into the iPad already but they are waiting for everyone to buy these ipads and then they will come out with ipads that have all this stuff built into it already.

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    Doesn't work for me

    • Written by from Dallas

    Spent over an hour so far with this.
    Tried all kinds of combinations: put the SD reader in, with card, before turning on the iPad - putting it in after turning on the iPad - putting in an empty card reader, then
    inserting the card - nothing..

    Then, tried connecting the camera with the card in the Lumix FZ35
    and, again, it doesn't do a thing to the iPad (tho my camera now shows
    my pictures in 4:3 when they weren't that way before - and after disconnecting the iPad from it, it goes back to the original sizes).

    I've just wasted 30 bucks.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    USB Device not supported?

    • Written by from San Francisco

    Did I get a lemon? Called the support # and waited forever.

    I would say skip this accessory. Waste of money, they only take those old dinosaur SD cards or USB connector from your camera. You might as well save your money and connect your camera USB to your iTunes and load them there.

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    The attached USB device is not supported

    • Written by from Tucker

    Just tried 8 different cards from SanDisk, Kingston and Transcend. The cards ranged in size from 256MB to 16GB. This device read none of them. Just kept showing the following error message...The attached USB device is not supported.
    Extremely frustrating. Was really hoping for an quick way to move some photos over to the iPad.

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    Some Cameras Are Not Compatible

    • Written by from MADISON

    I have an older Canon Power Shot with a compact flash card. The camera has a USB cord and exports pictures just fine onto my iMac. However it does not work with my iPad. Apple told me "some cameras are not supported". Maybe Apple could list which cameras are not supported before customers purchase this.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Videos won't work shot with a Canon Powershot

    • Written by from SAINT JOSEPH

    I have a Canon Powershot sd780 which shots in 720p HD and the videos do not work with this product. The photos import just fine but whenever I try to upload a video it just gives me a blank grey icon that says .MOV. The entire reason I got this product was for video. Well, I'm assuming if you have any type of Canon Powershot, I would think twice about purchasing this or do your research first.

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