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    Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

    • Written by from Oakdale

    I just bought the Lightning to USB Camera adapter so I could download photos from my Nikon D70s to the iPad Mini 3. At first it didn't seem to work and a bunch of empty squares came up and I was kind of concerned because my DSLR camera is several years old. I took the cable, the camera and iPad back to the store for help. Apparently, I had a bunch of open windows on the iPad Mini 3, so they were closed because it was slowing everything down (plus lots of photos on the card). Then, the card was tried on a Moshi card reader and the photos came up quick on the iPad. I retried it again with just the Nikon provided transfer cord plugged into the USB download cord/lightning cord and everything worked fine.

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    What about iPad air?

    • Written by from Indian Head Park

    Great accessory for camera to iPad photo import, but is there anything similar that is compatible with the newer iPad Air?

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    • Written by from Goshen

    This product is the best item I purchased from Apple. I carry it in my camera case and regularly download pictures from my camera to my iPad. Absolutely love it! Simple to use.

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    • Written by from Keene

    I love the connection kit so much! I used to have to use a computer to upload my pictures and send them to my phone. It would usually take me 1 hour just to send and load 3 pictures. Now it takes me 3 minutes just to upload and send them to my iphone! It's also very easy to use!

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    Works like a champ!

    • Written by from Andover

    Just picked one up from local Apple store and tested it with my iPad 2 that's running iOS 7.1.1. As soon as I connect it to my iPad 2 and insert the SD card it shows an "import" option under photos. Shows the thumbnails and lets me select and Import the photos to my iPad 2. After import gives me an option to keep or delete the imported photos from the SD card. Tried 2 different SD cards and they both worked fine. Was very skeptical after reading the recent reviews but it just works.

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    Works perfectly with my Canon Eos Rebel T3

    • Written by from La Place

    I purchased the CCK to edit pics on the go and to get them off of my camera (Canon Eos Rebel T3) without having to tote around my laptop. Works like a charm and very user friendly like all Apple products I've purchased. I read the reviews and was skeptical at first not knowing if my camera was compatible. No issues at all.

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    Does what its meant to

    • Written by from Sunderland

    Bought this to use with my iPad 2 then bought the Lightning adapter so I could use it with my newer iPad Mini. It works every time, picks up all the SD and SDHC cards I've tried with it and transfers reasonable quickly.

    I shoot with a number of cameras and having this is a great way to make quick edits on the go, email images and upload to forums/FB etc. App such as Snapseed and PS Touch are fantastically powerful and the fact the iPads handle most RAW files straight out of the camera means I don't need to convert them to jpegs first. With the Mini being neat enough to stuff in a camera bag and carry everywhere I have found this kit invaluable when I don't have access to a laptop but want to edit a photograph.

    Five stars and a happy customer.

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    great product

    • Written by from Perth

    works great with my ipad just a shame apple couldnt allow it users of iphones to have the same use
    wouldve been a lot easier to transfer photos to iphone for display than go through the whole itunes route , which is a pain to say the least
    along with app price rises , apples heading down the wrong path , cheaper to by magazines at newsagency in australia than purchase on the iPad

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    Wish I had this sooner

    • Written by from Canfield

    I received this product from the Apple online Store for my Ipad 2 version 7.0.6. I plugged my Canon 7d into the USB connector. It immediately recognized the camera and allowed me to import all of my photos or to select the ones I wanted. Worked flawlessly! I wish I would have had this product on my recent trip to India.

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    extremely useful!!!

    • Written by from Juneau

    Can easily transfer photos back and forth! Great for when I have too many photos on my iPad!

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    CCK (30 pin) WORKED PERFECTLY FOR ME ON 1/4/14

    • Written by from Bonsall

    After reading many reviews that the CCK did not work after the iOS 7 upgrade, I tried one anyway on my iPad 2. As soon as a 2GB SD card was plugged into the adapter, Photos opened and easily imported all the pix. Also, contrary to earlier warnings about subfolders, the pix were taken with a Panasonic camera that creates a subfolder within the DCIM folder - that was not a problem for my import either. Perhaps the reason the CCK works for me is that my version of iOS is the most current - 7.04.

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    No problems with a 3rd Generation iPad running iOS7

    • Written by from Bloomington

    Several people have complained about this not working with an iPad 3rd Generation or iOS7. I've found it to work quite well. You connect and it shows up under iPhoto and you can import the photos or video you wish. In iPhoto, you do have to go into 'Albums' and then to "Last Import' or 'All Imported' to find the photos or video that you input to your iPad. Also, please give a moment for the upload to complete.

    If there was a problem, it's been fixed. If someone still finds a problem, they should call tech support.

    Hardware: iPhone 5, 3rd Generation iPad both running iOS7

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    Works perfect

    • Written by from Stoney Creek

    Works great. Imports pictures and video from my Canon 60D as well as videos from my Go Pro Hero 3 Black. Imported perfectly into iMovie

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    As advertised!

    • Written by from Beaverton

    I am a professional photographer and I wanted a way to preview photos on my iPad during shoots without always bringing my MacBook Pro with me. After reading some of the negative reviews I was leery about purchasing this product. However, I decided to purchase the product because I have lost my faith in the online reviews. I am very happy I did, because this connector worked PERFECTLY with my camera's and a 6:1 card reader. I have an iPad2 with iOS7 and the USB connector works flawlessly. I shoot mostly to CF cards and in RAW format. I have nothing negative to say, the connector works as advertised!

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    Great Accessory

    • Written by from Tucson

    This accessory is easy to use, fast and does the job, as advertised. Perfect for traveling or at home. Great way to share pics. Also with Apple TV, to mirror on large screens for presentation or casual viewing.

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    • Written by from Seattle

    After reading the bad reviews, I was afraid to buy the camera connector. I was 2500 miles from home and so wanted to get pictures from my daughters destination beach wedding to Facebook! I didn't pack my laptop , just my iPad . I inserted the connector to the iPad and it was instant success. My beautiful daughters photos were shared and I was very pleased. Was so happy to see the photos on the iPad too!

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    Love this accessory!

    • Written by from Henderson

    I wish I had this all along, but only recently learned of this handy accessory. I take LOTS of pics and like to look at them on a screen larger than my camera before I download them to my computer. This solves the problem so I can see them in my iPad 2! Now I don't have to carry my laptop with me on vacation just so I can download and view my pics. I researched many versions of this accessory made by others and felt safe ONLY buying from Apple. I was pleasantly surprised to walk into one of their stores and be able to buy it on the spot! It works effortlessly and appears to be made very well.

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    Works perfectly!

    • Written by from Omaha

    I bought this kit for my flip hd, after plugging in the camera the iPad said "this device uses to much power" and i was quite put off. I looked online everywhere and everyone said the kit doesn't work for the flip cameras and at that moment i realized the flip hd takes 3 triple a batteries, i put them in and the videos loaded onto my iPad. Love this kit

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    Sandisk ultra 64GB problems

    • Written by from Mullumbimby

    The 64GB Sandisk works in my Sony DSC-RX100 camera. It also works downloading to my computer. My computer can down load photos to my ipad using itunes and/or sincios (download for free). However it does not work direct from the camera to the ipad, using the camera connection kit CCK. Neither does it work using the CCK SD memory card connector.Bought a 8GB other brand SD memory card. Problem fixed, both direct SD connection and the camara connection now works.

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    Great Little Addition for my Ipad 2

    • Written by from Bethel

    I read all the other review and figured I wasn't going to bother getting this considering all the negativity I was reading on how it didn't work with OS above 4.1. So i figured I'll go pick one up and give it a try, if it fails I'll return it.
    Well it worked great with a older model Nikon DSLR D-200. I hook everything up from camera to I Pad the turned power on the camera and within 5 minutes all the images appeared on the IPad. 303 images. Great investment. one note Make sure you camera support PTP transfers for USB.

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