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    Pros and cons

    • Written by from Strongsville

    I got the new ipod nano the day it came out online from my boyfriend for an anniversary gift. He also bought me this case because I work out. Pros: it is comfortable, breathable, sleek and not too showy. Cons:it doesn't have a whole for the hold button so when you turn it off and you touch it on accident it will turn back on. There is no way to get to the hold switch. Another con is that the cover of the scroll isn't sensitive. When trying to scroll with the cover on, the ipod doesn't recognize your touch as well. It gets frustrating if your trying to find a radio station or just scrolling to find a song. I still recommend it but beaware it wont be as sensitive and you can't switch the hold button on or off with the case on. Other than that I like it.

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    Works with Nike+, too!

    • Written by from Frisco

    I've used the Nike+ system for almost 2 years and more than 1700 miles, so when my 2nd generation nano got to the point where it wouldn't hold a charge I bought a 5th generation nano. Now I had to get a new armband, but the current Nike version is terrible! (read the reviews; they're all bad) I was very happy to discover that Apple's new armband is adjustable to accommodate the Nike+ receiver. The Apple armband is nice and long to fit larger biceps, but can adjust for skinny arms, too. It has a bit of stretch and while it won't totally isolate your nano from the elements, it does a pretty good job of keeping sweat out. The only downside I've found so far is that it's harder to get the click wheel to respond to my touch vs. the old Nike armband; the Nike armband touch area was made of fabric.

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