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    Just ok

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    Pros: The armband itself is nice looking. It doesn't slide down when working out.

    Cons: There is no way to lock or unlock your ipod unless you take it out of the case. Also, its really hard to move the wheel through the plastic. When you sweat the back of the ipod gets wet.

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    New nano gen 5 armband ok, but...

    • Written by from Edmonds

    Needed something for the gym for my new gen 5 nano, and when I slid it into this armband I thought I'd found just what I needed. But then I thought there was something wrong with my new ipod...the click wheel was very insensitive and unresponsive. I had to use lots of pressure, and even then performance was spotty. Drove me CRAZY!

    Turns out the problem was the very thick plastic protection window the armband uses to cover the click wheel. I cut it out with an xacto knife, and viola, it's great...but I've sacrificed protection (I'm willing to make this trade-off to get the click wheel to work right). A better solution would be for Apple to use thinner plastic to cover the click wheel.

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    good product, but doesn't fit the newest iPod Nano

    • Written by from Diseworth

    The product is very practical, but doesn't fit the new ipod nano correctly. Because the screen is slightly bigger, the wheel is lower than the hole. Also the jack for the new Nano is on the other side of the product, so again, everything doesn't line up. So overall, if you have the old nano, then great product, cant fault it. But if the buy the new Nano (the only one Apple are selling now) then don't buy until they update the product.

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    Good Product but still lacks complete sweat protection.

    • Written by from Philadelphia

    I just picked up Gen. 5 nano with this armband and the nike+ kit. This armband fit the nano with the nike+ sensor snuggly and straps comfortably around my average sized biceps. Took it for a 5K run and everything felt and functioned properly. After the run I took the nano out and noticed that the back side of the nano was damp from the sweat that had seeped through the back of the felt material on the ipod holder. So there were beeds of sweat on the back of the Nano. The front of the Nano was dry and well protected. Personally I would recommend this only for comfort but if you need absolute sweat protection, you might want to look at the H2O cases. Another recommendation would be to seal the nano with Glad Press N' Seal before putting it into the armband.

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