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    • Written by

    I bought a Macbook Pro in September and enjoy it. I just bought the remote this weekend and will be using it for my presentations and DVD playing...from across the classroom!

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    Almost there

    • Written by from Bryan

    Apple definitely should use a click wheel on this. It's what everyone assumes it is already, why not make things easy. They're always talking about how everything is integrated and natural, now in the days where everyone has, had, or has at least messed with an iPod, a click wheel is natural. And why IR instead of Bluetooth?

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    Apple Remote is well worth the upgrade price

    • Written by from Moorefield

    I have two of the original Apple remote controls and they worked flawlessly. One came with my AppleTV and one came with my original CoreDuo MacBook 2.0 ghz. I held off for a while but when I noticed how sleek and modern the new remote looked I decided to pick one up from the Apple Store I was visiting in Northern Virginia. So far I just use to control my Appletv but it works flawlessly. It's nice having an extra two buttons for control. Great and well worth the $19.00 I paid for the item.

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    Fantastic Gadget!!!

    • Written by from KL

    I was looking for a presenter and initially didn't know about the function of an APPLE REMOTE.

    The shopkeeper showed me the REMOTE but told me it won't work on POWERPOINT, but I bought it anyway as I really liked the design.

    As soon as I used it and confirmed that it worked perfectly with my MacBook Pro, I am really impressed!!

    Dont't think APPLE is promoting this gadget enough! ;-)

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    • Written by from Barrigada

    I purchased a remote just the other day for presentation purposes. It works well. I am so glad that I purchased one.

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    Eye Catching Design and amazing performance

    • Written by from Barrie

    This remote works amazingly well- I can even use it from directly behind my notebook! The product is a work of art, and like most of Apple's products, makes me feel like I live in the future!
    Overall, a 9/10 rating (could have thrown in some bonus features). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT

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    Overall an awesome product

    • Written by from Marlton

    I really like this remote better then the last one that seems fitted better for the White MacBook Unibody. It is very sleek and goes perfectly with my MacBook Pro. It definitely looks and feels like a real remote. The old one seems like something you would use on an iHome system. With the click wheel look and getting rid of the "+", "-", etc., it looks better. For almost twenty dollars, you are getting a great product.

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    Apple Remote Finally Better

    • Written by from Oakville

    The remote has never been a real remote, now its a bigger in size and is metal. The best thing about it is that its bigger cause the older one I would always loose it. You will not be sorry if u buy it.

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    Great Remote

    • Written by from Chagrin Falls

    I have to say this is a great remote. The click wheel control is a great feature, and overall it's a very sleek yet tough remote. The one minor flaw is no magnetism so you cannot let it sit on your iMac. For me that flaw isn't much of a flaw at all so it doesn't concern me.

    p.s. Loving the aluminum remote body.

    Overall better than the previous generation Apple remote. 

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    • Written by from Riverview

    Works great with Keynote!

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    Apple continues to make tools that work across multiple platforms

    • Written by from Bonney Lake

    My family has been converting to Apple for about 2 years. I think we are complete. I was surprised when I bought Apple TV that the remote that came with it actually worked on both of our Macs too. NICE. I didn't need to buy another accessory. What ever you are doing in design and customer relations... Keep it up!

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    • Written by from Sao Paulo

    Funciona sim no lion!
    Works on Lion!

    É só procurar na internet como baixar o Front Row
    Just search on internet how to download Front Row for Lion.

    Muito bom e pratico!
    Great remote

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    • Written by from Houston

    This is a great and sleek remote it looks great on top of my coffee table

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    Great product!

    • Written by from Tampa

    I love this little remote! Its really durable, and its convenient. The design makes it look really nice. Most of all, I can use it with powerpoint!!!!!

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    Apple: Simple, elegant, just works!

    • Written by from Berala

    For those of you who are giving this low ratings consider the following:

    -It's an IR remote so it won't work further than 10m and is (mostly) line of sight
    -It works for ANY Mac built with an IR port from 2005 (that includes all MacBooks, MBPs, Mac Minis, MacBook Air, but NOT the PowerBook, Mac Pro, or any older machine
    -You must PAIR the remote with your Mac if it doesn't work. Rest assured, it does.
    -As of this date, the remote works with multiple programs as long as they're active (if the name of the application is shown on the menu bar, it's active). This includes:
    MS Powerpoint

    I absolutely love the form factor, the simplicity and the design. No it's not a scroll wheel but what do you expect from a simple buttoned remote from Apple? It does it's job and does it perfectly.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    nice remote

    • Written by from hyannis

    well,for those who are wondering if works with the universal dock station from apple,it does!but,be aware,there is not even a single difference,when you compare it with the original that comes with the universal dock,it doesn`t offer anything new,,it`s stylish,and it`s made from a new material,i liked ,it`s beautiful,i first bought it thinking i`d be able to do more with it,you still have to pick your playlist,or select you media from the menu and then you can use the remote to play ,pause,and go to the next song,with the universal dock that`s all you really do withit,just don`t understand why,there is a menu option,if doesn`t work

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    Does not work with MacBook Air

    • Written by from Kensington

    Ok, so the whole point of buying this was to use as a remote control while giving powerpoint talks from my MacBook Air. The man in the Applestore (San Francisco) assured me it would work with any mac, including air.
    As soon as I tried it I realised it activated my i-mac, but not my Air. No IR port.
    The salesperson should have known this.....

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    How to Unwrap!

    • Written by from Anchorage

    Purchased it at local retail store, could not figure out how to open "package"; store didn't know. Note arrow on bottom, this is beginning of a sticky strip circling case's edge. Peel this off, then open case with tiny screwdriver - which also gives access to instructions/warranty booklets inside case.

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    Just great!

    • Written by from Montreal

    This thing is so slick. Nice design, sturdier and also controls the ipod and iphone. A must have.

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    Improvements to perfection

    • Written by from Rüsselsheim

    The function of the remote is perfect. Using frontrow or apple tv or giving a presentation with keynote. The new design is very comfortable, especially for bigger hands.
    A lot of thinking went into that product, you can feel it in every detail. The buttons are different curved so that you can feel the different buttons. The surface feels like the new unibody notebooks, very hightec, heavy high price. I am just in love with that product it's improved in every way, highly recomend to buy it even if you allready have one if you
    -use keynote: better grip looks better, easier to reach menu button so that you can quickly switch into slide overview

    -If you like thoughtfully designt products that provide a feeling of quality in your hands.

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